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Is there any other way to access this account. 8 Chrome Flags You Should Enable to Boost Your Browsing. Spotify Web Player Not Working. Here Are the Fixes. How to See a Password in Your Browser Instead of Dots. DuckDuckGo Which Is Best. Instagram Not Working. Here Are 8 Ways to Fix it. The Best Chrome Security Extensions to Improve Your Browsing Security. 4 Disposable and Throwaway Email Providers You Can Try. How to Perform a Google Search Anonymously. How to Block Websites on Chrome and Other Browsers.

How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account. Last Updated July 25, 2020 Approved. This article received 16 testimonials and 84 of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 2,677,749 times. This wikiHow teaches you how to recover your disabled Facebook account. If your Facebook account was disabled volitionally by you, you can reactivate it by logging in.

If your account was disabled by Facebook, however, you ll need to submit an appeal to get your account back; depending on the circumstances of the disabling, they may or may not grant your request. You cannot recover an account that has been deleted. To recover a disabled Facebook account, start by visiting the Facebook website and logging in with your account s details, like your email address or telephone number, and password.

If you nominated your account for deletion within the past 14 days, click Cancel deletion when prompted, which will allow you to begin using your account again as normal. However, if your account has been nominated for deletion for more than 14 days, you ll need to create a new account, since your old one can t be recovered. For tips on how to submit an appeal if Facebook has disabled your account, read on. Peeter Hocks Anderson. Categories Computers and Electronics Internet Social Media Social Networking Services Facebook Facebook Basics.

This article has been viewed 2,681,422 times. How to recover funds from iqoption scammer. Iqoption took over 79000 from me, when I realised they are only grabbing money from meI told them i am going to issue chargeback and I mailed them my chargeback form which one I received from my bank, than the call me and told me that they will refund all my deposited funds, but they are always lierthey only refund 23000 and blocked my account, still they don t reply my mails, now i complaint against iqoption ltd in Cyprus cyber crime cell.

They will catch them. I gave all related information and address. You can contact Codednetwork ,Tech. I can best assure you that they will help you refund your money in no time and you will smile again. I have been a victim of this and they helped me out in few days. Check them on their website Codednetwork ,Tech. Were you a victim of IQ Option or just another similar platform.

I ask because I m just about to start trading on IQ Option. By law they are only obliged to give you the amount you invested not the profit. It seemed like a mistake that has ruined my life, I would have lost up to 180000 euros in deposits, not to talk of how much I ve grown the account. Thanks to being relentless and hopeful, I came across a set of consultant and attorneys who have currently helped me recover 100000 euros, recovery is ongoing and transparent.

In case you also need help, I reached out to RecoveryEx,com. How to Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Account. I accidentally deleted my Instagram account how do I recover. Before explaining to recover your Instagram account, let s look at some general stuffs, then we will explain how can you recover your Instagram account easily. Instagram is a social media platform, where you can contact the people from all around the world by following them on Instagram or through the message.

This platform was developed to share videos and pictures. It is similar to the Facebook and Twitter; you have to create an account and set your profile to use Instagram. You will have a profile and personal news feed, that will be based on your interests and follows. How to Recover an Instagram Account. Everything you are going to post on your Instagram account that will be displayed in your profile. What you are going to post can be seen by your followers. In case, you have a protected account, and your posts will be displayed to your followers only, in the other case, everyone can see your posts.

And you will see the posts from the other users of the Instagram to whom you are following. Somehow, it is a simplified version of Facebook. Because, it is really easy to explore Instagram. It is most probably a visual sharing platform rather than Facebook where you can post a text caption only too. There are many ways to be in touch with other Instagram users, and you can get in touch with your favorite personalities, your business competitors, experts, etc.

just by following them on Instagram, contacting them through private messages or being followed by them. You can save the content from Instagram easily. Reasons you need your Instagram working properly. Instagram has many interesting features that become the source to attract many people. Some of the features of the Instagram are discussed below. The video calling feature is found to be the most interesting feature. Another amazing feature is the story feature. The chat and the video chatting features attract most of the people.

