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How do i get back on. How do you get back on. I got locked out for saying i have made my friend vip. Either you wait till the msp unlock you again. When you try to log on you must have had a notice saying you are locked for _days and_ hours something like this. You must wait for this amount of time. But if u want to get back on msp earlier then the best thing u could do is contact the msp team.

When u open up msp website there should be a contact button. Well you could write something like this. Click it and type in ur user, email, and the letter you want to write saying why they should unlock you. Hello movie star planet team. Sunday, February 5, 2012. I am contacting you to say that i am locked on movie star planet. I know the reason but i am really sorry. I promise not to do this again.

Have some patience and they will reply back to u. Once u have sent them a message. Check ur email. From________ something like this could be good. Then it entirely depends on them if they want to unlock you or not. But if they dont unlock you. Dont worry its worth a try. Then just make a new user and add me and i could help u move up levels by giving u fame everyday etc.

My user is called IssyN07 hope this helped. isra Nawaz,u can t make a new one if ur COMPUTER IS LOCKED like mine. I hate MSP if their going to keep changing their website and blocking users from it. It would be better if it were like Club Penguin, 24 hrs. I love the old MSP and i HATE the new one even though i cant get on, my friend showed me.

Here s a hint and it works. IT MIGHT NOT WORK BUT, its worth a try. Go on MSP on a computer that you ve never played MSP on. it worked for me but that one is all the way in Philly. So, if you cant, then just use a friend s computer or, on the app. Well I got it and i bought a hole bunch of stuff then, I logged out to open presents with my family. I was level 4 and it was my b-day soooo I decided I would get year vip with my own money.

I tried at least 20 times. When I was done I came back to my com. I showed my mom, Oh btw im nine years old and she tried. I put in my user and pass and it said Sorry but your login failed. So i emailed MSP and told them. It didn t work. They didn t respond. So, I made a new account and looked up my other account in the friends thingy. I was so scared. IM FLIPPING CRYING MY PUPILS OUT. my staus went from Pray for boston to Hacked by anonymous. I DON T KNOW WHAT TO DO. By Anon, and Dolly.

I know how you feel, I got VIP on my birthday, next thing ya know I got hacked. I may be late, but it sucked. ya I contacted msp a long time ago and they haven t answered me yet and somebody took over my acc. I got a warning for making a sc cheat ab and then when it gave me the warning it said this exact words It s not allowed to talk about how to cheat to get starcoins etc. 5 times on my b-day. You wrote this You have violated the rules and your ArtBook has been deleted.

If you do it again, you will be locked out of the game. I got locked out because of terms and conditions. You are locked out of the game for 3 days. Please help I love msp and I just got Vip today. I m literally crying. I would never do anything bad. i put a lot of money into my account, i put 304 dollars in trying to get my account where it is now and i cant afford to lose it. i got locked out because i got hacked and they messaged mean things to all my bestfriends and got me reported.

me too diamond lamarre and they figured out it wasn t that account and they wrote messages that said things like, Give me the pass or ill report u 3 times. i cried one time because i love msp. and that s exactly what they did and that s how im locked now. ok then contact msp team they probably wont help so get it out there on social media and maybe someone will help you.

I got locked out today cause of term and conditons. msp is so mess up. like who would read all the term and conditons. My PC is locked out FOREVER. I send msp mods 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 em ils. They wont unlock. I m so sad I used 2 be VIP and have a really good bf and account but I got unlocked so also I cant contact my friend.

i got locked otu to days ago. all i did was ask everyone in a chatroom if i could have a wl. and i dont know why. but then everything turned into a arguement, well kind of. and i am like what the heeeeck. you dont have to give me a wl. she said blah blah blah, just because im rich and vip and shhhh doesnt mean i am going to give you a wl.

and dont be rude is what i replied with. well i guess she did like a fake report or something and that is how i got locked out for a frecken long time. more like forevs. i guss she did not read the forum from MSP saying do not make fake reports. and im like your probably the dumenst thing ever. the users wold never listen to forums.

