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The youth, especially, enjoy logging in to post snaps or view snaps from their favorite celebrity, friend or a crush. No one would like to miss out on what is trending all over social media. Therefore, imagine the disappointment one gets when they are notified that their Snapchat account has been blocked. The thought alone is pure agony.

Reasons for the Blocking of a Snapchat Account. However, the good news is that there are ways to fix that problem and avoid missing out the fun. Before we look into the ways of correct this problem, it is important to understand the reasons why someone s Snapchat account could be permanently blocked. Most of the reasons are because of violating the terms and conditions of said application which one agreed to while setting up an account.

First of all, an account could be blocked for using third party applications which are unauthorized by Snapchat. Applications such as Snapchat tweaks have features that allow one to save media thus violating the terms and conditions of Snapchat. Secondly, a Snapchat user might be permanently blocked out from using their account if they post unsolicited snaps or messages which generally contain abusive behavior. When one installs these applications or plugins, Snapchat will send a warning stating that the user risks having their account blocked because using such applications is prohibited.

Snapchat would like to provide a safe environment where people feel free to interact with each other without fear. How to unblock your Snapchat account. As a result, people who threaten that peace will have their accounts blocked for violating the policies. As stated earlier, it is no one s wish to be blocked out of the fun of Snapchat. Therefore, the following ways should be used when you need to unblock your account.

Follow the step by step procedure if you had installed plugins or third party applications. Check if you have any unauthorized third party applications. If any uninstall the applications before trying to log out. Prior uninstallation of these applications, an error message will be displayed and one will still not be able to access their Snapchat account. Uninstall the Snapchat application from your device then switch off your phone for some time.

Restart your phone then try to download the latest version of Snapchat available from your phone s respective application store. If the first method did not work or the reason why your Snapchat account was blocked was one other than the third party application, try the following steps. A set of instructions has been provided for on the site. Follow the instructions carefully filling your details which have been asked for.

Click on the yellow Unblock Button and wait for a response from Snapchat. Snapchat will send you a new password with which you will be able to access your account. Try logging into your Snapchat account using the new password provided to you. It is advisable that one should change that password into a new password of their own choice for security reasons. In Conclusion, be sure to read the terms and conditions of Snapchat to avoid being blocked. HOW TO UNLOCK BLOCKED WECHAT ACCOUNT. It helps the company maintain a decent social media platform for everyone.

WeChat has a very strict usage policy placed for the users to follow and adhere to in all circumstances. If any user does not adhere to rules and regulations by any means, there is a high chance that your account will be blocked temporarily or permanently depending on the degree of violation. Sometimes, you may not be aware that you are violating their privacy and usage policy.

If your WeChat account blocked recently, there could be a lot of reasons for the decision. The first thing you need to do to unlock WeChat account is to determine the reason why your WeChat account got blocked. It will help immensely in WeChat account recovery. Common Reasons Why WeChat Accounts Get Blocked. Android Emulator If you are using WeChat from an Android Emulator instead of an original Android device, your account will be blocked.

It is because using Android Emulator for WeChat is considered a fake account. Unofficial Download Apart from downloading WeChat app from the official platforms like Play Stores, there are many people who download the app from unauthorized platforms. Therefore, if you are using an unofficial version of WeChat, your WeChat account blocked sooner than later.

Illegal Content If you are posting content containing adult stuff, spreading fake news regularly, disturbing with annoying ads, posting things that could lead to scams and violence, get ready to get blocked. Report By Other Users If there are multiple users reporting to the WeChat team to suspend your account citing valid reasons, it will be banned.

Virtual Phone Number If you are using a virtual phone number generated by some means, your account will be considered fake and if WeChat detects it, the account is getting blocked. Though in such a case WeChat account recovery is possible with a valid explanation from your side. Suspicious Activity If you are using the WeChat account to do suspicious activities trying to trick people and hack their accounts, your account could be banned permanently.

Apart from these, any violation of WeChat rules and policies will get your account banned. Recover WeChat Account From Banned State. The good news is that in some circumstances, you can recover WeChat account from banned state and unblock WeChat account. If your WeChat account has got banned due to using emulators, you can switch to a real device and unblock WeChat account.

But make sure that the device does not already have a WeChat account present beforehand. There are only a handful of scenarios when you can recover WeChat ID, and they are listed below. You can click this link Account Recovery. If you were using unofficial WeChat app and your account got banned for the same, you need to download the official version from Play Stores, Apple App Store or whichever is there.

