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The Concept of Riba Banking in Islam. What Is a Redemption Period in a Foreclosure. Types of Joint Bank Accounts. How to Send Money to a PayPal Account. It wants to meet its clients needs so it introduces new features all the time. Belkhayate Indicator introduction. Mustapha Belkhayate came up with the idea of the oscillator that calculates the gravity center of the movements in the market. He named it Belkhayate Timing.

It is used to recognise the best entry points for trading positions and to predict a reversal in the prices. How to add the Belkhayate Timing to the chart on the IQ Option platform. Log in to your IQ Option trading account and select a financial instrument of your choice. Set the chart for Japanese candlestick type. Then, click on the indicator s icon. Find a group of momentum indicators under the indicators tab. The Belkhayate Timing will appear on the list on the right.

You can also start typing the name of the indicator in the search window. How to add the Belkhayate Timing indicator on the IQ Option platform. The default settings are as follows the period of 34, the range 1 is 4 and the range 2 is 8. You can change them if needed. Moreover, you may change the colour. You can use the default settings for Belkhayate Timing How to use the Belkhayate Timing in trading on IQ Option.

You have already added the indicator to the chart. Now, you need to know how to use it to identify the best moments to enter a trade. But to know how to apply a strategy with the Belkhayate Timing, you have to know what the areas of indicator signify. Belkhayate Timing indicator on the EURUSD 5m chart 5 areas of the Belkhayate Timing. We can distinguish 5 areas of the Belkhayate indicator as in the picture below. The Lower and the Upper areas are indicating the zones where you can enter the trade with a high probability of winning.

The Green and the Red areas are still good for opening trading positions. It is, however, not recommended to trade when the price fluctuates in the Middle zone. 5 areas of the Belkhayate Timing indicator Trading with the Belkhayate Timing based on its 5 areas. If you decide to enter a trade in the Middle Area known also as the Neutral Zone the chances of winning are fifty-fifty.

You may earn profits, but you can lose as well. That is why it is often advised not to trade when the price moves in the Middle Area. Do not trade if the Belkhayate Timing is in the neutral zone. When the price falls into the Extreme Zone, that is the Green or Red areas, a change in the direction of the price is probable.

Open an up position when the price enters the Green Area. Open a down trade when the price is in the Red Area. Green and red areas indicate a possible change in market direction. The Outside Extreme Zones that is the Upper and Lower areas are hardly ever reached by the price. However, when this happens, you receive quite strong signals and you can open a trading position with a high probability of winning.

Open an up trade when the price falls into the Lower Area. Open a down transaction when the price enters the Upper Area. It is rare for the Belkhayate Timing to visit Upper or Lower areas. The signals produced by the Belkhayate Timing will be much stronger when you combine it with another indicator. The Bollinger Bands or the Alligator Indicator will form a perfect pair with the Belkhayate Timing. You can connect the Belkhayate Timing with the Bollinger Bands for better entry signals Final words.

Now you know the Belkhayate Timing indicator. You have been briefed on the strategies to use it in trading on IQ Option. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to practice new features in the safe territory, before you invest real money. IQ Option offers a free demo account which can serve as a training field. Open it now, if you have not already and start using the Belkhayate Timing.

Share your thoughts on the Belkhayate in the comments section which you will find further down the site. Digital Gold. Digital Gold Defined. Digital gold is an electronic form of currency based upon troy ounces of gold. Also known as Digital Gold Currency DGCit can be exchanged for the underlying physical gold at any time. In order to encourage a global economy, and freedom of markets, many economists feel that a single global currency is a necessary step, and the lack of one a stumbling block.

The main aim of DGC is as a global and borderless currency. Consider if all goods and services were priced in terms of the weight of gold; there would be no need for separate currencies, and huge sums of money would not be made and lost because of currency moves or political manipulation. Also, as gold is considered a store of value, holding DGC is assumed to protect the value of assets, offering protection against inflation, currency devaluations, and market sentiment.

