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I went to Snapchat website to see if I could delete the email address from there but couldn t find anything. I emailed support but got the we can t a lot of emails and may not respond personally. I wouldn t click on the link either but I would copy the link address. If the domain name says xxxx. com it should theoretically be fine. Another step would be to google for it and to see if other users posted about it. I have a question about my snapchat account.

So like if I log out of snapchat on my device and log back into it on my friends device will it log me back in on mine and the other way around. You should be able to do that. Just make sure you really log out from your friend s device. I feel like my snapchat account was hacked. Is there a way snapchat can tell me if my account was hacked. Please answer ASAP Thank you. If you have the feeling your Snapchat account was hacked please note our follow-up article and or contact the Snapchat support.

Hey, sometimes I open my camera only to find a video of myself from the last time I used it, but the last time I used it I know I was just taking pictures Sometimes when I m iq option d another app, I hear a video of myself I know I didn t take playing in the background on the snapchat app. Make sure you re the only one who s using the smartphone and that your smartphone is locked while it s in your bag рџ.

To ensure your Snapchat account isn t compromised please change the password of your Snapchat account. You told me to read your other article about lost accounts but It doesn†t really work for me because I haven†t lost access to my account. Everything is normal. There is no unusual activity going on in my account. The problem are just these emails I keep getting from Snapchat. IS there anything else you suggest or any idea of why this is happening. The same reply like to your other comment Have you already changed your password.

And do you keep getting emails since then. If yes, you might also want to consider to change the password of your email account. If you still receive such emails afterward contact Snapchat directly and tell them about your issue. Maybe they just have an issue ongoing right now. Snapchat sends me emails that someone has logged in to my account from a weird place. There is no unusual activity going on in my account everything is normal, but I keep getting this emails. Is someone hacking me.

The weird location is different from my real location. Should I worry. I m already worried but should I change my account. Is this a problem with my phone, my settins in snapchat, or is someone whathing mE. Is it maybe because I am often logging in and out of my account because I have two accounts and when I want to change from one to another I always have to log out.

Is it a glitch or is someone really hacking me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP. Please follow the steps provided in our article Snapchat account gone. This is how you can regain access. i am having the same problem hmu on fb messenger logan russell james sundeen or williams. I went on my snap and it was logged out should I be worried. If you re logged out just once you don t have to worry. This can happen and sometimes even because of an update of the app. If you re logged out continuously you should check all your other settings and change your data as described in the article.

В 2020 В Avira Operations GmbH Co. OEM Channel Partners Console Partners Find a Channel Partner Affiliate Partners. Imprint Privacy Legal terms. Get free protection for your phone and other devices. 10 July 2019 by István Tamás. As one of the favorite iq option d tools, Snapchat had 191 million daily active users. Last Friday, Snapchat s payroll department was targeted by an isolated email phishing scam in which a scammer impersonated our Chief Executive Officer and asked for employee payroll information.

Unfortunately, the phishing email wasn t recognized for what it was a scam and payroll information about some current and former employees was disclosed externally. Snapchat blog article. Just like many other web services, Snapchat has integrated several measures to protect its user accounts as well. So remember There s a reason why you are receiving an increased amount of emails from Snapchat go ahead and check your account settings.

How to delete your Snapchat account. If you ve decided that it would be better to delete your account, we ve outlined below what you ll need to do. It s important to note that deletion doesn t happen immediately. It takes 30 days for your Snapchat account to be permanently deleted and in the meantime, it will only be deactivated. If you change your mind before the thirty days are over, you can si mply log in and reactivate your account which might take 24 hours. One you re ready, f iq option d these steps to delete your Snapchat account.

Go to the accounts portal and enter your username and password for the account you want to deactivate. Click Delete My Account. Confirm that you want to delete by clicking Continue. How to delete your Snapchat account from your phone. Tap your avatar on the top left corner. Tap the Settings icon on the top right corner. Go to Support then Help Center Go to My Account and Security- Account Information- Delete my Account.

Follow steps 2 and 3 from above. You can find more information about what happens to your account once it s deleted on the Snapchat support page. T o save any of your data like videos and contact information you have to download them before deactivating your account. Make sure you re the only one who s using the smartphone and that your smartphone is locked while it s in your bag. You told me to read your other article about lost accounts but It doesn t really work for me because I haven t lost access to my account.