Then you can recover your WeChat account from the banned state. If you have been blocked due to reports from other users, you can contact the WeChat support team and get your account verified with the help of your friends who have WeChat accounts. Go to WeChat support page and search for Help Center or Feedback. In the feedback page, write your issue and select the right options, and they will contact you back. If you are a WeChat user, you should know about the WeChat usage policy and relevant rules and regulations.

If it is something you have done unwillingly, there is an option to recover WeChat ID if you can undo the reason for the ban. You should always contact the WeChat support team to understand the reason for the ban and unblock it with all the right measures. If you happen to violate any of them, your account will get banned sooner than later. At Sky we take the security of your data and information extremely seriously. If your account has been locked, please call us on 03442 411 280.

Our automated system will unlock your iD, then you†ll need to complete all of the following steps. Reset your Sky iD password. Provide us with a recovery email that you can use if you need to reset your password again in the future and update your security question. Go to Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge or FireFox for more help. Sign in to your Sky email account and check your email settings. See What should you do if you suspect your account has been accessed without permission.

Reset your passwordВ straight away. Make sure the new one is strong and is made up of at least eight characters and can be a combination of upper or lower case letters and numbers. Sky passwords are case sensitive. Never use a password that you ve used before. Check your account information. To view and change your account information you need to use a compatible browser, such as Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported.

com myaccount and sign in with your Sky iD. Depending on what device you re using. PC laptop Select your name username in the top right corner, then select Yahoo Mail and you ll be taken to your inbox. Mobile tablet Select the menu 3 lines in the top left corner, then select Yahoo Mail and you ll be taken to your inbox. If you re using a mobile tablet, complete these extra steps.

Android device must use Chrome Tap the 3 dots in the top right of the Chrome window then select the option for “ Desktop Site ”. The website will then reload as the desktop version. Apple device must use Safari Press hold the Refresh icon at the end of the address bar. Select the option that appears to “ Request Desktop Site ”. If the mailbox doesn t load as the desktop version automatically, go back to sky. com and re-open Yahoo Mail.

Select the cog icon Settings option in the top right corner of your Sky email mailbox then select More Settings from the bottom of the menu that appears. Use the menu options on the left hand side to check if any changes have been made to your email settings that you re not aware of. Make sure you click Save if you make any changes in any of the below sections.

Information changes to look out for include. Your full name †if it s been changed, reset it. Your Reply-to address †if it†s been changed to something other than your sky. com email address, click the drop down arrow and select your sky. A signature in the signature box. If you don†t recognise it, delete it.

A forwarding address has been set up without your knowledge †if so, unselect Forward by selecting POP. Check your out-of-office response hasn t been changed. Unknown filters have been set up. To check, select Filters on the left-hand menu †if any have been set up without your permission, select each one and click Remove. These can be very difficult to spot †click under “Add new filter” then the trash icon to make sure this isn t left in place.

Sometimes, a filter can be set up and named as a full stop. Check your banned email addresses are correct and remove any blocked email addresses that you haven t blocked or banned yourself. If you†re missing emails from your inbox, it†s important to check your other folders for the missing email Including Spam, Archive Deleted Items. If you use Sky email through an email app or program like Apple Mail or Outlookfollow the Getting started with Sky email steps to set up a secure app password for your device.

For more information about how to keep your Sky email account secure, see our Sky email privacy and security articles. Calls to Sky contact centres are inclusive for Sky Mobile and Sky Talk customers. If you re not with Sky Mobile or Sky Talk, calls to 03 numbers cost the same as calls to 01 or 02 numbers and are included in your calls package.

If you don t have a calls package, charges may apply so check your provider s tariff guide. How to unlock your sky. How to unlock your Blocked KRA iTax Login Portal Account. How to Recover Forgotten KRA Pin Number or Email Address. Posted by HelpYetu Posted in Online KRA iTax services 0. Most people usually misplace their KRA Pin certificates or forget the email address they registered KRA Pin with where the KRA Pin details were sent.

Now you will not trouble your mind with questions like, How do I Get My KRA Pin after Losing It. or I lost my KRA pin what do I do. The good news is that Kenya Revenue Authority has put in place several ways to help you recover your forgotten Pin Number or email address. You can do either of the following to recover your lost or forgotten KRA Pin Number or email address. Method 1 Visit the closest KRA Office with your Original ID Card to request for your pin or email address.

Scan in colour not black and whiteboth sides of your National ID and send it to KRA via KRA email address callcentre kra. Put the subject of your email as KRA pin. However this is slower compared to the use of their Facebook and Twitter social media handles. Method 3 Send a direct message DM and a coloured copy of your National ID to any of the KRA social media handles Facebook or Twitter, requesting for your pin.