Posts, post description, adding location, comments and likes the posts and the comments are the features that Instagram is providing to its user. The most important thing is that the Instagram is user-friendly as people find it easy to use and this becomes the reason that why people prefer to make an Instagram account instead of other social media. How to recover an Instagram account that was accidentally deleted.

If you are one whose account has been deleted accidentally, but now you want to recover your Instagram account. You can follow the following steps to get your account back. Go to the Login page on Instagram. Write username that you were using for your Instagram and click Get help signing in behind the Login button. Clicking on Get help signing in will lead you to a new page. There you will find a title Trouble logging in. But most of the time in the cases of deleted account, that screen is not going to help you.

What you are going to get proper help is, click need more help. This click will lead you to a new screen. Here you have to put the email address that you used at the time of sign up on Instagram. They will ask you to give a contact email, and you can give if you have a specified contact email for your account. Having a contact email can be more beneficial for you because it is going to make you able to have access to your account.

But if you have not specified the contact email, go on with the general email address of your account. Next, you have to tell the type of account that you were owning. Either it was a company account, brand account or personal account. Here, you can tell that It was my personal account with the photos of myself, even you do not have any photos of yourself there on your account. Not having your personal photos on your account is not a big deal, because it does not matter in most of the time.

The next thing that you are going to do is to click my account was hacked. You will get a box with iq option 5 minutes strategy title Any additional details, it is not a necessary thing to do. So, you can skip this step without any issue. After completing all iq option 5 minutes strategy above steps, you can click Request Support. After completing this procedure, you will get an email on your specified email address within a very short time. In the email that you have gotten from Instagram, you will ask to fill some things to verify the belonging of the Instagram account with you.

On that piece of verification paper, you have to write your username, full name, verification code and a clear picture of you that you have gotten from Instagram. Make sure that your account has at least one picture of you in which you can be identified clearly. It is necessary because, Instagram help center says Keep in mind that if this account does not include any picture of you is used to represent something or someone else, we won t be able to help until we receive a photo that meets these requirements.

Read the email and fill the verification paper according to the instructions given in the email. This can help you in getting back your Instagram account easily. Keep in mind that there is a difference between a deleted account and disabled account. A disabled account can be recovered easily, and you will receive a message when you will try to log in your disabled account, you have to follow the instructions from the community guideline.

And you will be logged in back to your account easily. Account Recovery Method-2 2019. We are adding this method as an additional method to recover your account easily. Here what you need to do is, clicking this link below. Then fill the necessary parts of this form then send it to Instagram, after that Instagram will reach to you in less than 24 hours and ask you to take a photo of yourself selfie and verify your identity.

After completion of this task you ll get access to your account again. Reach Benefits of Instagram. It is being claimed by the Instagram owners that Instagram is growing more rapidly than ever. Instagram was launched for the first time in the year 2010, but at that time it was not even reached to 100 million users per month. These stats go to the February 2013. In December 2015, Instagram got more than 400 million users from all over the world. And now in the world of social media, Instagram is picking new users at the fastest rate as compared to any other social media platform.

In a very short time, it has hit more than 700 million users. Instagram was owned by the Facebook in 2012, by just paying 1 billion, but now this price is nothing according to the growth of Instagram. A lot of new people are being added to the community of Instagram each day. It just gets doubly users in the time of 2 years. Much hitting of the user on Instagram, put pressure on Instagram to carry the weight of Instagram in the family of Facebook.

Although it is the most growing platform, Facebook never revealed any revenue of Instagram. Instagram is continuously astounded by privacy scandals. But most of you may be still unaware of the fact that Instagram is being owned by the Facebook. It is the most loved application for the sharing of visual content. Visual content is always a preferable type of content, and people love to watch and share that then other forms of content. Visual content and privacy policy are the main reasons behind the success of Instagram.