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English Deutsch Français Español Русский Italiano Português Polski Nederlands Česky Svenska Türkçe Español Mexico Ελληνικά Português Brasil Magyar Українська Bahasa Indonesia ไทย Norsk Dansk Suomi. Часто задаваемые вопросы Все документы Bird In Flight - Журнал о фотографии. 33-9-77-55-67-71 7-495-283-98-24 Живой чат Свяжитесь с нами Отзывы о Depositphotos. Читайте. Facebook Twitter VK Доступно вДоступно. Корпорация Depositphotos, США. haha i found a way to find someone s Facebook profile if they have blocked you.

View someone s Facebook if you are blocked. Then you log out of your friends profile and log into yours, paste the link into the ULR and it brings you to their profile while logged into your account. When i did this, i was able to comment on their photo s. You can also add them as a friend that way too. what you do is log onto a friend s account and search the person that blocked you, and once you find them click on their profile, and copy the link. hehehe dont think i am a stalker this person was a complete and total jerk to me and many of my friends, i tried this because i wanted to see if i could see their wall and see what they were posting about me.

Unfortunately u cant see their wall. but at least this way u can find them. haha the person who blocked me got quite a surprise when i sent them a friend request. Planned Outage September 12-13, 2020. View Your Account Information. More In File. This service will be unavailable from approximately 9 p. Eastern time on Saturday, September 12, 2020, until approximately 11 a. Eastern time on Sunday, September 13, 2020, due to planned maintenance.

Get the status of your stimulus at Economic Impact Payments. Stimulus payment info isn t available in your tax account. If you re an individual taxpayer, you can use this tool to view. Your payoff amount, updated for the current calendar day The balance for each tax year for which you owe Your payment history Key information from your current tax year return as originally filed.

Once you have viewed your information, you can. Select an electronic payment option Go directly to Get Transcript without having to log in again. Check Your Economic Impact Payment Status. Your balance will update no more than once every 24 hours, usually overnight. Allow 1 to 3 weeks for payments to appear in the payment history. This tool is available during the following hours. Monday 6 00 a. to Saturday 9 00 p. ET Sunday 10 00 a. to midnight ET Occasionally down additional hours for maintenance.

There are compatibility issues with some assistive technologies. Notice iOS 11, macOS 10. 12, and macOS 10. 13 VoiceOver users may experience difficulties when accessing this application. If this impacts you, please refer to the Other ways to find out how much you owe section. Refer to the accessibility guide for help if you use a screen reader, screen magnifier or voice command software.

Other ways to find out how much you owe. If you re a business, or an individual who filed a form other than 1040, you can obtain a transcript by submitting Form 4506-T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return. Individual taxpayers who filed a Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ can request an Account Transcript. Please note that each Account Transcript only covers a single tax year, and may not show the most recent penalties, interest, changes or pending actions.

Find more assistance. What If I Don t Pay. We can take certain actions to collect your unpaid taxes. Virus bill blocked in Senate as prospects dim for new relief. WASHINGTON AP Senate Democrats scuttled a scaled-back GOP coronavirus rescue package on Thursday as the parties argued to a standstill over the size and scope of the aid, likely ending hopes for coronavirus relief before the November election. The mostly party-line vote capped weeks of wrangling that gave way to election-season political combat and name-calling over a fifth relief bill that all sides say they want but are unable to deliver.

Democrats said the measure shortchanged too many pressing needs. Republicans argued it was targeted to areas of widespread agreement, but the 52-47 vote fell well short of what was needed to overcome a filibuster.cast the only GOP nay vote. All the present Democrats opposed it, while conservative Rand Paul, R-Ky. The Democratic vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, was campaigning in Miami and missed the vote. The bipartisan spirit that powered earlier aid measures is all but gone.

It s a sort of a dead end street, and very unfortunate, said Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan. But it is what it is. The 650 billion measure is significantly smaller than legislation promoted by Republican leaders this summer. But that version was too big for most conservatives, so the GOP bill was instead stripped back to focus on school aid, jobless benefits and help for small businesses. That maximized Republican support even as it alienated Democrats, who say such a piecemeal approach would leave out far too many vulnerable people.