How does DGC work. If you hold digital gold, your holding is directly representative of gold held on deposit or in custody by the digital gold provider. Being considered as a currency, it is easiest to think about a DGC account as operating like a bank account. A DGC account holder deposits cash iq option 3 is held in a separate account for his benefit. You can t touch that cash, hold it, fold it, or put it under your mattress unless you withdraw it.

But while it is in your account, you can transfer it to another account holder to pay for goods and services. DGC works in exactly the same way, though the account holders must both hold accounts with the same DGC provider to pay and receive DGC. Though DGC is not a currency in the conventional sense of the word, it can be transferred between DGC account holders easily and freely. This is an important point to remember. DGC can only be as a currency by DGC account holders, whereas a traditional currency can be used by anyone governments, companies, private individuals and be transferred between different banks and institutions.

How to buy DGC. Every DGC provider, of which there are several, offers the ability to purchase digital gold, and then to use the DGC to pay for goods and services provided by other account holders. Increasing numbers of companies are opening DGC accounts to offer extra ways of paying them and expand their customer base.

Accounts are easily opened online using a debit or credit card, or a direct bank transfer. Of course, depending upon the size of your DGC purchase, there may be money laundering regulations to pass, but in essence account opening iq option 3 fast and efficient, often completed within minutes. Even when you have cash in your pocket, or in the bank, there are risks.

We tend not to consider the risk of our money being stolen or lost, but the risk is there. With DGC, there are also risks to take into account, though many of these are no different to those you take every day with your traditional bank account. Exchange Risk. DGC acts just like any other currency, moving up and down against other currencies. This risk is no different to the risk that a holder of a foreign currency based account would have when measured against his domestic currency.

Risks of Management. If management decisions turn out to be poor, the cash in your bank account could suffer. Likewise, your DGC deposit could deplete if the management of the DGC provider makes poor decisions. When choosing a DGC provider, due diligence should include investigating the corporate governance that the provider employs.

Self-certified providers do not have their security or deposits checked by an external auditor. Many choose not to open an account with a provider unless it is audited by an independent party. False Reporting. The regulation of DGC providers is not like that of banks and other financial institutions. What a DGC provider says often has to be taken as a matter of trust by the market.

Even in a regulated environment, stories of false reporting, or false accounting leading to business collapse are not unheard of remember Enron, WorldCom, Polypeck, Barings Bank, and Lehman Brothers. To lessen this risk, it is important to conduct proper research. Political Risk. Perhaps the biggest risk, yet often overlooked, is the political risk of owning gold. Even though the DGC account holder doesn t hold the gold directly, the provider will have gold deposited in vaults on the behalf of its account holders.

It is possible for a government to confiscate gold held in vaults in its country. This might happen because of war, or perhaps a change of government. What are the aims of DGC. Germany confiscated gold from all the countries in invaded during World War II. More recently e-gold was forced to sell 20 million of gold by the United States Department of Justice before then having its assets frozen in 2007 meaning that account holders had no access to their accounts and their money.

Iraq tried to do the same when it invaded Kuwait in the early 1990 s. Owning a DGC account can be a convenient way to own a position in gold and use that to pay for goods and services without having to first sell gold. However, it s important to research the market and prospective account providers before taking the steps to become a DGC account holder. What is Vfxalert. And How Do You Use it. COM vfxalert or the term called free signal is the same signal, vfxalert, vfxalert is software-based for trading that can be used by various brokers such as iq options, binary options, olympic trade, binomo, and others.

vfxalert is a signal that has been tested for accuracy and is very good. How To Get a Vfxalert Pro. Open new account signal Click HERE 2. and create acoount by email. After you register an account please open your vfxalert account and swipe to the bottom of the page to get a pro signal. Click buy and select pro signal with the star logo for maximum signal and a good accurate level. How To Use Vfxalert You must first have a broker account.