The response here from KRA is faster than via email. Method 4 Visit Huduma centres across the country with a copy of your original National ID Card. Method 5 Call 0711099999, 020-3310900 and 020-281000, fax 341342. How to Reset Forgot KRA Password. If you have forgotten your KRA Portal password, you can reset it by clicking on Forgot Password Unlock Account link below the tabs.

For you to find that link you have to type your correct pin number and click continue. Another page will appear. Just click on the forgot password unlock account link. This will land you to a new forgot password portal. Here you will find a security stamp question. Fill all the required fields and submit the data. An email from KRA will be sent to you through your registered email address.

It will contain your log in details including a new password. Use this new password to login to your account. After you log in, make sure you change your password and enter your new security question plus the answer. This new password should be unique, personal and secret and easy to remember. It should have not less than eight characters that are alpha-numeric ie should contain letters with both upper and lower cases, numbers and special characters.

Forgot KRA Email or want to change your KRA Email Address in your KRA Portal. Have you forgotten your email address. or has your email been compromised or your email is no longer accessible. g you had registered KRA using your former employer s company email. You can now change your email address on KRA portal. How to change sinais opções binárias iq option KRA Email Address in your KRA Portal.

To change your KRA email address, log in to your KRA Portal click on the Registration Tab. Click on the Amend PIN Details and a new window opens. The e-amendment of registration form will open. Click to open the online form. Check the box beside the PIN field to view all the editable sections. All the amendable fields will be shown, Tick the Checkbox with the basic information part.

Click on the Principal Contact details and type your new KRA email address. Click on the submit icon. You will receive a notification you that you have entered a new KRA email as the main email address on iTax Portal. You will get a notification confirming the finalization of the KRA email address change in the KRA Portal. After the KRA Personnel verifies and approves the KRA email change, an email will be sent to you with a downloadable PIN certificate with the updated email address.

One quick way to share your ideas with IQ Option staff is through their chats and support feature. Overview of the IQ Option chats and support feature. But that s not all you can do with this feature as you ll find out in this article. This feature is found on the right hand panel of your trading account. You can access it on both the practice and real accounts. However, only real account holders can message chat members on this feature. The chat and support feature allows traders to interact with each other directly.

However, there are rules to adhere to. And in order to be allowed to communicate with other members, you must agree to these. The chats and support feature includes threads for different assets including forex, cryptocurrencies and stocks. It also includes a quick way to send a support ticket to the IQ Option support team. It s also worth noting that each thread has an admin and moderators.

These are part of the support team and their role is to ensure that all rules are followed by members. Not following the rules can have you blocked permanently from this feature. How to use the IQ Option chats and support feature. After logging into your trading account, click on the chats and support feature on the right of your interface. If you want to contact their support team, click on support. Next, you should type in your message in the field that appears. If you want to chat with other traders, you should click on one of the 4 chat threads provided.

Here s a brief explanation of these threads. The English chat thread is general in nature. Here traders in all markets will come together to share their signals or even share tips. It s a good place to find top traders who regularly offer their tips. The forex chat is dedicated to fx traders. If you re particularly interested in trading fx, this is the place to find tips on which pairs to trade at a particular time. The crypto chat is dedicated to cryptocurency traders. This thread is the one with the least activity among the 4.

If you re interested in stocks, the stocks chat is a great place to hang out. If you re new to trading, this feature makes a good place to identify top traders in the markets. Let s take the forex chat below. The chat currently has 12 participants. However, take a look at their conversation. Some traders are explaining what they re currently trading. This should give you a hint about which markets you should consider exploring. The chats and support feature also comes in handy when you want to find a mentor.

It s easy to identify traders who consistently make profits. You can politely ask for tips and signals once you identify top traders. But note that IQ Option doesn t permit giving away personal information on the chats. This could lead to your account getting banned. Your objective when using the chats feature it to find the time intervals when there are many online participants. This allows you to get tips and signals early enough.

And if you have anything to share, do so. This earns you the goodwill of other members. The next thread is the suggest an idea. IQ Option values input from traders. If you have an idea about how to improve the platform or what they should chuck outthis is the place to share it. There are many advantages to using the chats and support feature. However, breaking the rules set can have you banned. But this should be the least of your worries. The chat feature could be a good place to find mentors, tips and signals.

It s also a den of scammers. It s not unusual to come across successful traders giving away fake signals. Some will also go to the extent of offering a helping hand in a bid to get access to your trading account. Luckily, the IQ Option admin and moderators are known to keep an eye on each chat thread s activities and flag down such people.