The result was a predictable impasse and partisan tit-for tat as the congressional session limps to its pre-election close. The panicked atmosphere that drove passage of the 2 trillion landmark CARES Act in March has dissipated as the nation powers through the pandemic with partial reopenings of businesses and schools, though the economy lags and the virus continues to badly disrupt life in the U. It s becoming plain that all Congress will do before the Nov.

3 election is pass legislation to avert a government shutdown. The outcome of the election promises to have an outsize impact on what might be possible in a postelection lame-duck session, with Democrats sure to press for a better deal if Democrat Joe Biden unseats President Donald Trump. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.predicted that Thursday s GOP defeat would prompt Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.back to the negotiating table, as an earlier filibuster in March helped make the 2 trillion rescue bill more generous.

But Thursday s bill is not going to happen because it is so emaciated, so filled with poison pills, so partisanly designed, Schumer said. McConnell crafted the measure to permit his GOP colleagues to go on record in favor of popular provisions such as another round of paycheck protection help for smaller businesses, help for schools to reopen and supplemental jobless benefits.

He again blasted Democrats on Thursday, saying they are still pushing a liberal wish list and are willing to scuttle provisions with widespread backing to deny Trump a victory. Today every senator will either say they want to send families the relief we can agree to or they can send families nothing, McConnell said. There s no indication yet that bipartisan talks that crumbled last month will restart.

Top lawmakers and aides offered glum assessments both publicly and privately. Veteran Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley said it s sad there will be no virus aid deal, though he also said the outlook for the economy may not be as bleak as he once thought. If you d asked me, two or three weeks ago I d say very, very negative, Grassley said. But with the job market improving and the whole world kind of getting out of this pandemic, depression, we re in Grassley said, there s a lot less of an impact than I would have thought two weeks ago.

The stalemate is politically risky for all sides heading into the fall election, and both sides accused the other of acting primarily with political calculations in mind. Democrats said GOP senators need to check a box and vote on any kind of relief bill before exiting Washington to campaign while Republicans said Democrats were intent on denying Republicans a political win.

John Thune, R-S. They d rather have no bill, zero funding and a political weapon than have a bill and allow Republicans to say that we helped Americans. All that s left barring a breakthrough that looks unlikely now is to pass a government-wide short-term spending measure that would avert a shutdown at month s end and set up a postelection lame-duck session to deal with any unfinished Capitol Hill legislation, which could include coronavirus relief.

The scaled-back GOP virus plan is roughly one-seventh the size of a whopping Democratic package that passed the house in May and about one-fourth of the 2. 2 trillion set by Pelosi last month. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin mentioned a 1. 5 trillion figure in testimony last week. The failed measure would have provide 105 billion to help schools reopen, created a scaled-back 300-per-week supplemental jobless benefit, and devoted 258 billion for a second round of paycheck protection subsidies for smaller businesses.

Lesser amounts would have furthered vaccine research and development and funded the Postal Service, farmers, and child care. It did not contain a new round of 1,200 direct payments to Americans, and the new 300 weekly jobless benefit would expire just after Christmas, on Dec. The GOP bill also lacked money for election costs that lawmakers from both parties have supported to accommodate a huge influx of mail-in ballots.

Official estimates of the measure s cost were unavailable, but a GOP legislative aide said the cost is about 650 billion, with about half of the price tag offset by repurposing prior COVID funds. Coronavirus Canada reports no deaths for first time in 6 months. Toots Hibbert, founder of reggae, dead at 77. News Local Video Traffic Weather Interactive Radar Hour by Hour WFXT What s on Boston 25 Boston 25 NOW Stream EEO Information WFXT Public File. What is of overwhelming importance to Democrats is keeping coronavirus alive as a political issue, said Sen.

Just about everyone has a Netflix account these days, and scammers have taken notice. Watch out for this scam claiming your Netflix account is about to be suspended. It s actually just an attempt to steal your credit card information. The email hits your inbox, and it appears to be from Netflix at first glance. It says the company is unable to process your credit card for payment and the account will be suspended today.

With that sense of urgency, you might be tempted to use the handy link in the email to update your credit card information. But if you glance at the email a second time, that s the last thing you would do. The message is clearly from an imposter. They re using the popular streaming service as bait in a new phishing scam. While the email bears the Netflix logo, it s a much smaller version -- and at a much lower resolution -- than the company uses for official communication.

