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IQ Option Martingale Strategy Warnings Rule #1, time: 2:35


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Thunderbolt 3 Monitors. The World s Lightest 17 Laptop. See the LG gram 17. Get Started Warranty Financing Resource Hub Events Connect with Installer Savings Calculator Opens in a new window Blog. SUPPORT Register a Product Parts Accessories Order Status Software Drivers Manuals Documents Help Library Video Tutorials Easy Bluetooth Connect Guide Easy TV Connect Guide.

Request a Repair Track Repair Find Service Center Warranty Information LG Direct Service LG Premium Care Opens in a new window. LG Support Chatbot Email Telephone Twitter Support Opens in a new window Ask the Community Opens in a new window Facebook Support Opens in a new window How to become an LG Servicer. Business Support. Business Support Home Request Service Opens in a new window Request RA Request SWAP Track RA or SWAP Status Business Warranty Enhanced Service Plan Five-Star Service.

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SOLAR Get Started Warranty Financing Resource Hub Events Connect with Installer Savings Calculator Blog. SUPPORT Register a Product Parts Accessories Order Status Software Drivers Manuals Documents Help Library Video Tutorials Easy Bluetooth Connect Guide Easy TV Connect Guide Repair Services Request a Repair Track Repair Find Service Center Warranty Information LG Direct 1 gale iq option LG Premium Care Contact Us LG Support Chatbot Email Telephone Twitter Support Ask the Community Facebook Support How to become an LG Servicer Business Support Business Support Home Request Service Request RA Request SWAP Track RA or SWAP Status Business Warranty Enhanced Service Plan Five-Star Service Top Searches LG Bridge LG PC Suite Smart Share LG Mobile Switch LG TV Plus Additional Support Custom Installation Document Upload Announcements LG Recycling Program LG ThinQ with Amazon Alexa LG ThinQ with Google Assistant.

Sign In Sign UpWelcome Register a Product Order Look Up. SMART APPLIANCES Kitchen Refrigerators Laundry Air Solutions Vacuum Proactive Customer Care. Cool Meets Smart. LG smart refrigerators let you control key features by using the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone, or simple voice commands with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Think you ll lose your cool.

ThinQ technology will send a notification to your smartphone if the door is left open. Think you ll waste energy on vacation. Activate vacation mode on your LG smart refrigerator from anywhere using the LG ThinQ app. Think you need to buy ice for the party. Activate the IcePlus feature on your refrigerator with the push of a button or simple voice commands. Enter your information below to stay up-to-date on the launch of the LG InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator.

If the kitchen s the heart of the home, LG smart refrigerators with ThinQ are the hub of the family. They help keep your kitchen, and your life, running more smoothly so you can manage it all while keeping your cool. Our refrigerators are powered with LG s intuitively smart ThinQ technology, which means it goes beyond just being a fridge, to helping you manage your entire kitchen, home and life even when you re on the go. Discover just a few of the available smart refrigerator features that put you effortlessly in control.

Amazon Alexa built in. Choose an LG ThinQ smart fridge with Amazon Alexa built in and do it all with a few simple voice commands. Grocery shop. Create a to-do list. Dance to your favorite tunes. Stay entertained. Check the forecast. Update your calendar. It s all just a few words away. Plus, it works with Google Assistant. LG ThinQ app compatible. Roam if you want to.

Just download the app and it works together with your LG ThinQ smart refrigerator to let you create and share shopping lists, and even upload photos between your smartphone and fridge. Not sure if you re running low on milk. Now you can see inside your refrigerator, including what s in the door, even when you re on the go. You can also check and adjust the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer, ensuring optimal conditions at all times. SmartDiagnosis System. If your fridge ever experiences a problem, our smart technology will help get to the bottom of it quickly, even when you re not at home.

The Smart Diagnosis feature on your refrigerator allows LG call center reps to diagnose the issue over the phone. You can also download the Smart Diagnosis app and it ll record and analyze signals from the refrigerator, giving you quick feedback on repair options, if needed. Add a new level of cool to your kitchen.

Explore our newest collection of ThinQ laundry appliances, as well as smart appliances for your entire home, including the living room, laundry room and more, and be sure to browse other LG s ThinQ products like air care, cleaning and whole-home solutions that deliver the beauty and convenience of a truly connected life. List methods in Python. Adding and Appending. append Used for appending and adding elements to List.

It is used to add elements to the last position of List. insert Inserts an elements at specified position. Note Position mentioned should be within the range of List, as in this case between 0 and 4, elsewise would throw IndexError. extend Adds contents to List2 to the end of List1. sumcountindexmin and max functions of List. sum Calculates sum of all the elements of List. What happens if numeric value is not used a parameter.

Sum is calculated only for Numeric values, elsewise throws TypeError. count Calculates total occurrence of given element of List. length Calculates total length of List. index Returns the index of first occurrence. Start and End index are not necessary parameters. max Calculates maximum of all the elements of List. sort and reverse functions. reverse Sort the given data structure both tuple and list in ascending order. Key and reverse_flag are not necessary parameter and reverse_flag is set to False, if nothing is passed through sorted.

Deletion of List Elements. To Delete one or more elements, i. remove an element, many built in functions can be used, such as pop remove and keywords such as del. Note Index must be in range of the List, elsewise IndexErrors occurs. del Element to be deleted is mentioned using list name and index. remove Element to be deleted is mentioned using list name and element.