However, you should remember that IQ Option will not be held liable for losses you incur based on advice given on the chat rooms. Your only line of defense therefore is being cautious when interacting with members in the chat and support feature. If you come across tips and signals, always do your technical analysis before using them.

It s better to miss out on a trading opportunity than use signals that will end up losing you money. That s all about the IQ Option chats and support feature. Be sure to drop by every once in a while and apply the tips I ve just shared with you. I want to learn how to trade forex. Tag how to verify your account IQ Option. Do you want to find out How to view your blocked list on facebook if you ll need to unblock the friends you have blocked on facebook, how do you do that.

How to view your blocked list on facebook guide 2020. How to view all your blocked list on facebook View Blocked Facebook Friend List. It should be a routine activity on Facebook that you find your blocked list, you that in case you have blocked a friend in error, you can rectify it. Viewing the list of the people you blocked in Facebook is easy and can be done as fast as possible. Facebook thrives as a community of friends so, the act of blocking too many friends won t make the network enjoyable but it is necessary to curtail the peskiness of those creepy friends.

So what is the method of viewing your blocked list on facebook. How To View Your Blocked List On Facebook. Click in the top right of any Facebook page Click Privacy Shortcuts Click How do I stop someone from bothering me. Click View All Blocked Users. How To See Your Blocked List On Facebook. Click Unblock next to the name of the person you want to unblock. In order to find a Friend on Facebook, the first step is to send a friend request which is subject to approval.

Facebook is still the most popular social media platform in the world with a wide opportunity to share pictures, news, happenings and opinions. Blocking a person means you won t be visible to that person anymore. Your blocked list on Facebook can t be accessed or viewed by your friends. It can also be viewed by you. How to View Blocked Contacts on Yahoo. How to Turn Off Auto-Suggest in Google Chrome How to Extend a Sony Vaio Screen to a Projector How to Access a Gmail Account How to Log Into Craigslist How to Convert a Spreadsheet Into a Comma-Delimited String How to Delete a Facebook Account and Get Rid of Previous Posts.

Yahoo Messenger, an instant messenger client, is one way for you to communicate directly with your employees or clients; however, there may come a time when you no longer wish to converse with someone. When this occurs, you can block the person, adding him to your ignore list. Yahoo Messenger offers a way to view a complete list of every contact you add to this ignore list. Select Preferences from the drop-down menu. Click Messenger at the top of the Yahoo Messenger program.

Click Ignore List from the Category list on the left of the window to view your list of blocked contacts. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl-Shift-P to open the Preferences window. Information in this article applies to Yahoo Messenger version 11. Steps can vary slightly or significantly with other versions of Yahoo Messenger. Joshua Phillips has done it all when it comes to video games strategy guides, previews, reviews, in-depth interviews with developers and extensive public relations work.

He has written for websites such as Hardcore Gaming 101 and MyInsideGamer. How Would I Know Whether Someone Has Blocked My Yahoo E-mail Account. There is, at present, no way of knowing for sure whether or not somebody has blocked a Yahoo e-mail account. There is no message notification to let you know that the message was not received, because effectively the message is received and deleted upon receipt, so the recipient never actually sees it.

If you want to block someone else from sending you e-mail it is relatively simple to do so. The e-mail will therefore not be sent back to the sender as undeliverable, as it has actually been delivered. Any message that is sent is done so in the normal way, as if the e-mail has arrived at the destination. Simply login to your Yahoo e-mail account and click on Options, then Mail Options.

Then on the list on the left-hand side of the screen click on Spam. This will show the blocked address box. Enter the e-mail address of the user you want to block and click Add Block. You must finally make sure you save this added block by clicking on Save Changes, which is at the top of the screen. You can check if somebody has read your e-mails by registering on one of the following websites www. Registering with one of these websites will enable you to receive an automated message when somebody opens an e-mail you have sent them, but it won t send you a message if they have blocked you.

Sinais opções binárias iq option is not the only mail provider that you are unable to check on blocked accounts with. Similarly, Google provides no way of know of identifying whether or not somebody has placed a block on e-mails you are sending them. There is another reason that somebody has not received your e-mails. They may have a very strong spam filter, so it would be advisable to check this with them before sending them e-mails if this is possible.

Thank Writer Comment Blurt. When you add an email address to your blocked email addresses list there is no notification sent to the blocked email address in question. Whenever your blocked contacts send you a message, they will not receive a failure notice confirming their message was not delivered. Since the email in question will never arrive in your inbox, you will not know they have sent you a message. Ad if you are not unblocked I will suggest you to Create yahoo account.