Importance of the Instagram account. It is better to own an account on Instagram because if you are a household person, you can get a lot of entertainment on Instagram. But if you are a business person, you can get a lot of options to grow your business. You can get a better idea about the importance of an Instagram account by knowing the following facts. Importance of Instagram account for your business Importance of Instagram account for your fun activities.

Without any doubt, Instagram has excellent opportunities for business owners to grow their business. They can target a better potential market for their products. Instagram can give them an opportunity to be connected with their best targeted and interested audience. Instagram allows you to adopt a theme according to the type of business you are owning.

It is better because, better bio description, profile, and hashtags are some elementary components that every business have, but a theme according to the personality of your business can give you a unique look, and it can be the best reason for the customers to be attracted towards you. There are some themes available for example, travel, nature, lifestyle, portraits that you can use to make your profile unique.

Recently, the Instagram family has IGTV, which will bring great inventory with something more than, that traditional advertisers crave. Following are some facts that can make you think why Instagram is a better place to market your product or to raise your business. Amount of monthly active users is approximately 200 million per month on Instagram. It is an estimated figure that more than 60 million pictures are being uploaded on the Instagram each day.

According to some statistics results, 50 million users signed up Instagram in the last six months. People engagement time is higher on Instagram than Facebook. People got engaged to the Instagram 14 times more than Facebook and approximately 20 times more than Twitter. More than 50 of users of Instagram are accessing the Instagram platform each day. People stay on Instagram longer than other social media platforms, and most people may visit their Instagram profile 2 to 3 times a day for getting updates.

More than 80 of top brands have Instagram profiles. This amount is continuously increasing due to the popularity of Instagram among users. More than 70 brands or business are posting regularly on their Instagram account. Brands are getting more followers with time, and this is becoming a big reason behind their product success. People are more engaging with the brands than other social media platforms. Some popular hashtags are in trend on Instagram that you can use in the caption of your product according to product type.

Hashtags can make it easy for the customers to search the things. Importance of Instagram account for your fun activities. If you are one who is not a business person, you can get a lot of things for entertainment or fun activities on Instagram. Instagram has different varieties of visual content. You can use Instagram to follow your favorite celebrities. By following your favorite personalities on Instagram, you can get all the updated news about them easily.

Most celebs use to share their different activities on Instagram to show their followers. You can see multiple fun videos available on Instagram from different personalities. As Instagram is a photo sharing platform, so you can get a lot of visual content on Instagram about almost everything. You can search the things that you want to see or a person that you want to be connected with. Hashtags are the most common thing that you can use to get the things easily.

You can know about the different shopping offers that are being offered by different brands easily. You can stay updated with a lot of things while being connected on Instagram. You can get an enjoyable experience on Instagram by joining the communities of your interest on Instagram. Most of the people have accounts on the Instagram because they find it as the best place for the entertainment.

For the Instagram account, you must have to signup first. Signup page contains different fields like first name, last name, email, gender, age, and password etc. when you have done with your signup a sign in page will appear, which will allow you to open your account for the first time by adding the general information like your email or username and the password. After sign in you can enjoy the unlimited features of the Instagram. Instagram is not just a social media platform; it can help you to grow your business, get multiple sources of entertainment and a lot of updates daily.

You can get the best enjoyable experience with the community of Instagram. Also, if you want to get some organic impressions on Instagram, you may see Famoid s essential packages below. Hope this article can you help to get your account back. Regards, Famoid Blog 2018. How to See What You Liked on Instagram.

What Happens When You Mute Someone on Instagram. How To View Private Instagram Accounts. How to Go Live on Instagram. 10 TOP Instagram Influencers How to Get More Followers. 188 Comments. I want to get my old instagram account. What type of account was your old Instagram account. If it is personal, business, or a brand account, than you get your account, but only if you tell me what type it was.