This article is contributed by Piyush Doorwar. Browse all the current scrappage scheme deals currently available on carwow. List of 2019 scrappage scheme deals. If you have an older car, now could be the perfect time to trade in and trade up to a new, cleaner model thanks to a range of scrappage schemes. Popular manufacturers will offer generous trade-in deals if you buy a new car while trading in your old motor. More brands will probably announce scrappage schemes soon so check back here regularly to see what options there are.

What cars can you trade in. What cars can you buy. More scrappage scheme info What is Euro 4. Here are the trade-in requirements for each manufacturer offering a scrappage scheme. You can also use our scrappage scheme eligibility checker to quickly see what schemes will give you extra money for your old car.

Your trade-in car must be Brand Age or emissions requirements Fuelled by Owned by you for at least Dacia Any car registered before 31 December 2009 Petrol or diesel 90 days Hyundai Any Euro-4 or earlier car registered before 31 December 2009 Petrol or diesel 90 days Kia Any Euro-4 or earlier car registered before 31 December 2010 Petrol or diesel No minimum Mazda Any car registered before 31 December 2009 Petrol or diesel 60 days.

Below are details of the scrappage schemes offered by each manufacturer and the models that can be bought with them. Cars offered on scrappage schemes Brand Deal offered Cars that qualify Dacia Up to 1,000 off a new model Offered on the Duster SUV Hyundai Discounts on new models between 1,500 and 5,000 Offered on new i10, i20, i30, i40, ix20, Tucson, Santa Fe and Ioniq Hybrid models Kia 2,000 discount on new Picanto or Rio Offered on the Picanto GT Line S and Stonic First Edition models Mazda Up to 5,500 off a new model Offered on new Mazda 2, Mazda 3, Mazda 6, Mazda CX-3 and Mazda CX-5 models.

Click login in the top-right-hand corner of this page to sign up and configure a new car or browse our extensive range of new, nearly new and pre-reg stock cars. What is Euro 4. Car emissions are classified on a scale set by the European Commission. Essentially, every couple of years the emissions regulations are tightened to help improve air quality in Europe. The 2019 scrappage schemes generally require your old car to have a Euro 4 or earlier rating so produced before 31 December 2010, but check your car s emissions rating using our easy-to-use scrappage scheme eligibility tool.

Euro 1 31 December 1992 to 31 December 1996 Euro 2 1 January 1997 to 31 December 2000 Euro 3 1 January 2001 to 31 December 2005 Euro 4 1 January 2006 to 31 December 2010 Euro 5 1 January 2011 to 31 August 2015 Euro 6 introduced 1 September 2015. Click login in the top-right-hand corner to sign up and configure a new car or browse our extensive range of new, nearly new and pre-reg stock cars. Head over to our car deals page to see our latest savings. Save on average 3,600. On carwow you can easily compare the best new car offers from local dealers and national dealers.

Compare by price, location, buyer reviews and availability. Experience car buying without any of the usual hassle and haggle. LME Aluminium. Contract Bid US Tonne Offer US Tonne Cash 1746. LME Aluminium Official Prices, US per tonne. 50 3-months 1785. 50 Dec 21 1863. 50 Dec 22 1940. LME Aluminium Official Prices Curve. Stocks Amount Opening Stock 1520650 Live Warrants 1297000 Cancelled Warrants 223650.

LME Aluminium Settlement Exchange Rates. Currency Exchange rate GB Pounds Sterling 1. 2826 Japanese Yen 106. LME Aluminium Asian Reference Price, US per tonne. Metal Price Aluminium 3-months ABR 1777. Login or register to view LME Aluminium prices and monthly averages. Forgotten password Register. LME Aluminium Historical price graph. LME Aluminium Contract specifications. Every metal traded on the LME must conform to strict specifications regarding quality, lot size and shape.

Each LME tradeable contract is likewise governed by rules covering but not limited to prompt dates, settlement terms, traded and cleared currencies and minimum tick size. This is a summary of the contract specifications. For full contract specification details, please refer to the LME Rulebook and for other information, please refer to our disclaimer page.

Note that all contracts are subject to the LME s rules and regulations and LME Clear span margining. Events calendar Monthly overview Reports overview Approved brands Listing process Approved warehouses requires additional access Aluminium Committee LME Aluminium Factsheet PDF. LME Aluminium can be traded on LMEselect from 01. 00 London time, 24 hours a day on the inter-office telephone market and during the below times on the Ring. Ring trading time - First 1 gale iq option UK 1st Ring 11 55 - 12 00 2nd Ring 12 55 - 13 00 Kerb trading 13 25 - 13 35.

Ring trading time - Second session UK 3rd Ring 15 15 - 15 20 Kerb trading 15 50 - 17 00. Events Calendar LME Aluminium Factsheet PDF Physical contract specifications Futures contract specifications Options contract specifications TAPOs contract specifications Monthly Average Futures contract specifications LMEminis contract specifications Aluminium Committee Trading times LME Aluminium overview.

For further information please get in touch. Moving average convergence divergence or the MACD is one of the simplest and most effective momentum oscillators ever created. The MACD is a trend-following momentum indicator. The indicator was developed by Gerald Appel in the late 1970s. How does MACD work.

This indicator is well suited to identify entry and exit points. The MACD provides corresponding signals in the beginning and in the end of the trend. Fast and slow lines. It may seem like understanding the principles behind the MACD is harder than putting the indicator into practice. To better illustrate the logic of the moving average convergence divergence we can resort to the exponential moving averages EMA with periods of 12 and 26.