For video tutorial CLICK HERE. Get a pro signal now please click REGISTER vfxalert below. com Iq option Olymp trade Binomo And others. Guys I need help. my pro account for vfxalert is not showing signals. on weekends. and it s not freaking weekend plzzzzz. please help and another problem it keep saying market not available. What people can still see, even after you block them online. By Amelia Butterly Newsbeat reporter. Being bullied, getting spam or moving on from a relationship - there are many reasons to block people online.

Depending on the platform you re using, different things happen, but the general rule is that it stops that user from communicating with you. But when you hit that block button on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp, it doesn t necessarily mean you are totally hidden from them. Depending on your overall privacy settings, if someone you block uses a search engine, your profile may come up in the results. If they are logged into Facebook and click on the link to your profile, then they will get an error message.

Although they can t message your after you block them, you ll still be able to see past conversations unless you delete them. Experts say that if you are being bullied or harassed online it can be best to keep evidence for official reports. Facebook says Keep in mind that blocking someone may not prevent all communications or interactions, such as in apps or group.

Blocking someone on Instagram doesn t mean their likes and comments will be removed from your photos and videos - you have to manually delete them. If you like or comment on someone else s photos or videos, the blocked person will also be able to see those posts, if the account is public. Unless you make your account private, if the blocked person is logged out of Instagram, they will still be able to see your photos and videos. Instagram says Private posts you share to social networks may be visible to the public depending on your privacy settings for those networks.

For example, a post you share to Twitter that was set to private on Instagram may be visible to the people who can see your Twitter posts. Like Instagram, Twitter defaults to making accounts public. This means that unless you protect your tweets, even if you block someone they will still be able to see your account, so long as they are not logged in to Twitter. Although blocking someone on Twitter means you automatically unfollow them, if you go to their profile and click on view tweets, you can see their posts.

Twitter says Please know that unprotecting your Tweets will cause any previously protected Tweets to be made public. Even if you block someone on WhatsApp, your past conversations will remain in your app, as will their phone number. Equally, your contact details will stay on their phone, so if you re worried about getting texts or phone calls outside of WhatsApp, you ll have to block their number.

Your contract provider, or your device s brand, should be able to tell you more about how to do this. A person who has been blocked cannot necessarily be certain you have blocked them. Messages they send to you will not show up on your phone and will never be delivered to you. WhatsApp says We have made this intentionally ambiguous in order to protect your privacy when you block someone. Follow BBCNewsbeat on Twitter, BBCNewsbeat on Instagram, Radio1Newsbeat on YouTube and you can now follow BBC_Newsbeat on Snapchat.

Here s how you can unblock it. What should I do if my account is blocked. Click on My account top right corner of your screen then on Forgot password. Enter your e-mail address. Answer the secret question. In the next few minutes, you will receive an e-mail that contains a temporary password. For security reasons, your account will be blocked after 3 unsuccessful login attempts.

Please modify this password during your next login. Please note that the temporary password will be sent to the e-mail address linked to your account. This address may differ from the one you provide here. If you do not receive the e-mail or you encounter any other difficulties, please contact our agents by telephone or live chat.

Instagram can block some actions for a while if they suspect automatic account promotion is used. In most cases this is caused by using Follow option to heavily. What should you do if Instagram has temporarily blocked your follow like actions. It is more likely that your account will be blocked, if you are a new account less than a month old but have followers up to 1000.

The service will not allow you to proceed with this action. If you are promoting your account with our service, you will get the following notification. By trying to follow someone after you ve been blocked, you will extend the blocking period. This is done as follows when trying to follow someone, you will get iq option 3 pop-up message. We have prepared some useful recommendations for you in this regard, which will help you to eliminate such shortfalls.

The question is What should you do if your actions have been blocked and how can you avoid this in the future. Do not use several promotion services, as this will cause you to exceed the total daily action limit and your account will be surely blocked, or even deleted. Use only one promotion service. We also recommend that you not sign in and use your account while using automatic promotion.

Pause the promotion. Stop automatic promotion click Pause button and do not follow other Instagram users manually. After your account actions are unblocked, wait for another two days. For example, if Instagram notifies you that your account will be blocked till Wednesday, then you iq option 3 wait till Friday. Linkage with other social networks. Tie you Instagram account to as many other social networks as possible.

