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I just signed up for badoo only last week and yesterday, when i tried to open my account, i had a message that read as As a result of your actions on our service, you have contravened the laws. We re sorry to hear about this. Please send us the email address linked to your account via Facebook or Twitter private messages look for Badoo Help and we ll get back to you as soon as possible. If your profile has been blocked, this is likely because our moderators have found that your profile is in violation of our guidelines.

We ask all of our users to follow the same rules which help us to keep Badoo a fun and safe online environment. If you re unsure what our rules are, you can find them here badoo. If you feel that your profile has been blocked in error, please reach out to our team at badoo. com feedback or via our social media channels and a member of our team will be happy to investigate this for you.

We look forward to hearing from you. More Badoo Complaints Reviews. Badoo - using my information without permission Badoo. com - if you receive an any email that includes the words badoo it in anywhere, I would strongly advise that you delete it immediately Badoo - deleting pictures Badoo Dating Site - verification of profile and blocking after adding my phone number Badoo - fraudulent account creation and unauthorized personal data usage Badoo - account Badoo - unauthorized spam Badoo Trading - badoo Badoo Trading - badoo app Badoo Trading - account being blocked.

I am on the Badoo site and now can not open any messages unless i give over my credit card details. i do not have a credit card. I am receiving messages and people are thinking i am ignoring them but i m not. I just cannot open the messages to read or reply. Is this not right. Sent multiple requests for a change of password for several weeks.

No reply whatsoever. It s like no one is minding the store. dear badoo i am hightly of offended that your survey did not have the greeks on you list of oppshipons the greeks are by far the most fun and lively people i know and the fack that you have left them out of this survey is exstreamly bad. My name and pics are being posted on google that I m looking for men on this website which I have never joined how do I get this removed from google search when i never Set up the profile.

Badoo blocked my account - badoo. com I received a malicious email from badoo stating iq option hack I had been reported for scamming someone. I have NO idea what they are talking about and of course, there is no way to contact them other than by this mail. This accusation is totally unwarranted and is a very poor policy on the part of Badoo that expresses itself as a place to meet people and have fun. The email said that. location from where you logged in may be reported to the local authorities.

I sent a message on their ask a question page but of course I won t get a reply. if we all can get a way to contact Badoo directly we could invite them to contact the local authorities in which case they would have to come to court and prove their accusation. The public has rights, yes, even on the Internet. When these rights are violated the violators are much quilter as those they falsely accuse.

I await a reply from the Question that I sent them but that is not likely to happen. Or better still the should restore my account back to life. My email again is email protected Thank you. my relationship is over because of badoo. which i have never even heard of until recently. finance found a profile with my name and picture. she will not believe me that i have never heard of it. will be getting local media and lawyer involved with this. absolutely has destroyed my life. i ask to be unblocked after sednding many request and chatting with many exces.

i have been blocked from badoo and i have no idea why please unblock me. karen walsh aurora co. i have done nothing wrong. i read the terms and agreements and i don t understand. This a dating site that has use information and pictures to set up an account without my permission, and it could have caused serious problems within my marrage this needs to be stopped now. When anyone agrees to link there Facebook it then uses your friends as meet me - I linked mine and then see my married friends without their consent in encounters.

yea, very dangerous and reckless. I m just geting me a new phone because somebody stolen it an now my password is nt working. Please can i get my badoo account back and i ll be more polite ok my badoo account is email protected. My name is Wilson email protected my account been blocked for no reason. can u help or unblock my account I ve had this for years. haven t broken any rules. I tried to long in to my account but it saying I been blocked I have no idea why and when I check my email there no email from badoo so what do I do to be unblocked email me email protected.

My Badoo account has been blocked severally even when I open a new account with different email and phone number. Please I need an immediate response on how it can be reactivated. ovona i have the same problem Iq option hack unblock my account i did nothing wrong. My account has been blocked please unblock me email protected. Badoo blocked me recently as well after some Thais got snarfy with me and I gave it back to them as good as I got it.

They then blocked me and I opened another account and they have blocked me again. It seems that badoo wants more and more for you to pass over your credit card details, and it is getting worse. How can one or two arguments online get you locked and I have no recourse to defend myself. They just decide and you have no way to fight back. a big thumbs down to badoo. bunch of arrogant C nts. Date in Asia is better. I lost really important contacts when they block me.

What do I have to do. Please help me email protected. I just got blocked for unknown reasons. the app says I should check my e-mail for reasons but i saw nothing. please review my e-mail at email protected. Bada Tomiwa Badoo is the most useless social media site I have ever seen. They block users at random and no way to unblock users. Very useless site. Cleo2222 Hi Cleo. It seems there may be some confusion as to why we block profiles on Badoo, so please allow us to clarify.

We have a dedicated team of moderators that work around the clock to ensure the safety of our Badoo users. In the event that your profile is reported to us, we will investigate and take the appropriate action to ensure that safety. If it is discovered that you ve broken our rules, you may receive a warning or have your access to Badoo permanently revoked.