and i know this comment is really long. btw if your are not locked from msp, i will tell you my friends name and you could contack them saying your friend has been locked out trust me they may not beleive you but they know who hasnt been on for a long time soooo, just say Kylie Copeland is locked out of this frecken website because of asking for a wl item.

hey can you help me out. the time for the unlock thing is up and it still wount let me back on. I got locked out of my computer. But heres one thing. If you have the app, take off wi-fi and you can log on until they let you back in ; hope it works cuz i have no time to wait for msp to respond. Or you can go on another computer xD. im with you on this everyone,MSP are being SO UNFAIR. you have to admit it. they give you a warning or a band for nothing. THEY LOCK YOU OUT FOREVER AND NEVER REPLY TO YOUR EMAILS ONCE YOU HAVE SENT THEM 2 ABOU BEING LOCKED OU.

if youu think this is TRUE then say yerp. they ve increased the amout of starcoins in the shop. And they dont give refunds once you get locked out. Im debating on taking their company to court because that technically is theft. this happened to one of my backup accounts. I was never on it and it got locked and it wont even tell me y. I jusr hope all my friends t still on my friends list o.

Ok so my user is Grumpy Cat Reply Delete. Ugh, My User Was abby hampton. I Got locked forever i dono what i did, and i was vip and just became level 19 yesterday. Im Unlocked In ALL THE MOVIESTARPLANET SITES. But Im From The United Kingdom. Idk What I Did My Name EsraxLove The Name Is Esra ; And I m VIP For A Week. And I Was A Month.

your lucky, I am locked form all sites, it s so sad that I can t go on MovieStarPlanet EVER AGAIN IM CRYINGGG. My pc is locked for a week JUST BEFORE MY BDAY. Msp staff has no heart what-so-ever. I was on vacation and came back and it said I was locked out, when I emailed them they said they werent going to reopen my account. I made most of my friends on that account. Now I have to play the Canadian version and its so boring.

nobody s on and there s only like three chatrooms per room. i was trying to get back on my old msp account after someone hacked it and changed my passso i did a hack msp download to hack my account backi did it on moviestarplantshack. com and i fount out they put my info to the world when i put my pass and user. i got my account working againbut now i could get hacked again im caitlinrock13kk on msp. Just change the password and email.

Oh and if you had vip once, please get rid of the payment. if they get into your account they may get the bank statement. You could send a email to msp and explain, and say sorry for trying the hack, but that s all I can think of. ARRRRFFFF IT SAYS IT WILL NOT BE REOPENED AND THEY STOPPED REPLYING MY EMAILS. I DONT KNOW IF I BEEN LOCKE DOUT FOR EVER BUT ITS BEEN LIKE THREE WEEKS NOW.

OMG YOU GUYS DO NOT KNOW HOW MUCH I AM SUFFERING, I AM LOCKED OUT OF ALL SERVERS ON MY COMPUTER WHEN I DID, NOTHING. OMG I AM CRYING LIKE HECK. I got locked out too. I don t understand what I did, please help me anyone, If you do then I promise I will get you your whole wishlist, I just want my account back, I have been locked out for no reason, it says something about violating the terms and conditions, what does this mean I have done though I WANT A REASON.

You don t have to buy my wishlist, don t worry. Email them the code that comes up in the box when you try logging in, and explain you don t know what that means or you haven iq option api c# done anything wrong or that your siblings are locked out too and its not their fault and you haven t done anything wrong and your parents are angry. They will reply within a couple of hours if you speak nicely.

I emailed them and I have to wait 7 days -_- I suppose its better than forever. Remember to include your username and password. I have some accounts you guys can mess around on user blueberryfamous password jessiscool1 shes lvl 6. my user is jessiemai The terms and conditions I have no idea about though, sorry. user Bethany burbeary password jessiemai1 shes lvl 6. user handsom Harley password jessiemai123 lvl 4 5.