The MACD is an instrument based on the EMA lines. The following observations can be made by looking at the picture above. The intersection of two moving average lines on the price chart corresponds to the intersection of the fast MACD line blue and the horizontal zero line. The value of the MACD is equal to the difference between exponential moving averages with corresponding periods. Green and red bars. The one can also note that alongside with blue and orange lines the MACD uses green and red bars.

The green and the red bars indicate the distance between the slow and the fast MACD lines. the fast line is above the slow line and the distance between the two lines is increasing; the fast line is below the slow line and the distance between the two lines is decreasing. Red bars will appear in the MACD window when. the fast line is below the slow line and the distance between the two lines is increasing; the fast line is above the slow line and the distance between the two lines is decreasing.

It may seem a little bit complicated but the general idea behind the bars is simple. When the blue line moves up faster or moves down slower than the orange line, the MACD will display green bars. In the opposite case, the bars will become red. MACD Settings for Day Trading. In order to use the MACD indicator in day trading, click on the Indicators button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Then choose the MACD from the list of possible indicators. Or you can adjust fast, slow and signal periods in the open tab. The sensitivity of the indicator can be increased by decreasing the fast period and increasing the slow one. How to Use Indicator in Day Trading. Thanks to the complex nature of the indicator there are several ways to put the MACD into action. An uptrend is expected when the fast line turns up and crosses above the slow line.

A downtrend is expected when the fast line turns up and crosses below the slow line. Signal line crossover as an indicator of the bullish trend. An uptrend is expected when the fast line moves above the zero line to turn positive. A downtrend is expected when the fast line moves below the zero line to turn negative. Centreline crossover as an indicator of the bullish trend.

Divergences appear when the price chart and the MACD chart show oppositely directed movement. Divergence can be a sign of an upcoming trend reversal. Divergence as an indicator of the upcoming trend reversal. The MACD gives traders an opportunity to simultaneously use a trend-following and a momentum indicator. It can be applied to both short and long time intervals, making it an ultimate tool in the hands of a professional.

Bollinger Bands Width Unique Volatility Indicator. Magic Cube Twist Puzzle IQ Toy 24 Wedges Magic Ruler Mini Magic Twist Puzzle Cube Educational Toy for Kids. Multiplication with Pictures. Count Objects Up to 100. Area of Complex Figures. MC stands for Mini Crawler. What does MC stand for. Abbreviation is mostly used in categories CraneCrawlerHireModelTechnology.

What is the abbreviation for Mini Crawler. The list of abbreviations related to MC - Mini Crawler. IP Internet Protocol LBC Little Benthic Crawler ACVM Arnold Clark Vehicle Management WIRE Web Information Retrieval Environment COIF Certificate of Initial Fitness CAT Cable Avoiding Tool AHC Active Heave Compensated. CMI Crane Materials International SWL Safe Working Loads PCS Professional Chauffeur Services HAE Hire Association Europe RMG Rail-Mounted Gantry TPI Third Party Insurance CT Crawler Transporters.

Most relevant lists of abbreviations for MC Mini Crawler. MC - Military Cross MC - Miscarriage MC - Moisture Content MC - Monte Carlo MC - Main Color. The t slim X2 Pump is ultra strong. Its aluminum body is very durable and light, and the touch screen is made of high-grade, shatter-resistant glass. Plus, the t slim X2 Pump is watertight, so you don t have to worry if it accidentally gets wet.

The dimensions for the t slim X2 Pump are 3. 13 length, 2 height and 0. 6 depth make the smallest most discreet insulin pump on the market. The t slim X2 Pump is the slimmest pump on the market and has a sleek, modern design. A patented pumping mechanism and the latest rechargeable battery technology allow it to pack a 300-unit reservoir and up to seven days of power into its slim, sleek case. The smooth, compact design allows it to easily slip into a pocket or be worn discreetly under clothing.

CGM sold separately. The t slim X2 Insulin Pump can be used solely for continuous insulin delivery and as part of the System. When the System is used with a compatible iCGM, the Basal-IQ Technology can be used to suspend insulin delivery based on CGM sensor readings. The t slim X2 Insulin Pump is intended for the subcutaneous delivery of insulin, at set and variable rates, for the management of diabetes mellitus in persons requiring insulin.

CGM also aids in the detection of episodes of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, facilitating both acute and long-term therapy adjustments. Compatible iCGM systems are intended for single patient use and require a prescription. The System is indicated for use in individuals 6 years of age and greater. Interpretation of the System results should be based on the trends and patterns seen with several sequential readings over time. The System is intended for single patient use and requires a prescription.

The System is not approved for use in pregnant women, persons on dialysis, or critically ill patients. The Basal-IQ feature helps reduce the frequency and duration of low-glucose events by predicting glucose levels 30 minutes ahead and suspending insulin if they are expected to drop below 80 mg dL. With just a few taps, you can view your insulin delivery and glucose history right on the t slim X2 Pump s bright color screen. You can also quickly upload your insulin delivery and CGM data from your pump using the t connect Diabetes Management Application on either a Mac or a PC, and generate reports for more in-depth analysis with your healthcare provider.

The System is indicated for use with NovoLog or Humalog U-100 insulin. Integrated with the new Dexcom G6 CGM System Dexcom G6 CGM System sold separately. Known for exceptional accuracy and comfort, Dexcom is the 1-rated CGM brand. 5 Benefits of the Dexcom G6 CGM System include. Zero fingersticks 10-day sensor wear Simple auto-applicator Acetaminophen blocking6 View data on your smart device7,8 Share your data with up to 5 followers9. When CGM and the Basal-IQ feature are turned off, the t slim X2 Pump removes the CGM chart and puts the Bolus and Options buttons in the center of the screen for easy access.