The body of the message is short, but it manages to misspell the word method twice. Were you to click on the link, you would be taken to a rogue page that is made to look like part of the Netflix site. If you place your cursor over the click here link you will see a very long and strange URL. Once there, you would be instructed to enter your credit card information. The final tip-off. The final tip-off is in the email s header. The to line does not contain your name; instead, it shows an Apple report URL.

The subject line contains the following RE Statement Added Alert We sent informed the latest code to your account information, Updates Your Bill Now on Mon, October 07, 2019 de réservation avec reçu I5hRW6F. The from line says Netflix but adds another very long URL that does not contain the word Netflix. You can rest assured that no such communication would come from a major corporation -- or even a small one for that matter.

If you re ever in doubt about whether an email communication from a company with which you are doing business is real, simply log into your account and communicate directly with the company. In nearly every situation, an email asking you to click on a link to change or enter sensitive information will be a scam. Mark Huffman has been a consumer news reporter for ConsumerAffairs since 2004.

He was previously an Associated Press reporter and editor in Washington, Iq option d. He covers real estate, gas prices and the economy and has reported extensively on negative-option sales.a correspondent for Westwoood One Radio Networks and Marketwatch. Share your comments. All other little handy tips that can t really fit in any specific category. Photography technique, tutorials and equipment review. Tips, tutorials and solutions for Windows, Macs, Linux, Servers and Media Centers.

Get the very most out of your computer. Resources for all levels from newbies and techies. Tools, tech tips and tutorials for web design and development. Including wordpress plugins and tweaks. Software, web applications, scripts and tools to make your computing, design, development or networking experience more easier, enjoyable and productive. Ways To Unblock Your Hotmail Account. If your hotmail account is blocked, you are not alone.

There are a large percentage of hotmail users that complain about having their accounts blocked. There are many different reasons why your hotmail account may be blocked. It could be because you have tried to use the wrong password and reached the allowable number of tries. Or it could be because someone has tried to open your hotmail account and used a wrong password. Probably, the account was used in mass mailing or used in prohibited ways. Another reason is if your hotmail account was hacked.

Now what do you need to do to unblock your hotmail account. Here are some of the things that you can do. Choose to reset your password. When you signed up for your hotmail account, you were asked to answer security questions. You have to remember your answers for the security questions to be able to unblock your account. Contact MSN Hotmail technical support. Give the exact error message that you receive when you try to sign in to your account.

You will also be asked to provide personal information that will help the team validate your identity. This is a way to protect the privacy of account holders. Request for a new password to be sent to your alternate email address. This is usually asked when you sign up for the hotmail account. The alternate email address must be working; otherwise, you will not be able to use this option.

Some people make up alternate email address thinking that it doesn t matter whether you place a working email or a non working email. In case of your hotmail account being blocked, it pays off if you have placed a working alternate email. Visit the troubleshooting page for MSN hotmail sign in problems. Sometimes the problem is not your account but the computer setting. So what you can do is access your hotmail account using a different computer. If you are familiar on how to check computer settings, you can do it.

Access your account on a computer with a different setting than the one which you have used previously to open your hotmail account. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to open your hotmail account especially if you are expecting something important to arrive in your email. Sometimes your account gets blocked because your memory has failed you or sometimes it could be due to outside causes.

What some people do when their hotmail accounts are blocked is to simply create a new account. This may be a very easy option but it is not at all times the perfect solution especially for people who have important documents in their email. In most cases, the suggestions mentioned here will help you unblock your hotmail account. Facebook Twitter Email Print. 293 Comments. there is no one to help me solve this problem My Hotmail email account has been Blocked since Monday and I tried everything that was suggested to me, I think someone has change my security question and now I m not able to change my password or get my account back I have important emails that I need t everybody want to respond back to me on my email account I m not that dumb how am I going to receive something I m not able to get into.

Hi there, I had the same problem with my Hotmail account being hacked and I could not access my account. After doing a lot of searching to find a contact number to speak with someone, I came acroos The Tech Line. With there help I got my account back and have not had a problem since. Their number is 0901 915 0100 give them a call if you are still struggling. Sophie Which country is your help line number in. The Tech Line number given here is not the correct number and neither is this Inc in India.