Please don t change the password, otherwise your mean and horrible. i dont get looked out much thowjust get hacked. i tried sending an email and I done the wrong address and it sent me the real one and I made an email and it still hasn t replied how long does it take. i think ethier 3 mounth or a year. i got locked out for 6 days and 1 hour and i woke up the next day and it still said 6 days and 1 hour please help me i got accounts from pepole and then i gave the stuff away from the accounts as gifts to my account and also it said i used bad lamuage what the i didnt do any thing bad this girl hacked me and like this account that im talking about and its my best account ever it was awsome and i was just about to get myself vip but then it said loging out then when i tried loging into my account it said you have been locked out please help me argent BTW HER NAME IS cupcake blackrose I THINK THE HACKERS ARE BACK EEK.

AHHHHHH NOOOOOO. username jessiemai Hey guys please send me gifts for mailtime. Wishies up to 5 are avalible for best gifts. There foreal locking me out I was level 16. I had VIP for a month Why make a website and block people there for no reason nice going msp. Exactly how I feel. I got locked out for a week for doing nothing. I thought Msp was meant to be fun and not having to worry about getting locked out or hacked. I was wrong -_. OMG i got locked out for seven days and they did not tell me why.

i am one mnth vip i m MiniWolfie and i m pissed -_. so I was recently locked out and I sent them and e-mail so how long does it take for then to write back. Also if it said that i got locked out but it didnt say a specific amt of time so to learn how long do I wait for the email or wait 7 days like Vavavoom28 said. it might take years or monthes msp contact is useless. This is stupid. I thought you said how to get logged back on. Not to let THEM decide for us. this was NO help at all -_.

Ugh i did that already X it wot unlock it. but it shortened it to 2 days. i have done that alot times nope. I am locked out 4 a week cos I apparently am apparently cheating 2 get fame and sc and I didn t even do anything. I m locked out because apparently my behaviour has been bad. And it hasn t. omg i got locked out for NO reason, me and my friends swapped accounts for a few hours just for fun and while she was on my account this girl asked her Do U Wanted My Account.

And She Said SURE. then she said why r u on my account and she said u gave it to me. and she reported me So Yea. i got hacked and now i dont know the password. just make a new one or download the app on a mobile device so u cat lose it what is the user I can get it back for u I promise I play msp and have a similar problem. i will make all of you new accounts with vip. Is it locked out forever.

My ip address had been blocked I haven t done anything wrong I m loved in msp lvl 11 I miss my account I don t wanna wait this is hard. My computer is locked and I have a crush named nick on msp he even said his he iq option api c# me back now I might never see him again. Or just a week or a month or something. I GT LOCKED OUT FOREVER ON MSP AND I HAD ALL THE RARES. i got banned forever. ugh i got locked out for no reason i just got a 1 year VIP a week ago and then i try to log in today AND I WAS LOCKED OUT.

and my brother was locked out to my user XxsliverpeltXx brothers user pinkyemoboy. well u get the point well i was on my account and i decide to change my password bcuz my sis figured it out so i change it and i x out to log in wit my new pass and it says INVALID USERNAME OR PASSWORD PLZ TRY AGAIN and im just like wht. I was soooo so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so etc.

so i try it all night and all morning tht day and the next day and it still wouldnt let me in so heres a tip dont change ur pass. That s why you always should because then, you can see what you changed it to. and my user name is pinkiepie23245. Do you have an email in. please i will never again because it is so sad win you are vip and i will never again do that.

and it is ihatehayden. Hey have you no Get msp is now blocked for are class. Hey do you Now how to unblock msp was it is block for are class. im level 17 vip and idek why I got locked out likefr BRUH 7days and 2 hours. I was trying to get online and it loads forever and I just got vip. I m terrified.

That s msp for ya. I was locked out for no reason for 3 days. It was my best friend s girl friend. I have vip that ends this month. Im VIP and level 16. my username is tylerjoseph could someone go on and see if I was deleted. I got hacked then a guy swore so now am locked out forever idk what do its soo sad I and I have emailed them but no reply.