This is a key point. Post regularly. Start to make posts post at least once in two days. Specify your mobile phone number in your Instagram profile. Verify your e-mail. Follow the link contained in a message sent to your Instagram e-mail address, to verify your e-mail address. Fill in your profile. Fill in your Instagram profile and add description. Make less than 200-350 follows a day during a week or so, gradually increasing this number to the maximum to 1000 followings.

Use additional settings tab to configure this parameter. You will be able to avoid blockings if you follow these rules. If you observed all of these eight rules, but your account had been blocked once more after unblocking, please, follow the same rule and wait not for two days, but a while longer. It is difficult to say how much time you have to wait, as Instagram applies individual requirements to different accounts.

We should also note that blocking notification provided by our service already contains the allowance for additional two days. For example, if Instagram blocks your account till Wednesdayour service will send a notification that your account has been blocked till Friday. How to promote newly created Instagram accounts What to do if Instagram offers to reset your password. Plans Guide About Contacts Blog FAQ. 2014 2020 Do Insta Service agreement Feedback support doinsta.

By clicking on the Sign up button you accept our Service Agreement. Please, contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We appreciate your opinion. What to do if Skype is blocked in your country. Jan 22, 2018 3 min read. People love using Skype to video chat with their family and friends, but in some countries, Skype and other video calling software can be limited or completely blocked. Why would those countries want to block these services and is there an alternative.

Why they block Skype. It can be frustrating if you can t use the same software or apps you normally use in your home country. However, different countries have different policies that can influence the use of Skype or other video calling services. Shutting down competition. Many blocks are profit-driven. Most countries in Central and South America block all VoIP Voice over IP and Skype because they have single providers that offer both internet and telephone services.

Because Skype offers free video calls over the internet, some telcos lobby to have it blocked or block it themselves because they fear losing revenue. Some countries oppose service independence and want to track their citizens. In Egypt, for example, Skype is blocked because of the unofficial government policy that anything that can t be monitored by the government will be blocked. Apps with encrypted communications that the government can t backdoor like Skype are frequently blocked for this reason.

Where are Skype and VoIP services blocked. Central and South America. Belize Skype is blocked by Belize Telecommunications Ltd, which allows VoIP calling through their own services. Brazil Brazil Telecom blocks Skype but allows VoIP calling through their own services. Caribbean Countries that use Cable Wireless the largest telecommunications provider are blocked from using Skype.

Cuba With poor internet infrastructure, access to computers is limited. Skype service is extremely expensive and the internet is also slow. Guyana Blocked nationwide. Mexico Some ISPs block VoIP services. Venezuela A few Internet Service Providers ISPs have been reported to block Skype as they offer their own VoIP service. China Blocks all VoIP services except China Unicom and China Telecom suspected of monitoring network traffic.

Myanmar Available under certain restrictions specific region, time and cost are determining factors. North Korea Blocked nationwide. Pakistan Skype calls are monetized and expensive. Russia The main telecommunications company is petitioning the government to block all VoIP services. Vietnam Limited access. Many internet cafes have proxy servers to facilitate Skype calls. Iran There are mixed reports about Skype use. It seems that connectivity is often interrupted, making the service unusable.

Jordan Blocks Skype and VoIP for security reasons. Kuwait Blocked nationwide. Oman Blocked nationwide. Qatar Blocked nationwide. Syria Blocked nationwide. UAE Blocked nationwide. Tunisia Similarly to Egypt, service availability varies. Egypt Known to be blocked during times of political unrest. Libya Blocked nationwide. There is ongoing debate about Skype encryption and the possibility of wiretapping it.

Skype is currently available throughout the EU. Note This list is constantly changing as some countries might have specific temporary blockages that are difficult to track. How can I access Skype in these regions. The most common and easiest way to bypass blocks and access Skype is to use a VPN. It will tunnel your requests through a secure pathway, encrypting it and bypassing most government and ISP surveillance.