It is a UK based company and is on Facebook. Number is also available there. Which country is this number for. thank you for the phone number. I do not understand why Hotmail didn t put it up I left a message for them but it didn;t help. Regards, Zena. my hotmailaccount block i tried to call the 0901-915-0100 this does not work and its disconnected please send me alternative solutions to my another email itvalsad yahoo.

com thank you for your hep. What was that phone. My acct was hacked, I m sure, and I can t get to any of my stuff. Right I tried that number NO USE, I have a hotmail account that has been hacked into and I ve sorted my computer out so it s Virus free, but now hotmail is telling me its blocked and the worst thing is it wants to send me a verification code ON MY HOTMAIL. HOW THE HELL DOES IT THINK I M GOING TO GET IT IF MY ACCOUNTS BLOCKED.

HOW DUMB CAN YOU GET. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME WHO TO SHOOT. OR HOW TO COMPLAIN, EVEN GET HELP ON THIS. I had the problem where my phone received hotmail but not my laptop or any other computer. They tell you to go to the customer service button and fill out the form. You probably won t be able to get a response and probably the answers for your challenge questions won t be right either.

A better option and what worked for me is to call the 800 number and have whoever you speak to change your back up email address. Once I did this I could use the change password option and once I set up a new password I could log into Hotmail on my computer and my phone. What 800 number are you referring to. I have been trying to get in to my email for last 3 weeks i am a law student and have a business I cant access my account at i called them and they said i can have my account back if i pay 100 dollars now that is news to me why should I pay.

lot of top IT tec have said never to pay. as a business am losing lot of money. pls pls do let me now how i can get my account back. I look forward to your fast response. Can u please give me that 800. My account is blocked, and my email address that the reset code is sent to, is wrong. Do you have a way that I can access this account as there is important e mails that I cannot get.

I ve tried everything I ve read by hotmail but still nothing works. Hi i have tryed for 3 days to get back on to 9msn. hotmail i might of tryed to entre my p word and to much and my e mail can you help me get back in linda. i have the same problem idk what to do ihave waited over a month now i need to get into my email did u make it to recover your account. I got blocked for the same reason and i cant get a code without using the email thats block and its my only option i can choose idk how to fix this its frustrating.

I know axactly what you mean. i am the same. Dont tell me; they tell you to reset your password, but you cant because you cannot get into the account. Have you had any success yet. Good luck, and if you do get any joy then please let me know. Hotmail support is CRAP. Same thing happened to my daugthers, please if Microsoft has nothing to do with the action, perhaps they should find a solution to such hacking they are having. Most people I know with the problem are migrating to gmail.

my account has been blocked for more than a month now. and i need urgent info on my account, only problem i dont remember my security question and the recovery email i put on the person is not using that email address anymore and i need urgent help. My hotmail has been blocked for several weeks due to it being hacked by someone as what was said when i tried to access it. I cant remember the security question and the email used to send the reset password link is not active anymore.

When i contact customer support it just says they cannot verify that i am the owner of the account. This is so pathetic. Damn right, hotmail won t give me any help because it is a free account, haven t got an extra contact to send the code to so I am stumped. hello fellow victim of the hotmail crew. someone sent over 300 spam mails from my account.

if they are running a business they shouldnt let this happen, but we all know it isnt possible to stop them all. So now I dont have an alternate account, tried to get one,cant access it as it says same domain and refuses any other alternate name suggestions. Even worse its blocked my HUSBANDS account too, for no reason. I cant get their text messages.

cant get it unblocked. rang loads of places having spent 2 days on line clicking and reclicking rubbishy sites, as they than end up with PAID sites, and some calls are 150 plus call fee s TO AMERICA. How do i unblock my email, i don t have a contact phone. Hello guys I got problem with my account they blocked it and they send the new code to a nonworking alternate email also my security question is not working I mean maybe I forget the answer or some 1 change it so plz help me guys ASAP I m waitin ur replay.

my email account blocked i can. t ues please help me. The exact thing has happened to me and I can t get anyone to help me. How did you resolve your problem. You have blocked my above email account for the reason you know better. Your instructions to recover it is so complicated and difficult that it is impossible to remember answers to all those questions you have asked. If somebody else is using my account and you have traced him or her then why you are punishing me knowing for a very very long time I have used this account with no problem.