This is set our in our community guidelines which are presented to you when registering on Badoo. If you d like to read them again, you can find them online at badoo. Unfortunately, failure to follow these guidelines will result in the decision to block your profile. However, we understand that mistakes can be made on the rare occasion.

If you have thoroughly reviewed our guidelines and iq option hack believe we have made a mistake, you may reach out to our team at badoo. com feedback and we will conduct a second investigation. If the decision is confirmed to be correct, your access to Badoo will not be reinstated. We hope you find this information helpful and please do reach out to our team if you have any further questions.

Badoo Community Management. BadooTeam I have been a victim of abuse, rudeness, sexual suggestion, nude pics on Badoo but now I am the one blocked. I am so insulted and Badoi does not say why. This is very wrong. Badoo is stupid application their app is vary poor, they just block some1 account for no good reason, i guest they have many customers thats y their messing up blocking users account wit out users knowldg.

Badoo itself is a scam, why will they blocked a account that had 3 mounth subscription without sending at least a mail to you. The reason the account is blocked or given you the chance to defend yourself. I have been blocked from badoo for no reason. i haven t in any way bridged thier laws or terms of agreement. this is unfair nd badoo shud improve because its annoyin. i request for my account to be unblocked. Hi I m Ahmed my badoo account was blocked and I have no idea why they blocked it.

I never done anything wrong neither violated any rules. I don t know who reported me but I m sure it was a mistake. Please unblocked my account email protected I m just using this badoo side. also my account is blocked i don t know why plz help. Hello, I just found out that my badoo account had been blocked please unblock my account. email protected Leonard Previously Godfrey.

I have had this account for ages and nobody has complained so far. People lie about their ages all the time and put photos of them when they did their first communion and I have never complained. I say I am older than I really am but everybody who has written to me has my real age and have been able to see my photos.

I have never deceived anybody and I have friends Ther I would like to see again. If there is something I have done wrongly I will change it in my profile but please unblock it so that I can make the necessary changes. Bado likes to accuse you of violation of terms after you spend money on their website. Then they stop you from using your credits and delete you. My account has been blocked please unblock email protected.

it is not a fake account as they said, please recover my account ASAP. My account was blocked, I have no idea why it was blocked. It s super annoying to just block my account I don t even know what was the reason I was using like he before and everything was aright. Please just unlock my account email protected Thank you. Badoo blocked my account email protected. Ive been blocked for no reason please help urgent email protected thank you.

I just opened a Badoo account and they keep blocking me, what have I done wrong, this is the 7th time they ar blocking a new account. Pls badoo should unblock my account, my email is as follows email protected Will be glad if my request is granted. Please I was blocked on badoo, pls unblock me cos I ve been checking my email the whole day but nothing I went back to try login on badoo but still blocked email protected.

Please I have no reason or intentons to violate badoo rules and regulations my first account was email protected which was blocked and I complained but nothing happens then I opened a new account email protected which has been blocked too please forgive me if I did anything wrong and help me with a solution I am not fake or using anyone s account. I was blocked from Badoo weeks ago without any reason I sent many email to complaints board but nothing happened I opened another account Which was blocked yesterday, I read the term and conditions but didn t know what I did exactly email protected.

Revised List of Blocked Credit Under GST from 01. Every registered person under GST can claim ITC of goods and services or both received in course or furtherance of business subject to certain stipulations as laid down primarily under Section 16, 17, and 18. Sub-section 5 of section 17 5 of Central Goods Services Tax Act, 2017gives comprehensive list of supplies on which Input tax credit is blocked, commonly known as Blocked-Credit.

This list of blocked credit has been updated by amendment in GST Act which shall come into force from 1 st February 2019 and the same is presented below in a tabular form for understanding purpose. Risks - Urinary catheter. The main risk of using a urinary catheter is that it can sometimes allow bacteria to enter your body. These types of infection are known as urinary tract infections UTIs. UTIs caused by using a catheter are one of the most common types of infection that affect people staying in hospital.

This risk is particularly high if your catheter is left in place continuously an indwelling catheter. Symptoms of a UTI associated with using a catheter include. pain low down in your tummy or around your groin a high temperature feeling cold and shivery confusion. Contact your GP or community nurse if you think you have a UTI. You may need a course of antibiotics. Other risks and side effects. Bladder spasms, which feel like stomach cramps, are quite common when you have a catheter in your bladder.

The pain is caused by the bladder trying to squeeze out the balloon. You may need medicine to reduce the frequency and intensity of the spasms. Leakage around the catheter is another problem associated with indwelling catheters. This can happen as a result of bladder spasms or when you poo. Leakage can also be a sign that the catheter is blocked, so it s essential to check that it s draining. Blood or debris in the catheter tube is also common with an indwelling catheter.

This can cause an infection in the urethra, bladder or, less commonly, in the kidneys. This could become a problem if the catheter drainage system becomes blocked. Get medical advice as soon as possible if you think your catheter may be blocked, or if you re passing large pieces of debris or blood clots. Other less common potential problems include. injury to the urethra the tube that carries urine out of your body when the catheter is inserted narrowing of the urethra because of scar tissue caused by repeated catheter use injury to the bladder caused by incorrectly inserting the catheter bladder stones although these usually only develop after years of using a catheter.