It was public account. And I really need my account now. Please help me in reactivating my account. I m unable to find any solution to recover it. Hey, did you get your account back. Im trying this but it only said that they were unable to get it back as it was deleted. Now they ee not replying my emails. Its only been a day since i ve deleted the wrong account. This is the answer I got. The account you re referring to has been removed. We re unable to restore accounts that have been permanently deleted.

We re sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Thanks, The Instagram Team. So no recovery of my account. How to back delete Instagram account. Did you apply the suggestions in the post. i stalled at the second stage, as when i enter my username, it says this user does not exist. How can i get to need more help if this is happening. Please try to reach Instagram support team manually sending e-mail help instagram. I have followed all your steps and instructions but still I am unable to recover my old account with username _aanchal.

arora After, following these steps they are showing my another account with username _. _ Please help me since that account means a lot to me and its not even been a week yet. Let us check issue for you. I have tried and tried and tried to get the help of instagram support and cannot get anything in return. Do you have any thoughts on what I could do. You ve tried to reach to them via App. Plz help me to recover my insta account. Hey when I click on need more help. option, there is no form like you said which I can write full name, username, and so on.

How do I continue. I want to recover my deleted instagram account. This is no longer possible. Now you HAVE TO create a new account. Glad I left Instagram now. Rules are a bit ridiculous concerning certain things. It is still possible but make sure that account deleted in 30 days, if passed 30 days, you ll not able to rescue. can u please help me. by mistakenly someone deleted my account and it is very imp for me to get back into my account. Have you tried all possible solutions.

famoid do I just email via the help email listed above in order for them to reverse within 30 days. Reverse is possible in 30 days, right. Did anyone really recover their account. I am trying to do so right now, but I can t get access to the Get help signing in page since it doesn t find my username anymore.

Which device you re using. None of the above solutions are working. I emailed help instagram. com and I m praying I receive a response. Is there anything else I can try. That e-mail will not response to direct e-mail. You should fill a form on help. there is no such form available. Hey, I am trying to get my account back. Once I type in my email, it tells me user not found. You can contact with Instagram through app.

This article needs to be updated. You must go to this page and fill it out in order to get an email from Instagram where you take a photo of yourself with a code they give you. Keep in mind that your Instagram account must have a photo of you that can help you be identified. Hey Susan, awesome information thank you so much. This method now added to our post as an additional method, you can check.

I tried doing that but what if they don t respond to me. how long do they usually take to reply. I accidentally deleted the wrong account. I had 2 accounts under different usernames. I followed the instructions on recovery method 2. I sent my picture with code all other info required. Doing this will it help me recover the correct account I accidentally deleted.

Bc I don t need help activating current account since that s the one I originally wanted to delete. If you sent your picture you need to wait couple of weeks, then you ll be able to get back the account. Will they ever reply because I m afraid if I wait it will delete the Instagram forever. Hey, please mention the problem specifically. The exact same thing happened to me.

Did you get your account back. If you how long did you wait. I ve sent in the photo with code. Any updated from your instagram account, it is restored. I got an email from instagram saying The account you re referring to has been removed. Oh sorry for that, when you ve deleted the account 30 days passed. We are trying the recovery of accidentally deleated account which was only an hour ago.

We have received the email with a verification code, wrote this on a piece of paper with full name and user name took a photo of the paper with my daughter in it her account and emailed it over. I know when things are on the internet they are never deleated for good so hoping insta can help. If you ve sent the picture with code, Instagram will get back to you shortly by providing the special link that you can recover your password.

I have accidentally deleted the wrong account, which I have 2 accounts. I have followed the instruction for account recovery. Did anyone manage to recover their accounts. If yes, how long does it take to recover. Please my Instagram account got disabled by Instagram buh I didn t do anything wrong please someone help me reactivate my account cus I tried everything here nothing is working. I accidentaly repported my old account thomas gronvold and instagram deleted it pls help me get it back it meant alot to me.