According to your instruction I even changed my password but still I am not able to access my account in which I have lots of important mails. why in your form you want details of my credit card. Regards- Jim Ps. my other email address is jim. I know exactally what you are saying I get the same response keep being told I cannot access that account. Hello guys I have the exact same problem. I cant remember the security question. my hotmail account has been blocked and i havebeen deprived of the valuable information and record for my thesis of master degree i have tried hard to unblock my hotmail account but all is invain i think this a serious kind of mental punishment to someone innocent in this regard kindly help me to unblock my hotmail account.

I cannot access my account since yesterday I try all things but nothing happen, I even try forget my password but i can t see how to verify by secret question. i swear every one has this problem, is there alot of hacking happening right now. it tells me to change passwords which i can not. then next page is emailing another account which i no longer use. I also have this problem accept i know my secret question and have answered it correctly however i still couldnt sign in since i was still blocked, when i try to unblock it says you need to send a code to your other account but the account in the field is not mine and so i cant retrieve the code.

I have the same problems, when I tried changing the password,it asked for a codeor I have a code already still cannot go in and sdign in. then have to wait 24 hours to try again, another section asked for 2 security questions, and customer inf. after filling in the latter part of this section it asked for your credit card details,without saying how much your account will be debited. This is really annoying me now Myaccount has been blocked cuz someone has tried to use a password which was wrong to get into my account They have failed, but i need my hotmail backk there;s important things on there ; anyone help.

my windows live messenger, my youtube account, my yahoo anddddd my gmail isn t working. But it can t be hacked cuz they have different passwords. Is there any way how I get my Block account back. My account has been blocked. m very tensed. there is no one to help me out. Totally wrong and unfair that I m unable to access My OWN hotmail account through no fault of my own.

Why send a code to a alternate email address when It s not even mine. it s my ex girlfriends. What s the point of a security question if it don t unblock your account. Tried so many times to reset my password and I ve given verification twice to prove who I am too. Why do Windows Live ask you for payment details in a verification process. This problem was all started by a bogus log-in screen for Hotmail in the first place, don t exactly fill you with confidence does it.

I have private personal information in my account and I m not even able to gain access to it even though it s supposed to be MY account WHAT A JOKE. There are so many people in the same situation, so you have to ask WHY. and what s been done about it. Not atal happy with Microsoft or their pathetic attempts to help innocent people like myself.

I WANT MY HOTMAIL EMAIL ACCOUNT BACK. i am in the excact same postion, my hotmail account has been blocked as they are not recongnising my secret question and answer, i have important emails in there to as i am now on maternity leave so all mmy info is in there. i have done the recovery password and get the same response that they cannot validate me.

yet i have proved all the info they have requested. this is just crap and so unfair. i cant go on my g_regi hotmail. com too i was online 2 hours ago and now that i want i got blocked because someobdy sended spam mail from my mail i want to be unblocked so i can just get the contatc list i need the list my boss email is there and alot of importana people please.

and i cant send on alternate mail because email. si doesnt exist any more. so if they can send it on my other mail gregor. com or on marihuana. Same happened to me my hotmail account was blocked and now it don t exist it s not fair it has important things on it PLEASE HELP ME crying now I think a girl i know has done it weeping. i have a same problem i know my secret quension and answer but message appear on my computer someone enter wrong password or answer that is why your account is blocked temporary but after two month same message appeared on my screen now what should i do i know answer of my secret question plz help.

seriously i have tried for over a week now, im SOOOOoo mad and angry. like why cant we call in or something and give more info over the phone thats more easy. i have had this email forever, i just want it back. i almost never wana use hotmail ever again if this crap keeps up. like god, i want to have my email back. and i have tried everything now its not giving me a pin to access the forum to reset my password.

keeps saying please try again later and then sends me a email to the directed account and then i cant get in. sooooo very frustrated. WOW I am not alone in this fight after all I have been trying for almost a week to sign into MY hotmail account. None of the passwords I use worked so now it is blocked from too many sign in attempts.

I request a code be sent to cell phone on account code is never received. I try the security question it isn t correct so that has been disabled now says I should wait and try again later that was 3 days ago and still disabled. I have filled out the customer service thingy 3 times. First time it told me that they couldn t verify I am account owner and directed me to Windows Live Care center page while there I clicked on to to exit recovery process because it said something about while in recovery things can t be displayed so click here to end process.