This works the same if someone has blocked you. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to help you. Discovered that my hot girlfriend was just using me and have been having sex with another guy even before she met me when i finally got the nerve to spy on her cause i don t understand the mixed messages she has been giving me for a while which i can see now is clearly intentional. I confronted her with the truth and we broke up, its better to be single than to be in a bad relationship, Cybervenom6 is the hacker that helped me when i badly needed to spy on her.

You can reach him via gmail for help with anything, i have referred him to friends with different requests and he helped them all. I still work with him. Mail account, click on Mail. When logged into your Yahoo. In the Management section, click on POP. Go the Yahoo. sign in page and click on the Forgotten Password link. You will then have an option to.

Move to your yahoo account. Go to its setting. You will see an option of deleting your account permanently. Try going to yahoo. com, there should be a link that says contact us or you may find a phone number. Download block finder software. Not sure why you would want to, pretty sure Yahoo would frown on obtaining others email passwords. You shouldn t know anyone s password, for any reason. I want to block my id. That s one thing about Gmail that is odd. It never notifies you if an e-mail address has been blocked.

Just keep ignoring him eventually he ll go away, every time you respond to any of his comments it just. Here are some related questions which you might be interested in reading. Ask Topics Discover. About Advertise Contact Support. Terms Of Use Privacy Policy Cookie Policy. Blurtit on Facebook Blurtit on Twitter Blurtit on Google. Blurtit Ltd. Didn t find the answer you were looking for. HSBC suddenly blocked my bank account - and left me without a penny to live on. 14 26, 22 JAN 2020 Updated 15 29, 23 JAN 2020.

EXCLUSIVE Banks are blocking hundreds of people s bank accounts without reason - and it s perfectly legal, according to one lawyer. A HSBC customer has spoken of his three month ordeal to have his bank account released after the lender shut it down without warning - leaving him unable to pay his staff. Agustin Larocca, 37, opened an account with HSBC in 2015 to run his small business selling vape products.

But what happens if the customer is completely innocent. However, in July 2017, he says he woke up to discover his business debit card had ceased to function. In a panic, Larocca says he went into his local branch, where he was told his account had been frozen. He claims staff told him they were unable to provide a reason for their decision - along with any advice on how to release his funds.

This left me distressed and in limbo, Larocca explained in a letter seen by Mirror Money and addressed to HSBC, the Financial Ombudsman and several MPs. I had no access to my cash flow to run my business. After several more visits to his branch, Larocca was informed that he should contact HSBC s commercial banking division to arrange a meeting to discuss the reasons for their decision. Larocca says he tried this, however on every occasion, hit a wall. The bank later said it had written to him on several occasions - and had left him calls in January 2017 to discuss his account - however, Larocca claims he has, to date, never received these letters.

Have you had your bank account frozen without warning. Get in touch emma. I had around 76,000 in my account at the time, Larocca explained. It was frozen on July 13 and released in mid-September. After spending large amounts of time and effort with HSBC s customer services and safeguard department, and not receiving a solution, I made the decision to contact HSBC s CEO. He actually assisted me further to solve the issue. Mirror Money got in touch with HSBC - who, after three years, have now agreed to pay Agustin 1,000 in compensation.

As part of our efforts to stop financial crime we are conducting detailed KYC reviews in which we ask customers to provide information about themselves and their businesses, a HSBC statement said. We apologise for the inconvenience this causes, but urge customers to respond to our requests as promptly and comprehensively as possible.

We allow several months for this process because we may need to speak to customers several times to acquire additional data and to clarify what they have told us. If we do not receive all the information we need we may be forced to restrict or suspend certain services like foreign currency payments or, as a last resort, to close their account. We want to work with customers to ensure we don t have to do this. But Agustin s case is not a one off. Hundreds of cases of frozen bank accounts.

Partner John Binns specialises in anti-money laundering cases at BCL Solicitors - and he says he s seen a spike in customers who have been accused of this in recent years. Binns says he currently has number of clients who are subject to account blockages and are struggling to deal with the harsh measures that banks are increasingly adopting. We ve not kept count but can safely say we ve had hundreds of queries on this in the last couple of years, from businesses and from individuals, he said.