6 H x W x D Weight 3. 95 ounces with full 300 Unit Reservoir Micro-Delivery Technology Color touch screen Compatible with t connect App Capable of remote software updates 3 usb connectivity Screen Shatter-resistant glass with dimensions of 2. 4 diagonal Insulin Up to 300 units for use with Humalog or NovoLog rapid-acting insulin Battery Integrated rechargeable lithium polymer battery that typically lasts up to 5 days on a full charge Adjustable volume, visual, vibratory Alerts Reminders for High BG blood glucoseLow BG, after Bolus BG, and Missed Meal Bolus Infusion Set Change Watertight for up to 3 feet for 30 minutes Insulin Delivery Settings can be personalized offering up to 6 customizable profiles with 16 timed settings per personal profile Adjustable Basal rate, correction factor, carb ratio, target BG Insulin Duration Insulin Duration is 2-8 hours in 1-minute increments Bolus Insulin Delivery Bolus Integrated calculator with numeric keypad Bolus Increments 0.

01 unit at volumes greater than 0. 05 units Insulin Sensitivity Factor1 1 to 1 600 mg dL 1 mg dL increments Insulin-to-Carb Ratio 1 1 to 1 300 g 0. 1 increments below 10 grams Maximum Bolus Size 25 units with an option for an additional 25 units Basal Rate Increments 0. 001 units at programmed rates 0. 1 units hr Maximum Basal 15 units hr Temporary Basal Rate 15 minutes to 72 hours range 0 -250. The purchase of this product requires a prescription. Please call or email us with your prescription information.

Pricing may vary depending on insurance. Most insurances cover this item. Tandem also has a Customer Support Team which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with interactive data management software. The t slim X2 Insulin Pump with Basal-IQ Technology the System consists of the t slim X2 Insulin Pump, which contains Basal-IQ Technology, and a compatible CGM. Don t want to use CGM. Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Index Futures Quotes Globex. Month Charts Last Change Prior Settle Open High Low Volume Hi Low Limit Updated Legend Options Price Chart About This Report.

The slowest Stock Motor will drop from a loop. Every car needs a good motor to run well. The top-speed Plasma Dash might fly off a bridge. Fast motors are for straight tracks, normal motors are for technical courses, and Stock Motors are for trash. But don t expect to just put on the best motor and expect the car to do its best. A car might fly off the track easily. Also, when purchasing a motor, don t just consider the RPM, but also the torque. Torque is a very important aspect of a motor.

Below is a list of every single Tamiya motor. Picture Name RPM With Load RPM Without Load Torque Power Consumed FA-130 Motor 9900 13800 10 g-cm 1100 Touch Dash 11200 15000 10 g-cm 1300 Torque Tuned 12000 13600 14. 5 g-cm 1200 Atomic Tuned 13700 15700 10 g-cm 1300 Rev Tuned 14300 17600 10 g-cm 1500 Hyper Dash 17200 19300 10 g-cm 1600 Hyper Dash 2.

10 g-cm 1600 Mach Dash 20800 23400 15 g-cm 1900 Jet Dash 23000 28000 22 g-cm 4000 Ultra Dash 24000 29000 20 g-cm 4000 Plasma Dash 25000 29000 20 g-cm 4100. Making Your Own Motor. If you think putting a Plasma Dash on your car will get you first place in races, then your re very wrong. What do I mean. I mean that you can wind your own armature, get some really strong magnets, a good electric brush, put them together, and TADA.

Yes, a Plasma Dash may be the best motor available, but that s not even a fourth as fast as a motor that you build yourself. You ve now got a motor that goes over 70 kilometers per hour. It sounds easy, but it requires a lot of brainwork and patience. It can be very hard for beginners. This guide is for people who already know how to wind their own motors, but still have questions. You must remember one thing, torque is good for technical tracks and uphills, and RPM is good for straight tracks.

For more torque, you need stronger magnets and larger commutators. Thicker wire is good for top speed, requires less winds, but takes up a lot of battery juice. Thin wire, on the other hand, is slower, but uses less battery power. Using these options, try combining different wires with different armatures and different magnets. Each way is good, but it s all for you to discover. Mini Cooper. NEWCASTLE, UK - CIRCA AUGUST 2015 yellow Mini Cooper car new model, produced from 2013 onwards.

new model, cooper car, uk circa, mini cooper, car, model, yellow, mini, cooper, newcastle, produced, travel, transport, europe, sport, black, oxford, transportation, street, target, editorial, game, wheel, drive More Less. Editorial Extended licenses. Industries Travel Editorial Commercial. Abstract Animals Arts Architecture Business Holidays IT C Illustrations Clipart Nature Objects People Technology Travel Web Design Graphics.

Home Editorial Travel New model Mini Cooper. 2020 Mini Cooper S long-term review City car credentials. MINI Cooper Reviews. While it s certainly a fun weekender, the Mini Cooper does some of its best work around town. 2020 Mini Cooper S long-term review Space and practicality. Unsurprisingly, the Cooper is Mini by name and by nature but just how small are we talking.

2020 Mini Electric review. A cute and compact hatch that offers electric power but retains its racing roots could the Mini Electric be the ultimate city runabout. 2020 Mini Cooper S long-term review Introduction. This perpetually adorable Brit will satisfy wannabe race car drivers and lifestyle buyers alike but is it up to the rigours of everyday existence. MINI Cooper Videos. Video 2020 Mini Electric review, Australian first drive.