Completed Customer Service questions again to try and get them to understand I am the owner. came back can t verify I am owner. Replied with additional info reply again that for help with my issue I would need to go thru the Windows Live care center something like that and this was canceled again by clicking here to end recovery process. Don t ever ever ever click this unless you want to end the process and your codes will not work for the personal forum session. Filled out for the 3rd time got a reply We are experiencing higher than normal requests for account validation, and unfortunately this is causing a delay in our ability to respond to your post.

Your request is important to us, and we will respond to all requests in the order that they were received. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and will respond as soon as possible. Please do not repost your issue as doing so will further delay responses I guess everyone can t sign into their hotmail account anymore either due to Windows Live Servers being down or the accounts being hacked.

It is total BS I have had this account since like 1994 and oh they even had the gall in a reply to tell me to just create a new account. I don t want a new account. I want this one back as it has been mine for so long. Great discussion, but not one remedy for this stupidity by Microsoft. I am having the same problem even if i change my password i still cant sign in and its driving me insane. I just wish microsoft would pull there fingers out and actually help there customers, and I think they need a better customer care center aswell since that doesnt do anythhing either.

If anyone finds a solution please post it ASAP thanks. i have the exact same problem HELPPP. Microsoft is going to lose ALL their members who don t have an alternate Email. The security question is a lie, I wrote down my answer and question in 5 different places, all the same and they said it was wrong. I called them and they didn t do anything at all, they actualyl hung up.

I m goign to gmail. my hotmail account has temporarly block, nuunow_nf hotmail. com and my passowrd is abdialihasan so when i try to log in it needs to enter verification code. And the verify code is sent to my alternate email which is owned another person, not working now that yahoomail it is hassan_abdigur yahoo. com unlucky it does,t work now. Please i need to help me as to get bck my account, or release it for me with out any promision.

Because of many important ducoment of my are in it. Plz Help me soon. I ve been unable to access my above hotmail account for a month. Solving this problem is taking over my life. I am having the same problem as described above. Does anyone else having the problem use the account that is blocked for their Microsoft Fix it Centre contact. I got a message while trying to sign into my hotmail account.

Sign-in with kelley68 hotmail. com is blocked for one of these reasons. Someone entered the wrong password too many times. If you signed up for this ID through an organization, you might not be able to use the account yet. I went through the entire validation process and got a positive response, they agreed the account is mine as I answered EACH question they asked of me, and I also was sent a link to change password, and I did.

_________________________________________________________________ Here is their response. We are pleased to inform you that we were successfully able to validate your account information. A password reset link is being sent to the alternate e-mail address you provided. Please understand that the password reset link will expire in 3 days and can only be used once.

If you should encounter difficulty with Internet Explorer using the password reset link sent, please check your Internet Explorer browser settings by following the solution article How to optimize Internet Explorer browser. For browsers other than Internet Explorer, please reference that particular browser s help section. Validate your Live ID Account Information. o Take 5 minutes to safeguard losing access to your account by logging into your Live ID Account and verify that your account information is up to date.

Manage your Password Reset Information. o You can add multiple password reset options to your account. This will enable you to send password reset links to your alternate e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers through text messaging, or reset your password from a Trusted PC. Thank you and safe browsing. Windows Live Support ___________________________________________________________________________.

After them verifying my account is MINE, changing my password I still get the same message when trying to log into my hotmail email account. sign-in is blocked. I have posted this problem on every page of the live windows team forum to respond to, they move my message everywhere, each passing the buck to someone else. I think they are trying to see how many go postal and kill themselves out of frustration.

All they have to do in unblock my account, they agreed its mine, yet they have failed to unblock it. I want to know WHY. I have the xacT Same problem as Kelley i juSt gave an alternate id their they nmail me the same thing as kelly had just mentioned. Now plz plz plz lz plz plz i request Hotmail Suoport to help me out of thiS my account mean alot to me it have So many important DoCuments and i dont have any baCk up They are nt accepting My Secret QueStion answer as well Plz plz help me plz.