- my account was lvl 25 1 year vip that i had just bought its unfair how they can do this my name was xlzleighanna. i got locked forever but i wasnt told why i emailed them and i got a reply saying some random stuff about how i need to email another address but it didnt tell me who to email. I ve been locked out of msp for 8 days for no reason. When I got locked out,they gave me no reason. When I got the 2 warnings, they gave no reasons either. My IP got banned today and I emailed like 100000000000000 times and they have not replied yet.

and i have the best bf ever on there. my IP address is blocked. For me, they emailed me back saying it ll go away on it s own in less than a week. Well this did not help me cuz my ip user got blocked and I m only 11 years old I don t know why I got blocked in the first place so I need some people to help me here. I have not connected my msp account with my email address so what do I do.

help me I m stuck I have friends on there and they don t know why I m not on msp iq option api c# help. I was locked out forever. How do i get my account back. If your desired time has ran out, can you still get your account back. If anyone wants to get back on Moviestarplanet after being locked out forever and still use the same account or get your URL unlocked. Message me on Moviestarplanet, My username is Mae5709, my backup is gameingwithizzy, just in case i get locked off on my main again. Only contact Mae5709 unless you hear differently.

So I got locked out forever for no reason. I have asked MSP several times what I did wrong and they refuse to tell me. I don t know what to do because I don t talk to anyone so I know I could not have done anything wrong. Ok so i just got 3 month VIP 2 days ago. And lost my account yesterday BUT yesterday i sent my friends greets after i got a couple diamond packs they where 7 and i got the STAR VIP.

I was sending greets to every friend almost and sent people their whole wishlist for mail time and things like that. And I really don t know if I was hacked. OK so after school i tried to log on and it said and i quote You are locked out FOREVER. and i started screaming and i said i NEVER and i mean NEVER did anything i had the account for a year. And lost it all. And had 500 diamonds also 70,000 star coins.

I had another account that got hacked and that one was from 2013. I really miss my account. I got locked out for nothing i never did any thing sorry i am repeating it but really MSP really. AND not to mention i had all types of rares duckies, party curls, mom tattoos, and lots of other rares. I have no idea if i was hacked because i couldn t tell because i got locked out FOREVER just for nothing. and i found that someone got locked out for saying HELLO. hello are you kidding me.

I spent money and time on this account but noooooo i had to be locked out really moviestarplanet. your messing peoples time up and wasting our money oh wait you only do it for the money. Please please get me unblocked from moviestarplanet. I loved this game ever since I started. Please please unblock me I had soo many memories in this game now its all gone please unblock me from moviestarplanet. I have been waisting all my money for no reason, what have I ever done. I waisted all that shit for no reason.



MSP has to get their facts straight and know who and why they are locking this person out. Being false reported on is bad. ,y user is girly giggles and i am on ths UK server and recently most of my friends and faous you tubers are gerting locked and that includes ME but the thing is it never tells you what you did and now i am looking for things to do because when i am blred i go on msp but obviously now i can t.

Can you get me my damn account back. thats not fair someone hacked me, its not my fault i want my account back now. Hello my user on msp is dark girl129 I ve been locked out for two days this is my second please please help I m on level nine I don t want beef with msp please help thank you. please help im cuteangelxox2 on nz acc and im vip 4 1 year and ive been hacked or locked plz help i dont want to do any thing rude i just want my accccc plllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz.

plz get my acc back its calld littlekellylol101 plz get it back. How do i get my accounts unlocked. its locked out forever. i emailed msp and they havent replyed it been 3 days already. I got hacked and the hacker said bad stuff and they got be locked out forever and MSP mods won t unlock my account. I just got locked out for a week and I didn t get a warning or anything.

I didn t get hacked but they locked me out. I was literally helping my cousin pick out things to wear for his character and I suddenly got logged out. I ve emailed them, I don t know when they will reply but they need to reply before tomorrow so I can open the last doors of the Christmas advent. some one wants to band me because i got my account back. I have been locked out of me account for 1 day and I did nothing what do I do. it said i got locked for 1 but it still wont log in im sorry msp plz unlock me Reply Delete.