For city dwellers with short and sweet commutes and access to off-street parking and public charging points, the Mini Electric is a competent city car with a sense of fun and, of course, added green credentials. Video MINI Connected App, communicate with your Mini from anywhere. Sponsored by MINI Got a Mini. Well, there s an app for that. All new Minis feature an always-on telemetry function called Mini Connected, which means you can access your car with your phone whenever you like.

Mini Connected is the branded version of the BMW ConnectedDrive software. So if you re familiar with that, this works the same way. Video Mini Cooper S long-termer introduction. I ve spent most of my adult life wanting to be Charlize Theron in the 2003 remake of The Italian Job, so you can imagine my delight when we welcomed our latest long-termer, the Mini Cooper S, to the CarAdvice garage. And while I won t be driving it down the stairs of my local train station, I will be putting it through its paces as an everyday car over the next few months.

2020 Mini Electric review same, but different. Minis are a staple of well-heeled city slickers with progressive politics. So an electric one makes clear sense, and Australians can get their hands on it from July as Mike Costello finds out. MINI Cooper Comparisons. 2019 MINI range review. There s no doubt, the MINI family is growing in all directions. If you ve settled on the badge but can t decide on the model, here s a look at what each offers. MINI Cooper News. World s fastest Mini flips in back yard stunt gone wrong.

A limited-edition 2021 Mini JCW GP the fastest and most powerful Mini of all time has rolled in a backyard crash in Europe, within hours of the owner taking delivery. The vehicle flipped and landed back on its wheels with less than 38km on the clock and most of that distance was accumulated in the owner s back yard.

2020 Mini Electric price and specs revealed for Australia. Mini has announced pricing and specs for the launch edition of its first-ever all-electric model, the Mini Electric, revealing it will arrive in Australia in August this year. The German-owned British marque has said the three-door hatchback will have a national drive-away price of 59,900, or a recommended list price of 54,800 plus on-road costs, when it lands in Australian showrooms.

Automotive Industry Insights podcast John Bowe pays tribute to Rod Barrett. On this week s podcast are Mandy Turner, Mike Costello, and Scott Collie. In car news, the Alpine A110 Sportsx concept has been revealed, an Australian launch for Kia Stonic has been confirmed for late 2020, there s Australian interest in the Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brakeand research shows school pick-up as the most dangerous time to be on Australian roads.

DOWNLOAD AN INSTANT CUSTOM QUOTE FOR ANY HAAS MACHINE. The Machines that Defined a Category. Mini in Name and Price Only. Machine performance once was paired with size and cost. The Mini Mill Series changed everything, by packing 40-taper performance into small packages at unheard of prices. The Original Compact Machines.

Haas Mini Mills are the industry standard for compact machining centers. They are perfect for schools, start-up shops, or as a first step into CNC machining. Loaded with full-size features, they are valuable additions for shops needing a second-op machine, or an additional spindle where space is limited. 40 Taper 3 4 5 Axis 6k-15k RPM 10-20 Tool Capacity.

I make custom parts myself here in my garage, and the Haas Mini Mill is extremely important to my work. I use it for all the metal parts that need to be made, from custom steering wheels to latches, door handles, and hinges. I make everything on the Mini Mill. It is easy to program, easy to set up, and easy to use. I can t get the results I want without it. Darril Stroecker Owner Darril s Hot Rods. See the Mini Mill Series in Action. Words can only tell you so much. Check out this gallery of photos to see your Haas from every angle.

Do Even More. From the industry s most user-friendly control, to our innovative Wireless Intuitive Probing System WIPSto our wide selection of productivity-enhancing options, we let you configure your machine so it works for you. After all, you know what you need better than anyone. Learn more about everything Haas has to offer.

Build Your Mini Mill. Ready to create your new Haas vertical mill. Let s find the right machine for your shop, and make it your own by adding the options and features that work for you. To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device. Most big websites do this too. A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It enables the website to remember your actions and preferences such as login, language, font size and other display preferences over a period of time, so you don t have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another.

USD prices DO NOT include customs duty, customs fees, insurance, VAT, or freight.CNY prices include customs duty, customs fees, insurance, and VAT. DOES NOT include freight. Haas Delivered Price. This price includes shipping cost, export and import duties, insurance, and any other expenses incurred during shipping to a location in France agreed with you as a buyer. No other mandatory costs can be added to the delivery of a Haas CNC Product.

Click for details. KEEP UP WITH THE LATEST HAAS TIPS AND TECHNOLOGY. Service Support Owners Request Service Operator Manuals Haas Parts Rotary Repair Request. Shopping Tools Build Price a New Haas Available Inventory The Haas Price List CNCA Financing Rotary Fit Chart. About Haas Careers Certifications Safety Contact Us History Terms Conditions Haas Tooling Terms Conditions Privacy Warranty. Haas Community Haas Certification Program Haas Motorsports Gene Haas Foundation HTEC Network Events.

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Mini Portable Micro Secure Digital Card TF Card Adapter Reader Module D1 mini Module Board for Arduino Support OTA Online. Mini-Sized Dow Options. What Are Mini-Sized Dow Options. The underlying E-mini Dow is valued at 5 times the value of the DJIA. The option is traded electronically through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange s CME Globex system.