This is exactly what happened to me. Validated it was mine, sent link to change, changed password. AND STILL BLOCKED. It s starting to piss me off. mincrosoft have seriously fucked me over here. I use this eail all the tim then they block it because someones sending spam from it, they eed a number to call or somethingh, all my uni stuff is on there and everything.

i am unable to sign in to my account. mesaage appears on the screen that some one used ur account for spamming. i have tried all the ways but unable to unblock it has been happening since last monday. plz help me aliiqbal497 yahoo. com this is my alternate account. answer me through this id. i cant access my hot mail i get amessage showing it has been blocked can u solve this problem u can email me on themagicisland1991 yah thanks for ur help.

My hotmail account tatiana. uk has been blocked for a week now. I have contacted hotmail support and they have not replied to my request. About a year ago my old Hotmail account, which I don t use very often but which is very important to me regardless was hacked by Nigerian scammers, who used it to send a bunch of scam emails, including to all of my contacts.

I managed to regain control of it by contacting Hotmail and telling them the names of some of the folders in my account. The first thing I did was change the password I used a string of 20 random characters including numbers, letters and symbols. Totally unguessable and unhackable. In less than a month it was hacked again. Now, I can t regain control of it. When I regained control the last time, I made sure to set up a secondary email for this purpose.

So when I went through the steps to reset the password, they send the reset link to my recovery address, which I got successfully. Through that link, I was able to enter a new password. However, when I then went to enter that new password to sign in, I was told my account had been blocked because it had been used for spam.

Fine, there was instructions to unblock it. They sent me a code to my secondary address, which I entered. Then it told me to enter my old password, and a new one. I entered the one I had just successfully changed it to. To my surprise and annoyance, it said old password incorrect. This, after Hotmail had TOLD ME I had changed my password successfully. Now I m in a circle of reset codes, reset emails and the same crap.

I can t find how to iq option d Hotmail to do this once and for all. This is such bull. How are their email addresses getting hacked. There s no way these Nigerian a-holes are hitting on my ridiculous password. For years I struggled with MSN Hotmail, until my wife started to think the top of my head would pop off. Possibly the worst excuse for a giant corporation on Earth. Hard to believe a company so large and profitable, with such wondeful media exposure and public opinion, has such a behind-the-scenes reputation for horrible service and product.

I switched to Gmail and have been 99 happy. I also got rid of Outlook Calendar and switched to Google calendar, and have been 95 satisfied. In short GOOGLE IS BETTER. If all of us would dump Microsoft maybe some day they would get smart instead of arrogant. Trouble is Microsoft have a monopoly, they own your computer, they constantly sign you out of your new email address and into the Hotmail address that doesn t work because the security codes they send to alternative email addresses don t work.

They even capitalise the h in Hotmail automatically, anywhere on the internet, when you have written it with a small h. They might be totally stupid and psychopathically uncaring but they make sure you can t use the internet without them. It is now September 2013 and this problem with being locked out of Hotmail and security codes not working is still happening, so obviously Microsoft don t care.

Yes, we can all stop using Hotmail, but Microsoft will still shove itself under our noses like a bad smell. As of yesterday, I am not able to get into my Hotmail account. It says that I have been blocked. Like everyone else on this page, I have tried everything I possibly can to retrieve my account back. I am also one of those people that have had my account for years. Has anyone had any luck in trying to get their hotmail account back.

If so, could you please let me know what you did to reteieve your account. It would be greatly appreciated, as this is very frustrating. To those of you who managed to get Microsoft to verify you as the owner what was the secret. I have been trying for several weeks to validate the account via the Windows Live process. So far I have given 2 prior passwords including the year of change52 inbox emails including who from and subject line, 16 contacts, a full list of all user folders and several precise pieces of information on the account such as the user folder with the most emails, the junk filter settings, year of registration etc.

Despite this I am still not considered the owner. The only questions i can t answer are the credit card ones no cardthe IP address don t know how to locate it and the answer to the secret question if i knew that I wouldn t be going through this process. i am facing the same problem here. i changed the password, i try the code they sent to second email account, i answer all the provided but it failed to unblock my account.

WTF there is lot s of important message inside my email account, please. kindly help in this case i need my email account back. my alternate e-mail address is not working address. so how can i recover my account without using this option. hey guysits same thing happened to me. i know my email has been down since tuesday, monday it was working fine. i keep getting an error message saying that someone has logged in too many times with the incorrect password.

i run a business and go to school so every is on there and i cannot get into it even after resetting my password so many times i doesnt go through. i cannot afford to lose everything and i cnnot move anything to another account when i cannot get into my hotmail.

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