All those photos really meant alot. Did you try the possible ways. Please Help My Instagram is nowhere to be found it has disappeared and now it s saying user not found it s been about two weeks now please help me recover in which I have many memories I don t want to lose. Username Cryatalfitgoals. It s a temporary issue, will be fixed shortly.

What happens to a permamently Instagram account after it got deleted for more than 30 days. Do all datas get lost. Because I m trying to recover my old Instagram account that I ve used when I was younger. Is there no chance to get it back. also I ve deleted the account one and a half years ago permamently. Sadly you can get back in 30 days only. So what happens with all the data. Do they delete it on their server or keep it. The pics, comments, etc. They keep them iq option 5 minutes strategy sure.

are you sure they keep it. on their policy it s said that they delete everything after 30 days of permamently deleted accounts and saving iq option 5 minutes strategy of long deleted accounts would cost a lot of money and space. Okay thanks for your information. But what happens with the data. Do they still save it on their servere. Sure, data will be back. May I ask why is that. By mistake I have deleted my Instagram account please help me to recover it.

Hey there, Did you follow the steps that we ve mentioned in the topic. I have been unable to login to my Instagram account for a month. My username, email and phone number are not connected to an account, even though it is. Is there a bug in the system. I have tried several emails to instgram doing the verification and have heard nothing. If its longer than 30 days, you may not be able to get it back.

Since Instagram constantly deleting the accounts older than 30 days. I have followed above methods but I didn t get any email from Instagram although I have given my email address. If you fill the form correctly fully, you will definitely get e-mail from Instagram in 24-48hrs. I got hacked and they changed my username, password, and email.

When I went to sign in with Facebook it made me a new account which is tied to my original accounts email. So now every time I try and recover it logs me back into this new account. I filled the form out and asked for help several times. Oh and now someone else has my original username. Is there any possible way of recovering my original account. Let us investigate this problem and get back to you. My second account has been deleted trying to recover within hours of being deleted, i have followed the verification steps received an email back saying looks like you are having trouble logging in, but as its a second account linked with the primary account I cant do anything more, I ve just emailed help Instagram to assist with recovery, do i have to wait 30 days before i can get access to it.

will i get a notification that its been recovered. They should get back to you in 5-7days. I got the email from Facebook and I filled the form and send it to them with all details they had asked. But they r not responding me when my deleted Instagram account will be recovered. How much time it takes to recover a deleted Instagram account. Did they ask a photo from you. I did method 2 last night and this morning again to recover accidentally deleted account.

How many days does it take to get a confirmation email that they received it and are reviewing it. Should I keep doing Method 2 until I get a confirmation email. I really need my account back, thanks for your help. Hey there, they should be responded in 1 week. Any update from your Instagram account, it is restored. I did Method-2, where I got an email that told me to send a picture of myself with a handwritten code and my username and all, and I got a response, but it was definitely automated.

The email response I got was It looks like you re having a problem logging in. To get help with login issues or learn about what you can do if you think that your account has been compromised, visit the Help Center. which didn t address my question at all. I might have accidentally deleted my account instead of deactivating it, but would like to find out if I can retrieve it as soon as possible. The attempted deactivation happened on April 29th and I ve been trying to find ways to get it back since.

I just emailed help instagram as well, but is there anything else I can do to try and get my account back before the 30 days of the data expiring. Oh sorry to hear that, In method 2, Instagram will ask you to take picture yourself with holding a paper, did you get this e-mail. How long does Instagram take to reactivate your permanently deleted account via method 2.

Do they send you a confirmation email that they will be reviewing your submitted selfie. May take 1-3 weeks. Will they send you a confirmation email that they are reviewing the picture once you ve sent it. I received the, Looks like your having trouble logging in response to my picture email I sent. Should I wait for an additional email or try to send another picture. I got a reply that said, it s looks like you re having trouble logging in.

after I sent in my picture. Should I resend my picture. Should I start the process over. Or should I wait for another email from Instagram. My account delete my account my mistake my delete my account. I haven t had any response back after emailing help instagram, its been over a week, just like Kaye I did the verification steps got the it looks like you re having a problem logging in.