Understanding Mini-Sized Dow Options. Mini futures and options contracts allow investors to fine-tune their exposure and position sizes because these mini-sized products cost less than the standard futures contracts. Each one-point move in the E-mini Dow futures contract equates to 5. Mini-sized contracts in futures and options also exist for a wide range of other indexes such as the Nasdaq 100, S P 500, S P MidCap 400, and Russell 2000, as well as commodities such as gold and currencies such as the euro.

A delta of -1 on a put option or 1 on a call option indicates that the option will move point-for-point with the underlying index. Options traders keep this in mind in regards to their position s delta. As the delta moves toward zero, even though the underlying futures contract moves 5 per point, the option contract may not. Each mini-sized Dow option controls one underlying E-mini Dow futures contract. As of 2019, the E-mini Dow Jones contracts are the third most popular mini contracts on Globex, behind the Nasdaq 100 E-minis in second place and the S P 500 E-minis as the most popular by volume.

Exercising the option results in physical delivery of a corresponding position in the underlying cash-settled E-mini futures contract. As of 2019, there is little daily volume in the E-mini Dow options. They have expiries for March, June, September, and December. Trading on the options ceases on at 9 30 AM Eastern time on the third Friday of the contract month. A mini-sized Dow option controls one underlying E-mini Dow futures contract.

The underlying futures contract moves in one point increments worth 5 each. The premium to buy a mini-sized Dow option is the price of the option multiplied by the multiplier of 5. E-Mini Dow Options Pricing. The price of a mini-sized Dow option is the quoted price multiplied by the multiplier. Therefore, if the quoted price of an option is 300, the option costs 300 x 5, or 1,500.

This is the premium paid for the option. The premium paid is the most an option buyer call or put can lose. A person buying the underlying futures faces losses of 5 per point, which could amount to significantly more than the fixed loss of the option premium. A profit is made on an E-mini Dow call option if the price of the underlying index moves above the strike price plus the price of the option. For example, if the option s strike price is 26,000 and the option price is 800, the trader will be making money if the underlying index moves above 26,800.

In the case of a put option, using the same figures, the trader starts to make money once the index drops below the strike less the premium. In this case, 26,000 - 800, or 25,200. Example of a Mini-Sized Dow Option Trade. Assume the underlying E-mini Dow futures, expiring in June, is trading at 25,648. It is currently mid-May, a trader believes that over the next month the underlying E-mini Dow futures will move considerably higher.

They purchase an options contract on the underlying with a strike price of 25,650. The option price is 400, multiplied by 5, for a total cost of 2,000 plus commissions. In order to break even on the trade, the underlying will need to rise to 26,050 25,650 400. If at the June expiry the underlying futures contract is below 25,650 strike pricethe call option will expire worthless and the trader will lose the 2,000 they paid for the option but not more.

If the underlying is between 25,650 and 26,050 at expiry, the option will be in the money but the trade will still result in an overall loss. The closer the underlying is to 25,650 the more of their 2,000 they will lose. If the underlying is at 26,050 at expiry, they breakeven. Every point above 26,050, the trader makes 5 per point. If the underlying is at 27,000 at expiry, the option call buyer makes 4,750 27,000 - 26,050 x 5.

Calculated a different way, subtract the value at expiry less the strike price, multiply by 5, and then subtract the cost of the option. 27,000 - 25,650 1,350 x 5 6,750 - 2,000 4,750. A mini-sized or mini or E-mini Dow option is a type of index options contract for which the underlying assets are E-mini Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA futures contracts. E-mini options on the Dow Jones Industrial Average index are American style options, meaning that they can be exercised at any point before expiration.

The mini-sized dow options trade under the symbol OYM. MINI Clubman Estate 1. MINI Hatchback Hatchback John Cooper Works 3d. 5 Cooper D Hatchback 5d Auto. MINI Hatchback Hatchback Cooper Seven auto 5d. MINI Countryman SUV Cooper 5d. MINI Countryman SUV Cooper D 5d. MINI Hatchback Hatchback Cooper Seven 5d. MINI Hatchback Hatchback 2. 0 Cooper S Hatchback 3d. 0 Cooper S D Hatchback 5d. Second Quarter Industry, State GDP Stats Come Earlier This Year. BEA is speeding up by weeks the release of industry and state statistics that will provide a powerful tool for analyzing the second quarter s rapid shifts in U.

economic activity. Principal Federal Economic Indicators. COVID-19 and Recovery in BEA Data COVID-19 Spending Estimates CDC s Latest Info on COVID-19 BEA Strategic Plan FY 2020 New Digital Economy Estimates Video Guide to News Release Materials Quick Guide GDP News Releases Survey of Current Business 100 Years Follow Us BEA on Instagram. Help for Survey Respondents.

News for Journalists. Resources for Congressional Users. Resources for Developers. Information for -- Survey Respondents. Information for -- Journalists. Information for -- Congressional Users. Information for -- Developers. The BEA Wire BEA s Official Blog. July 2020 Trade Gap is 63. monthly international trade deficit increased in July 2020 according to the U.

Bureau of Economic Analysis and the U. The deficit increased from 53. 5 billion in June revised to 63. 6 billion in July, as imports increased more than exports. The previously published June deficit was 50. The goods deficit increased 9. 3 billion in July to 80. The services surplus decreased 0. 8 billion in July. Personal Income and Outlays, July 2020.

Personal income increased 0. 4 percent while consumer spending increased 1. 9 percent in July, according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Mini índice WINFUT saiba como funciona a negociação do mini índice do iBovespa. O Ibovespa é o principal e mais conhecido índice do mercado de ações brasileiro. Ele possui diversas diversificações, como o Mini índice.