If a customer makes an unusually large transfer, or acts out of the ordinary, for instance, it may show up as a red flag on the bank s database. And banks are, by law, obliged to escalate their suspicions to the National Crime Agency NCA. Once referred, they re under no obligation to explain why under money-laundering laws. The main reason for these blockages is the statutory obligations of the Proceeds of Crime Act POCAJohn explains. Top money stories. This makes it an offence for banks to deal with funds that they have a suspicion about.

Mirror Money has heard from dozens of customers and businesses who have also had their bank accounts frozen without warning, some for months, others for years, with no explanation. Unfortunately, once it s referred to the NCA, there are real limits on what you as the customer can do. Although you can try to engage with them, it may not help and you must cautiously assume everything you give them will be shared with the NCA, police, HMRC, or any other state agencies that may be interested.

John says you can submit a Data Subject Access Report DSARbut this will take a month to process and the bank may hold back data if they think it could prejudice an investigation. You can also complain to the Financial Ombudsman, although that is unlikely to yield quick results, he says. If the bank has asked the NCA for consent, then a statutory time period kicks in first seven working days, then another 31 calendar days if they refuse.

After that time, the bank is legally allowed to do what it s asked for consent to do. If the authorities want to freeze your funds after that, they will need a court order. The bank will often tell you nothing for fear of committing tipping off offences, so you may be completely in the dark about why they have become suspicious. We re accustomed to dealing with orders like that and any other fall-out, such as a criminal enquiry.

However John says he s increasingly seeing cases where the banks aren t asking for consent. Instead they are just sitting on the funds indefinitely. That s a very different kind of problem. What to do if your account is frozen without warning. The first thing to do is to recognise that the bank has its obligations and is not acting maliciously towards you. If you can work out what their problem is and give them a clear, safe and simple answer, then this may do the trick but bear in mind that it s rarely easy to allay suspicions once the bank has formed them, John explains.

It may be worth putting in a DSAR and or a complaint, and if you can afford it, to instruct lawyers. As financial crime experts, we can help you see things from the bank s perspective and prepare you for what might come next, which could include court orders or criminal enquiries. Often a blocked account is the first sign that something more sinister is in the pipeline. Unfortunately, unless the bank has asked the NCA for consent there s no particular timetable or easy route to get your money back you can threaten to sue, but to follow through on that could be an expensive process, John explains.

Even where they have asked for consent, the statutory timescales seven working days plus 31 calendar days are quite long from the customer s point of view. However, be prepared for a lengthy wait. If you haven t already, it may be worth formally instructing a transfer to another account they won t do it straight away, but it may prompt the bank to request consent if they haven t already. If the bank can t be persuaded and the statutory timescales have passed, you may be able to sue them but even that won t have guaranteed results, John says.

The courts have tended to sympathise with the banks position in having to comply with POCA, and you may have to put some effort into proving that your funds are legitimate. It s a very unfortunate, very unfair side-effect of a system that is designed to disrupt criminal activity, but has cast its net far too widely. If you intend to use your personal debit or credit card abroad it is best that you let us know. Telling us in advance that you re travelling will notify our transaction monitoring systems you will be using your debit or credit card abroad.

This will significantly reduce the likelihood of your transactions being blocked. To register your travel plans for your credit card or debit card, you can do this on the mobile app. To register your travel plans for your debit card. Let us know you ll be using your card abroad. All you need to do is tap on your account from the main page and go to Manage my card Tap Going abroad then Add trip iOS devices or Register card Android devices and follow the instructions on screen.

To register your travel plans for your credit card. All you need to do is tap on your credit card from the main page and go to Manage my card Tap Going abroad then Add Trip iOS devices or Register card Android devices Type in the name of your trip, add the dates of when you are departing, and then when you are returning, then choose your country Tap Save and your travel plan will be added to your credit card. You will be able to create one Travel Plan at a time by choosing Add Countryfor a maximum period of 90 days, that includes up to seven countries.

Each country will need to sinais opções binárias iq option registered individually e. Destination 1 - Germany, entry 27 08 20XX, exit 10 09 20XX Destination 2 - France, entry 11 09 20XX, exit 16 09 20XX etc. Please check that your Travel Plan. Does not have overlaps or gaps between destination dates Is no longer than 90 days in duration.

Joint account holders should register separately. The Travel Plan will apply to debit cards only attached to accounts managed via Mobile Banking and only in your name. For credit cards you can add multiple trips and any trips created will be applied to any additional cardholders on your account. Don t have the mobile app. Find out how to get it here. You can also tell us via webchat. Just log into your online banking, go to cards, and select the need help to start a chat with us.