With NordVPN you can choose from 5491 servers in 59 countries. No matter where you are, find the most suitable server by checking the full list of server locations. Unblock Skype using NordVPN. Try it risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee. How-To 5 min read. How Belarusian protesters are fighting censorship. News 3 min read. The Turkey VPN ban and how you can avoid it. With NordVPN you can choose from 5477 servers in 59 countries.

Emergency VPN Fighting internet censorship in authoritarian regimes. Service Updates 2 min read. This Site Can t Be Reached Blocked Sites in China. In Depth 5 min read. Right after I completed payment for my profile listing I tried to log back into the site and it keeps telling me that I am blocked. Likes Highest Vote Latest Oldest. Your account was pending activation on your side. We usually send an email to verify your email account with a link for account activation.

You should have received one, please check your spam mail, in case it didn t end up in your inbox and allow the site to send future emails to you. I have activated your account from the backend, and you should be able to login and use the site now. Please feel free to contact if you face any other problems. What should I do if my bank account is hacked. Updated Mar 12, 2020. If you notice any unusual activity, notify your bank immediately. Cyber attacks on banks happen all too frequently.

Thankfully, most banks are well protected against hackers, and the threat of a cyber attack shouldn t deter you from using a financial institution. But should your hard-earned money be compromised, here s how to regain control of your account. Signs your bank account has been hacked. Keep a close eye on these warning signs that your account could be compromised. Strange purchases. Watch for transactions made in locations where you haven t been.

Seeing activity that s out of the ordinary may be the first clue that a hacker has infiltrated your account. Unfamiliar transactions. Sometimes you ll notice small yet unfamiliar purchases. Thieves often do that to test if your card will work before making larger ones. Blocked login. Phone call from your bank.

If your account is compromised, your bank may call to notify you of the recent breach. However, it s essential that you don t provide the caller with any personal information. Closed or emptied account. In more extreme cases, you may find that your bank account has been emptied or closed altogether. Denied card. If your account is compromised, your account could be emptied or your card could be frozen by your bank, leading to denied transactions. Depending on your bank, it will notify you of suspicious activity and automatically cancel fraudulent charges and issue you a new card.

What to do if your bank account is hacked. If you believe your account has been hacked, there are a few important steps you should take. View and verify account activity. First, go through your account activity to confirm any fraudulent charges. Some legitimate transactions may seem fraudulent if the company does business under a different name. Call your bank. Once you ve confirmed that your account has been hacked, call your bank to report the fraud. If a hacker accesses your account from an unfamiliar location or tries your password too many times, your account may block you from logging in.

They can help you solve the issue and possibly return funds to your account. Freeze your account. If possible, freeze your bank account online, on the app or by speaking with customer service. Change your pins and passwords. Change your bank account pin to something entirely different and secure. Also, consider changing the passwords to your online banking account, email and other online accounts and try not to use the same password. If your bank account is hacked, it s possible that the hacker tried to open a credit card in your name.

Speak with your bank to find out if they can check your credit history for free. File a police report. Finally, consider filing a police report. It s unlikely that you ll have any information on the person who hacked you, but reports from multiple victims could increase the chances of the thief being caught. What to do if you don t agree with your bank s fraud resolution. In most cases, you won t be liable for funds lost due to hacking and fraud.

However, if you don t agree with your bank s fraud resolution, here s what you can do. Keep a record of all communications with your bank Speak with the fraud department directly Escalate your case to a manager or supervisor File a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau If all else fails, you can consider taking legal action. Types of bank account hacking and fraud. Knowing the weak spots that hackers look for and the tricks they use can go a long way in protecting you from cyber theft.

Weak passwords. Using simple, easy to guess passwords can put your accounts at risk. Fraudulent texts and phone calls. Beware of any emails or phone calls from numbers claiming to be your bank. They might just be looking to steal your information to access your account. Phishing links. Check your credit history. While they might look legitimate, these links and websites are designed to look official to trick you into entering your information.