É um tipo de derivativo utilizado principalmente para a operação de investidores pessoa física e pequenas empresas para operação no mercado de derivativos. O Mini índice também é conhecido como Minicontrato Futuro de Ibovespa ou Futuro Mini de Ibovespa. E é um importante instrumento no mercado de derivativos. Por ser uma transação de natureza rápida e especulativa, o day trade com mini índice é o tipo de operação mais comum nesse mercado. Como funciona o mini índice.

O Mini índice funciona da mesma forma que o contrato padrão do futuro do Ibovespa IND. A única diferença entre o IND e o WIN é o tamanho um mini contrato que equivale a 20 de um contrato futuro cheio. Ou seja, para cada ponto do Ibovespa, o mini índice é cotado a R 0,20, e não R 1,00. No final do contrato são contabilizados quantos pontos o Ibovespa subiu ou caiu e multiplicado por 0,20. Ou seja, se o Ibovespa subir 100 pontos, o investidor ganha R 20,00.

E se cair, perde R 20,00. É importante dizer que a rentabilidade é bruta, sendo necessário aplicar taxas e impostos. Dessa forma, o Mini índice é um instrumento bastante usado por pequenos investidores para ganharem com a alta da bolsa e também para se proteger de quedas da bolsa, usando o instrumento como hedge. Como operar o mini índice. É possível negociar um contrato de mini índice diretamente pelo Home Broker.

O código de negociação do míni índice começa com as letras WIN e é acrescido de uma letra correspondente ao mês de vencimento e a dois números referentes ao ano de vencimento do contrato. Os meses de vencimento do mini índice e suas respectivas letras são os seguintes. Logo, um contrato WINJ20, por exemplo, representa um contrato de míni índice do Ibovespa com vencimento em abril de 2020.

Alavancagem com mini índice. Com esse tipo de operação, não é necessário ter todo o dinheiro do contrato para negociar nem ter um contrato para vendê-lo no mercado. A venda a descoberto com mini índices, por exemplo, é uma operação muito comum nesse mercado. Baixe gratuitamente o nosso ebook e conheça os principais critérios para se analisar uma ação antes de investir. Isso acontece através da alavancagem com mini índice. Ao alavancar ou seja, realizar a operação sem necessariamente ter o dinheiroé possível ganhar muito mais do que o proporcional investido.

Porém, o risco de prejuízo também é maior. Mas para isso, é necessário o depósito de uma margem de garantia para o mini índice de no mínimo 15 do valor total dos minicontratos negociados. Como garantia é possível usar títulos públicos, CDBs ou mesmo ações. Ajuste diário do mini índice. O Mini índice identificado na bolsa pelo código WINFUT é um contrato futuro do índice Ibovespa negociado a um valor menor que o índice futuro.

O ganho ou a perda de valor não acontece apenas no vencimento. Todos os dias a Bolsa realiza um ajuste diário das posições dos contratos futuros. Creditando e debitando os valores ganhos no 1 gale iq option e acordo com a oscilação do Ibovespa. Por isso, é necessário ter uma garantia para ser debitada em caso de débitos ao longo do prazo do contrato. Apesar de não ser tão complicada, o mini índice não é uma operação para todos.

É preciso ter domínio do mercado futuro e considerar os riscos de perda, que são consideráveis. Por isso, baixe gratuitamente o nosso ebook Como Viver de Renda na Bolsa de Valores e entenda melhor como funciona a negociação desse e de vários outros ativos na Bolsa. ola, acho que tem um trecho da explicação esta errada já que la em cima diz que cada ponto vale 0,20 então se fizer 100 pontos faria 20,00 reais e não 2,00 reais ne.

Muito bem 1 gale iq option, obrigado. 100 x 0,20 é R 2,00 kkkkkkk. Amigo, vamos aprender a fazer multiplicação. Vamos lá na operação de multiplicação, a cada zero à direita do 1 você desloca a vírgula uma casa para a direita também. Sendo assim, deslocando a vírgula duas casas para a direita de 0,20 teremos 20. Portanto 100 x 0,20 20. Mercado promissor.

mas é necessário muito estudo. E foco q Deus abençoe a todos. Jogatina que já deu prejuízo a muitas Pessoas. Um cassino, que só ganha as corretoras e a Bovespa. E ainda aparece os tais trade querendo adivinhar pra onde vai, pra baixo ou pra cima, através de gráficos. Quem deveria por uma ponto final nesta Jogatina seria a CVM. É difícil acreditar que ainda tem gente que através de gráfico, oriente os coitados dos pequenos investidores, tirando-lhes as pequenas poupanças para jogar no mini-indíce.

Mas tb é beneficiada. Se tivemos em um país sério, o Ministério da Fazenda, e Ministério público deveriam agir e proibir essa jogatina. Um jogo muito desleal, Grandes especuladores contra miseráveis pequenos investidores. E a mídia em geral, fazendo a cabeça desses coitados, prometendo viver da renda do jogo do Mini-ìndice. Que vergonheira, que País de merda. Nenhuma instituição que deveria fazer algo se manifesta.

E vou dizer mais É um ótimo canal para lavagem de dinheiro. Voce deve ter sido um dos qu eperdeu tudo. Realmente um mercado perigoso mais que com uma boa analise grafica da pra se ganhar dimheiro sim. No mundo inteiro existe essa modalidade, eu mesmo abandonei meu emprego formal e vivo muito bem operando o mini índice e ganhando bem mais dinheiro do que antes com toda liberdade do mundo.