This is fucking dumb. IM LOCKED OUT FOR GOOD IM A LEVEL 11 ALMOST 12 AND DIDNT DO SHIT FOR ME TO GET LOCKED OUT UGH FUCIKKFODASVCX. How do you send MovieStarPlanet a letter or a message to unlock your account. Well, i was locked on December 2016 for 101 years due to my friend going on my account and trying that stupid ass shitty hack shit tool.

And it has a permanent lock. i got lock out of my account i dont know what i did. Hi guys I got hacked but I don t know how I ve got 2 week vip and I have 6 days left and I never iq option api c# my password out so please try and found out what my pass is so I can go on my account and change my pass. my acc hot locked four no reson. i got hacked by my bro and sis so pls unblock meh user its aralan1234 backup. i have a backup account so nvm but its lv 1 iwi.

They haven t even given me a lock warning on why. I just wasted money on getting VIP and suddenly get locked out for 6 days, 5 days now. I saw you helped another persosn with the same problem if you could help me please its urgent. Hello, hello guys I am diego and my got mail was haacked and blocked so I tried to fill al the spaces I could remeber to recover it but stil they wont give back my hotmail.

2826 users have said thank you to us this month. There are hundreds if not thousands of accounts being blocked because they were hacked and or used for spamming. MSN hotmail account blocked how i unblocked Solved Closed. Unfortunately Hotmail is not secured and one should never save data on Hotmail servers without backing it up. Please follow the procedure given in the following tip and recover your account. It may take from 24 hours to two weeks before you get an answer.

You can also contact Hotmail support. If the above solution does not work, your account is lost forever. Sorry but that s the way the cookie crumbles. Here is how you might solve the issue. This is the very last resort that worked for many others. Open a brand new MSN Hotmail account. Explain the situation in detail. A Hotmail moderator should give you the solution within 24 to 48 hours.

On the main page, top right corner you will see a link Ask a questionclick on it and it will take you to a forum. Good luck and please let me know. Please explain I chenge my poss those are words I don t know the meaning of. I forgot my password -- Click on Reset your password -- Enter your. com -- Click on Can t access your account.

blocked hotmail ID -- Enter the given Captcha -- Select Customer support -. Then below that you will be getting an option Customer supportclick on it -. Enter your working E-mail ID and follow the instructions. Note No Need of filling Billing Information. I FOUND THE SOLUTION. It took me a few days to figure it out, but I finally broke the system. I too was frustrated with the stupid way microsoft handles this whole blocked situation.

So here s what I did you will need to have submitted at somepoint an alternative email. You will be asked why you think this is so - just choose other and move on. Once you click on can t access my accountchoose I think someone else is using my microsoft account. Now you will be asked to provide your hotmail ID email address and fill in the captcha textbox. Then you will be asked to confirm your alternate email address - they will send a code.

Once you fill in the code you will be asked to beef up your security with other crap. You may also need to provide yet another alternate email address - I know it s stupid. Finish the process and your account will no longer be blocked. Please see this reply. Thanks to Jack4rall for this solution. MT2IQ is Allowed for Binary Trade on IQ Option.

Note I am not the provider of this software. I was merely a user and found it useful for automatic trading with my signals. During my research on various connectivity providers between IQOption and MT5, I came across MT2IQ. In case of queries and issues I recommend you to connect with the developer of the software through their website. But while I had a conversation with the support team members of the Iqoption they replied in denial for the use of any bot or software. I found it impressive and worthy of working on it.

I had raised a concern regarding it here in one of my previous blogs where I had proven then Iqoption support says it is not allowed to use a third party software on there platform. While, the developer of the MT2IQ, Dmitry Zhakov, asked me to verify it once with the team, I came across evil behavior of the Iqoption team member. I always have blamed the MT2IQ developer that he is selling a product not allowed by the Iqoption. But after a long time when I had a confirmation and found that MT2IQ is innocent and the real culprit is the team of IQO, I apologized the developer of MT2IQ for creating trouble for him.