This type of virus can be picked up from sketchy websites and emails, infecting your computer and possibly intercepting your information and passwords. Websites and banks affected by security breaches can allow unauthorized people to access your info. It s essential that you use different passwords for all of your online accounts. Otherwise, a breach on one website could affect all of your online accounts. Public Wi-Fi.

Avoid logging into your bank account on public Wi-Fi, as hackers could use the public connection to intercept your information and access your accounts. Some hackers will go the extra mile to access your information by calling your bank and impersonating you. And since most banks will use your personal information to verify your identity, it s important to not give your personal information to strangers. Card scanners.

These devices when placed over an existing, legitimate card scanner will take a picture of your card and could record your pin. When using an ATM in an unfamiliar location, wiggle the card socket to check for a fraudulent card scanner. How to prevent bank account hacking. Stay safe online. Check for site security. Most legitimate sites will have privacy and security terms that you can review.

Avoid public networks for banking. That means no quick peeks at your finances while you re out shopping or working. Social engineering. Using public networks can compromise your personal security and put your information at risk. Don t give your contact info to strangers. Run antivirus and anti-malware software. Confirm who s calling or writing first before providing any information. Doing so could prevent computer viruses and the loss of your information.

Beware of spam. Email software is effective at getting rid of spam most of the time. However, hackers design sites that mimic bank websites, so random emails that ask you to go to the bank s website to confirm your information are most likely a scam. Don t use the same passwords. Avoid using the same passwords for multiple online accounts. Otherwise, a security breach on one website could compromise all of your accounts. Keep your passwords and pins safe. That means not giving them out to anyone, including family, friends or anyone soliciting them over email.

Also, try not to write them down. Strong security questions. The answers to your security questions won t be verified, so you can choose any answer you d like. Consider making the questions difficult or the answers harder to guess. If possible, sign up for two-factor authentication. This security measure will require you to confirm your identity with your phone or email, decreasing the chances of unauthorized access. Use more characters and symbols in your password. The more characters in your password, the better.

A mix of random letters, numbers and special characters will take much longer to crack than a simple word or series of numbers. Be vigilant. Report suspicious activity. Report any suspicious people or unverifiable companies soliciting your banking information. You may also want to contact your bank. Double-check your transactions.

Look over your statements for any fraudulent purchases and report anything suspicious right away. Keep an eye on your credit history. If someone gets access to your bank account, they could sign up for credit cards and other financial products that would affect your credit. Check your credit history if you think your account is at risk. Sign up for text alerts. Apps and text alerts can send you a notification whenever your debit card is used.

This can help you track spending and immediately know where and when your card is used. How banks keep your accounts safe from hackers. Banks are liable. If a hacker steals money from a bank, the customer won t lose money since the bank is liable to refund money for fraudulent debit transactions. However, it s important to report fraud as soon as possible, as the bank s liability decreases over time. If you report a lost or stolen card immediately and before it s used, you can t be held liable for any charges.

If you report a charge within 48 hours, you could be responsible for up to 50, or up to 500 if you wait longer than two days. Beyond 60 days, your bank is no longer responsible for the lost funds and you might be out any money that was stolen. Banks are improving security. Since banks are constantly under attack, they need to ensure every aspect of their security is up to date.

This means they generally have the latest software designed to protect you and your money. Most banking websites allow you to activate a feature called remember your password when you log in online. This allows you to skip several layers of security the next time you log in since the bank recognizes your computer s IPv4 address a unique identifier for each Internet connection. Ensure your account is not vulnerable.

However, malware is a tool that hackers use to imitate your IPv4 address in order to gain access to your bank account. And since you usually won t know that they have control over your computer, it s best to disable the remember your computer feature. As stressful as having your bank account hacked may be, there s a chance you could get your money back if you act fast. Banks are generally responsible for any charges due to cybersecurity breaches, but you should still always be prepared.

There are a number of things you can do to reduce the chances of your bank account being hacked, and choosing the right bank is one of them. Peter Carleton.

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