E deixo aqui o meu penar aos trouxas que ainda JOGAM NO CASSINO mini-indice. aposto que tem mais de 60 anos tomando breja vendo rede globo KKK lamentavel, se oriente pra nao falar merda KKK. fica aí esperando seu INSS vovozao vou pegar meu porshe mes que vem mesmo XDXDXD. Esse daí perdeu tudo sem estudar, e acha que é lugar de apostinha kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Boa tarde, gostaria de saber de onde vem o dinheiro que ganhamos com mini contrato e para onde vai o dinheiro que perdemos.

Chamo-me Paulo, sou de Portugal e normalmento opero forex. No entanto gostaria de operar também o mini indice brasileiro. As corretoras brasileiras exigem cpf brasileiro. Assim sendo, como fazer para operar mini indice WIN em portugal. NO MINI INDICE WINQ20 EU VENDI PQ TAVA CAINDO E CAIU BASTANTE. MAIS FECHOU E EU PERDI PQ.

Olá amigos, tenho uma dúvida, na hipótese de que eu coloque 100 reais na corretora e faça uma única operação no dia, caso essa operação seja um loss de 100 pontos no mini indice 20 reaisentão só será debitado dos meus 100 reais esses 20 reais do loss a corretagem ou há algum outro valor. ou não é dessa forma. kkkk obrigado. Boa tarde A princípio ,sim. Olá, tudobem por gentilezatenho uma dúvidaque não encontro resposta em nenhum lugar.

NENHUM LUGAR Para fazer operação day trade de mini Índice. Comprar ou vender pelo gráfico da plataforma. Como é o procedimento. O que não explicam pra um iniciante é a atuação em si. Devo fazer o deposito em dinheiro na corretora contratar uma plataforma, que pode ser através dela mesmo e operar. Gostaria de saber o procedimentoonde ninguém em nenhum canal orienta. Acho que não é só isso Deposito em dinheiro na corretora Plataforma habilitadaai vou e na senha, na opção roteamento vou em entra senha para envio de ordens.

Estou no jogo Ou deve ser feito algum processo mais. Estou perguntando apenas sobre o Mini Índice. Se por gentileza puder me responder Sr. Tiago Reis, agradeço muito. Desculpe os erros no comentário. Digitei rápido e não conferi. Já li várias coisas, já acompanhei muitas Lives, assisti muitos vídeos sobre mini-índice e todos falam do risco de perder valores consideráveis.

Nunca vi ninguém falar quanto seria este valor considerável. Só falam no Stop Loss para proteção. Mas quanto seria na pior das hipóteses, operando um único contrato. E se eu NÃO colocar um stop e cair, se eu não fechar a operação e o mercado reagir no mesmo dia ou no dia seguinte swingdá para recuperar no mesmo trade. Abraços e já agradeço a quem souber e responder.

Sou iniciante no mercado financeiro e gostaria de saber se haverá alguma taxa ou perda se, por exemplo em um dia de operações em queda, eu operar apenas vendido a descobertosem comprar nenhum contrato de Mini índice no mesmo dia. E parabéns pelo artigo. corretagem de operarçao day trader e - 0,50 cents e mais 20 de imposto se tiver lucro no mes, exemplo se tu entrar vendido numa operaçao com 1 contrato a cada tick igual a 5 pontos equivale a 1real entao se tu vender o mini indice a 100.

eai matheus para operar vendido no winv20 tu prescisara de 30 reais de garantia na corretora para operar 1 contrato. 000 pontos e o mini indice cair para 99. 000 pontos e tu comprar comprar encerrar posiçao tu ganha 200 reais -50 centavos -40,00 reais ti resta 159,50 dessa operaçao mas se tu vender e o mini indice e subir voce tera prejuizo a cada tick 1 real mais a corretagem 50 centavos que tu perde entao coloque stop pois sem stop e arriscado operar parece complicado mas depois que tu aprende as regras fica facil.

mas antes de tudo procure fazer curso nem que seja no you tube gratis mas nao se entusiasma nao vai devagar sem ganancia boa sorte pois vou te falar acontece de tudo computador trava plataforma trava pula stop internet cai pelo menos aqui no interior de mato grasso me acontece isso quase todos os dias. Por ser uma versão reduzida do Ibovespa futuro, o mini índice muito utilizado pelos pequenos investidores. Porém, por ser um derivativo, o risco dessa forma de investimento deve sempre ser considerado.

O que é o mini índice. MiniChamps - 1 43 - Toyota IQ Geneva Car Show 2009 - Limited Edition or 1,008 pcs. This is the Toyota IQ Geneva Car Show of the year 2009. Beautiful lot with in it offered a very nice Toyota by Minichamps. The model is unused, 100 new and will be delivered including the original, undamaged packaging.

This model is released by Minichamps in Scale 1 43 in a limited edition of only 1008 pieces worldwide. Very nice model with many beautiful details. Already sold out at the manufacturer. - 400 166801 Toyota IQ Geneva Car Show 2009 1 of 1008 pieces. Truly a magnificent model that will be an asset to your collection. The attached photos speak for themselves collector s item.

All our shipments are provided with track trace information and will be sent carefully packed. Get the latest data from the day s trading. Index Preview. Global market performance. MSCI s ACWI is composed of 2,771 constituents, 11 sectors, and is the industry s accepted gauge of global stock market activity. It provides a seamless, modern and fully integrated view across all sources of equity returns in 47 developed and emerging markets.

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