I cant resend the account link as it says user not found, what happens now. any other ways to get around this. I did get that email and I took a picture of myself holding a paper and sent that back to them, but Instagram s response was It looks like you re having a problem logging in. That response seemed automated and did not address my question. Would you recommend attempting that process again or trying something else completely.

i tried second method let s just hope it works. I want to recover my old Instagram account, which was linked with my old face book account that was reported. Please try possible solutions, then you can recover. These are the only ways to do it. I received my email asking for a selfie with my name and handle and haven t heard back. I believe i temporarily disabled my account this morning but need it back ASAP. What can I do now to be proactive about this. That process can take couple of weeks.

i try to do all step but i can;t find my permanent deleted account so please send me a link than i do directly this step. Did you fill the form. Please help me i mistakenly deleted my account and it is very imp for me to get back into my account. Looking forward for your kind response. Please recover my instagram account. Email me if you know a say to get it back easy.

Do any of these work. I sent the selfie with paper and haven t received anything back. My account was only deleted 2 hours ago. Yes mostly works. I ve received this Email Thanks for contacting us. It looks like you re having a problem logging in. Try new method added. Did you get a reply. i sent a photo of myself with the digits as well but no reply.

I accidentally deleted my instagram account. Please help me get it back. The results said that if i deleted it permanently it wont be recovered, and if its temporary there are solutions. But i guess i clicked Permanently, PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE. I Deactivated my Instagram account and on same moment I donot remember password of my account please help me to retain my account. Hi I have 2 different accounts accidentally deleted the wrong one on August 21st. I have already filled out the form and received a response with the code to verify it was me.

They then responded saying it was a login issue. When I tried to log in before it would say it was disabled, then it said user removed for not following Instagram guidelines, and now my user doesn t exist at all to where I can not submit the form anymore. Please help me get my dorishhhh3 account back. I want to back my old account. In that account I have 10k followers I really need that I d geetugoswami Accidently I deleted. Did you try possible solutions to recover it. By Mistake I was Deleted My Instagram Account So Please Recover My Instagram Account Please Give Me Back.

I accedentally deleted 2 my accounts, instead of deactivating them. I send a photo only for one of them. And could you please advise if I can recover the second one too. Please advise asap. Both of them were very important for me, how can i have them back. Hey there, Did you try the possible solutions in thread. Yes, the first one won t work so I am currently trying to fill out the second form.

Thx Famoid now I just send the picture with code,name,username like the arrival above you written now am waiting for their response if anything progress I will tell you as soon as possible. Great, hope it will be fixed. please recover my account. Please recover my acount. hey so instagram deleted me because I violated terms when all I did was post memes and they said I was bullying but everything I post is innocent.

The next day I got my account back and then instagram deleted it again. I did what u said and I got my code I m just worried they won t recover my account or answer me. Pls I tried all ways. Can YOU help me recover the account. What kind of error did you get after ID verification. I have done all the steps mentioned but getting error message saying invalid parameters. Any chance you can send a screenshot.

I am stuck at give any details that help us resolve this more quickly i tried everything but it says invalid parameters. I delete my instagram account permanently, now i need and recover that old account ,how to recover. Plz hurry up. Hello, please advise.

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The best way to avoid having your iq option 5 minutes strategy closed iq option 5 minutes strategy to avoid a negative balance. Even if your account offers overdraft services, you will be paying a lot in overdraft fees, and you may become trapped in an overdraft cycle where more and more of your paycheck goes towards the overdraft fees. Keeping a running balance of your account, and spending only the money that you have in the account will protect you from finding yourself in this situation.