You can also call Telephone Banking opens in a new window where our staff would be happy to help do this for you. Just make sure you let us know at least 24 hours in advance. For credit cards, you can also call Credit Card Services. Card services You can contact our credit card team via secure messaging within your mobile appor alternatively please ring on 0370 333 9091 overseas 44 1268 508 018 Relay UK 18001 0370 907 0010 Accessibility information opens in a new window.

Open 24 hours a day. Call charge information. You should make a note of our numbers before you travel, so that you can get in touch with us easily if you need to. Technician s Assistant The Expert will know what to do. I can not log in to my account because my cached credentials. Please tell me everything you can so the Expert can help you best.

I am being blocked from signing into my acct. all I know is that my cached credentials have expired. What does this mean and how do I fix it. Hello and welcome to JustAnswer, an independent Question Answer web porta l. My name is Anna and I m here to help. I know how important your concern is today. No worries, I ll provide you the best resolution suited for your case. If you don t mind me asking, may I know what account are you trying to sign-in to.

And are you trying to sign-in your Microsoft account on their website. On that page you just need to click on the I Agree green button at the bottom, a file will be downloaded to your Downloads folder, you just need to open it. I can not log in to my account because my cached credentials have expired. I complained about rude Sainsbury s driver and it blocked my account.

Has a company treated you unfairly. I have been using the Sainsbury s home delivery service for about three years. Our consumer champion, Katie Morley, is here to help. It is actually not the first time drivers have been difficult. When I tried to book my next order, I found that instead of investigating the matter, Sainsbury s had blocked my account. I cannot believe Sainsbury s can pick and choose its customers like this. What can I do about this appalling customer treatment.

But recently I received rude and unhelpful service from one of its delivery drivers, so I felt the need to complain. You say this is not the first time you have had issues with delivery drivers and this fits with Sainsbury s own record of events. Contrary to your account, it told me it had logged a number of recent reports about your aggressive behaviour towards its drivers. I asked you what it could be referring to, and you said you had been frustrated that the drivers had refused to bring your shopping up to your flat.

I m afraid that, because of the pandemic, delivery drivers have a right to keep themselves safe by dropping off goods on doorsteps. Following my involvement, Sainsbury s has reactivated your account. I appreciate this may be difficult to accept, but as an able-bodied person who is perfectly capable of picking up their own shopping and carrying it a few paces, I m afraid you re just going to have to accept this minor inconvenience. It accepts it failed to investigate the incident fully before it banned you, which is out of step with its procedures.

To prevent your account being barred again, you are going to have to be more courteous in future. A smile goes a long way, even if it is through gritted teeth. The full Katie Morley Investigates column will appear in print every Saturday and Sunday. You can get an early taste every Friday at 12 00. Consumer Rights, Consumer Affairs, Sainsbury s PLC. More from Money. The buy-to-let property markets worst hit by the universities crisis. Revealed the favourite dating websites used by scammers.

Questor coronavirus has hit these four trusts hard. Is it time to cut our losses and sell. 8pc-a-year savings bond turned out to be 47k scam. 13 Sep 2020, 5 00am. Rogue tenant has cost me 57,000, but eviction ban leaves me no way out. Five funds that sit sinais opções binárias iq option alongside your core Fundsmith Equity holding. Frances Atkins My father said cooking wasn t a proper job. How to find an adviser to transfer your pension. It s not possible to attempt registration an unlimited number of times - this is to help us protect your account.

If you re having difficulty registering, give us a call on 0800 161 5300 and a member of the team will be able to help. The line is open Monday - Sunday 8AM-8PM call charges may apply. We also offer a Next Generation Text or SignVideo service. For more information visit barclaycard. We are sorry you didn t find this helpful. Please let us know how we can improve this answer. What is the 4 digit card reference that shows on my Recent Transactions and Statement pages within Barclaycard online account servicing.

What can I use the Your messages section for and how secure is it. What happens if I change my telephone account servicing passcode. Can I see my secure message history. What information do I need to log into Barclaycard online servicing. I ve got a problem with BT Parental Controls. Just click on the links below to find the help you need. Here s how to fix any problems you may be having with BT Parental Controls.

Blocking problems. Access problems. Set up problems. How will I know if I ve been blocked by BT Parental Controls. If the website you re trying to access is blocked by BT Parental Controls, you ll see this blocked page in your browser. If you d still like to access this site and you re the account holder, you can override this page by selecting the Allow access if you are the account holder button and entering your BT ID. To view the site, you ll need to add it to your allowed list.