After having a long conversation with the Iqoption team, I got a real proof that MT2IQ is allowed to use at your own risk. I had confirmed that if I use MT2IQ, then Iqoption will never bock my account and will never seize the money I earned. I got a sigh of relief when I got a written proof in the form chat. The same chat can be used as a proof if the company denies anything. But I am confirmed that this will never happen.

Let have a look at my chat with the Iqoption support team member, who finally had shown co-operation with me. The final statements what I have concluded after this whole scenario. 1 MT2IQ is allowed to trade on Binary trading on IQoption. 2 Unless to dig into Iqoptions you never understand that there support is highly ill-logical and lack knowledge about what is happening in there own company.

He is a sigh of relief to me. 4 Never trust the low-level persons like the support. They have no information of what they are speaking about. They are puppets who don t know what their puppeteers says or do. Not talking about Veronika. She helped me a lot. Thanks Veronika. They just try to remain out of the scenario most often.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the developer of MT2IQ and also once again apologize for creating a trouble without checking out my doubts with him and the platform. That s all I had finally received from the Iqoption and I had conveyed this to the developer, plus this is notification iq option api c# all from my side that we traders can use MT2IQ for Binary trading on IQOption at our own risk. Oh its great and now I can freely go for binary trading on Iqoption with the help of MT2IQ software.

I wanna tell you that you have to confirm that from the author of the connector. I guess you are talking about the connector of IQoptions offered by MT2IQ. He will certainly help you as he did to me. The blog I wrote is having a wast discussing and allegations behind it. Hence, to confirm that it is allowed I have written this blog. This is to prove that MT2IQ is not guilty of anything. You can visit the website and can get the contact of the person from there.

Hello Kriptopinoy, I know what it feels like losing money in the trading. But for your information, I do not explain any expert advisor here. I have just shared my experience with the IQoption regarding the use of Third Party Software. It can be anything. So, I might not be able to help you in this. If you have any queries, do let me know.

I did not experienced it yet. As I have opened one by one on candle unless the amount was more than 20,000. But this same query you can ask to MT2Trading developer. He is the right person to answer this. I am not linked to MT2Trading in any other apart from being a user. Please ask the same question to MT2Trading. Thanks for answer. I asked him same question too. Zhakov didn t reply me yet.

When he will answer I will share with you too. Hell jaffer wilson. I am facing issue while connecting your provided connector with indicator that i bought from mql. This is some kind of compatibility problem between MetaQuotes products and MT2-connector. This question should be asked to the developer of the connector. Please resolve this i am not able to use your provided software till then it resolved. I have tried to explain developers mt2support_ENG but didn t get any fruitful results from them.

I am really sorry to hear that. I am not the provider and nor I give support for the product. I found it and I thought it might be helpful to people if they want to do auto trade. You need to connect with the developer. Register for a new iFollow Norwich account. Norwich City. Please note Logging into this page is for iFollow Norwich.

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Check your email to see if LL sent you an email to notify you that your account was on hold. My account has been permanently blocked, Snapchat, I don t. Technician s Assistant What specific product are you working with. My account has been permanently blocked. Technician s Assistant When did you last update Snapchat. Technician s Assistant What have you tried so far with your Snapchat. I ve had it for long it s my personal account. My name is can follow the instructions in this link below to reset your Snapchat password.

You will want to reset your password the Snapchat application. You can reset your password email or text message. If you still cannot access your Snapchat account, you can contact Snapchat customer via this link. Hi, I mCustomer Welcome to JustAnswer. I m reviewing your question now, and will post back with your reply ASAP.

Note Please feel free to ignore the automated offers for Additional Services. Choose the first option My account login and continue with the remaining prompts. These are premium services that are not free of charge. They are forms sent automatically by the website and not coming from my own will. Select My account login. Select I forgot my password.

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