How can I personalise my settings. First check your filter level by logging into your BT account, scrolling down to the BT Parental Controls panel and selecting Personalise your settings. You can choose between light, moderate or strict, or choose the custom option to personalise your filter level depending on the category of sites you want to block. As well as filter levels, you can also add individual sites to an allowed list by selecting the Add allowed or blocked sites tab.

If you want to allow certain websites even though the filter level you selected blocks the category you should add it to your allowed list. This will ensure that you can always access this site. It s best to add the site to your allowed list without the www. prefix, then this will allow all domains of the site you re trying to allow. If the site is still blocked, add again with the www prefix.

Remember, your settings can take up to 10 minutes to take effect. You ll receive an email from us to confirm the changes. A site is being blocked incorrectly by BT Parental Controls. How can I report this. Sites are blocked by BT Parental Controls according to their primary purpose and how they are categorised. If you don t think a site should be blocked, you can let us know by emailing categorisation bt.

The URL website address of the site you believe is being incorrectly blocked The URL website address of the page you re sent to, that informs you the site you re trying to visit is blocked Your BT account number Your current IP address. You can find this out by going to www. If you are the account holder, you can also add sites to your allowed sites list, which will stop BT Parental Controls from blocking them. Click here for instructions on how to do this. I have BT Parental Controls turned on, but search engine results and images are inappropriate - why aren t these blocked.

BT Parental Controls doesn t inspect content returned from a site, it looks at the URL and the category it has been assigned to. Sites such as Google are defined as Search Engines and are not blocked by BT Parental Controls. As part of the Parental Controls service, we have automatically enabled Google and Bing SafeSearch. However, other search engines may not have this feature to turn on by users. There are options to help with this. Create a personalised filter level and block the Search Engines category.

You could then add one particular search engine to your allowed list Turn on child safety features that may exist in your devices and for apps like YouTube, use apps that are designed specifically for kids like YouTube for Kids. BT Parental Controls isn t blocking YouTube videos that could be deemed inappropriate. BT Parental Controls works by categorising the URL of a site. So it would assess www. com but not the specific video. You can block YouTube by blocking the Media and Streaming category, if you don t want to block the whole category, you can block YouTube by adding the URL to your blocked list.

If you don t want to block YouTube, but would like to make sure that your children don t come across inappropriate content on YouTube, we would recommend using YouTube for Kids. I am trying to override a blocked site but BT Parental Controls is not letting me. If you re trying to override a site from the blocked page and this isn t working, you should add the site to your allowed list within the BT Parental Controls management pages.

BT Parental Controls is active but it s not blocking websites inappropriate content. And relies on using BT DNS Domain Name Service. If you think a website isn t categorised correctly, please email us at categorisation bt. com and include. The URL website address of the site you believe should be blocked Your BT account number Your current IP address.

You should also check you re not using non-BT DNS. Some third party Internet of Things devices like smart TVs and apps may use their own DNS. Therefore, BT Parental Controls do not work on these devices and inappropriate websites will not be blocked. Instead you ll need to set your own controls on the device to make sure inappropriate websites are blocked. Alternatively, you might be having problems because the website you re trying to view is cached.

You should clear your browser s cache and try again. If this doesn t work, you should reboot your Hub. If your filters are still not working, then please contact us. I can t view a website but there is no blocked page. You can navigate away from this page by typing a new URL into the bar at the top of the page. If you want to access this site then you can add it to your allowed list. I have a URL in my blocked and allowed list, which takes priority.

BT Parental Controls gives priority to the sites on your allowed list. So if you have the URL on both your blocked and your allowed list, then the site will NOT be blocked. To make sure you get the best experience out of your BT Parental Controls, we recommend having a URL on just one list at a time. If I have gaming blocked will this block access to all gaming applications on my smartphone or tablet device. BT Parental Controls will block access to gaming applications that connect to the internet when the gaming category is blocked.

It will be blocked if the application requires access to the internet and the URL that the App uses is within the gaming category list. This means that some applications may be blocked and others will still be able to played. Some applications are also available to play offline and don t need an internet connection. You should also check that the 3G 4G connection if applicable on these devices is turned off, as the application could access an internet connection via 3G 4G and hence bypass the filters set up on your internet connection.

In this case, you ll not see a BT blocked error message page but a browser message saying that it cannot connect to the webpage. If I block social networking on BT Parental Controls, will this stop access to social networking. BT Parental Controls will block access to social networking sites on web browsers when social networking is blocked. However, because apps on mobile devices don t run on websites, they won t be blocked.

If I block gaming, will this block access to online multiplayer game servers. Yes, if you have gaming blocked on BT Parental Controls, then this will block access to online gaming servers.



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