Page last reviewed 26 February 2020 Next review due 26 February 2023. It is very straightforward for end user to configure their Safe Senders and Blocked Senders list in OWA both for Exchange 2013 and in Exchange Online. From the left hand pane of the Options panel, select block or allow. In this page, users can add the desired sender s or domain s to the Safe Senders or Blocked Senders list by typing the e-mail address or domain name and selecting the add icon.

Once all of the entries are added, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select save. Home Cloud Computing Office 365 Safe and Blocked Senders list in OWA 2013 and Office 365. Nuno Mota is an Exchange MVP working as a Microsoft Messaging Specialist for a financial institution. He is passionate about Exchange, Lync, Active Directory, PowerShell, and Security.

com, he regularly participates in the Exchange TechNet forums and is the author of the book Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 High Availability. Besides writing his personal Exchange blog, LetsExchange. Safe and Blocked Senders list in OWA 2013 and Office 365. On the main page of OWA, select the gear icon at the top right of the page and select Options. Santander have blocked my account. Hi there i am. new this forum thing and i was wondering if anyone can help me regarding my issue.

I have an account with santander and i was withdrawing maximum amount i could from the bank counter per day for a week as i needed to give the money to someone then all of a sudden they have blocked my account and its been about a month since this has happened and they still wont give me no information as to why they have done this and i really struggling with everything and i cant use my bank card for anything.

Does anyone know how long this takes before they re open the account please. Or any other way i can abouts to resolve this issue becuase they are really starting to annoy me and i cant even tranafer my money into my wifes account and wont even let me close the account until it it resolved. Have you got another current account with a different bank.

PS Why O why draw 500. a day in cash for a month - thats asking for trouble. Why not a simple online transfer. It really shouldn t matter that you take your own money out of the cashpoint everyday for a week but unfortunately in this day and age and in this climate you re probably going to fall foul of the fraudvdepartment. a bit late now but in future if you want a reasonably large sum of money from your account I suggest you go into the branch or give them a call and say you d like to withdraw a few thousand - they will probably ask you what it is for but then there should be any problem.

Not sure what you mean - if you go to the branch with your passport etc you don t have to take the a bit per day in fact I don t think there is even a maximum amount other than perhaps letting them know beforehand so they can have the money on hand. you don t have to go in everyday and get a bit out each time that s only applies to cash machines. Not sure if it applies to the account the OP has, but Santander have a 500 per day limit on over-counter cash withdrawals 2000 with chip and PIN.

Perhaps the amount they are paying to the somone is rather large eek. i was withdrawing maximum amount i could from the bank counter per day for a week. its been about a month since this has happened. SBI may block your net banking if mobile number not registered by Dec 1. According to a RBI circular, banks must ask their customers to mandatorily register for SMS alerts.

If you are an Internet banking INB user of State Bank of India SBIyou have to register your mobile number with the bank by December 1, will be blocked. The bank has been intimating its users on its Internet banking website onlinesbi that they need to register their mobile number through any branch unless already done or else their Internet banking may be blocked.

2018says the online SBI website. Therefore, if your mobile number is not already registered with SBI for your account, then it is better that you do it as soon as possible. Remember the website states that the mobile number must be registered through a bank branch. Attention Dear Internet Banking users, please register your mobile number with bank immediately through your home branch any branch, if not already registered, failing which your access to Internet Banking Services may be stopped with effect from 01.

Therefore, it appears that you are mandatorily required to visit your bank branch to register your mobile number. According iq option hack a Reserve Bank of India RBI circular dated July 6, 2017, banks must ask their customers to mandatorily register for SMS alerts and email alerts wherever available email ID is available for electronic banking transactions.

Electronic banking transactions include Internet banking, mobile banking, and so on. The bank s efforts appear to be an attempt to comply with the RBI s circular. You can also check if your mobile number is registered with the bank by logging in to your net-banking facility. Here s how you can check it. com and enter your login and password details.

Once you have successfully logged in to your account, on the homepage click on My Account and Profile tab. Under the My Account and Profile tab, click on the Profile. Under the Profile tab, click on Personal Details Mobile. You will be asked to enter your profile password. Remember, profile password is different from the login password. Once the profile password is successfully entered, your registered mobile number and email id if available will be partially displayed to you.

In case mobile number is not registered, you will be required to visit your bank s home branch. SBI blocking net banking access state bank of india SBI net banking mobile number registration mandatory iq option hack alerts Online SBI Internet banking RBI SBI. If you do not register it before this deadline, you will not be able to access your account via net banking after December 1, i. We are here to help people from being scammed. Check unsolicited mail for suspected scam or fraud. Latest scam report.

Scam Report. HTML9 Top Menu. Home SayPoint Advance Fee Fraud. Email Us infosaypoint gmail. HTML5 Ads 120x600. HTML3 Ads 468x15. Your Faysal Mobile Banking Account Is Blocked - Scam Mail. from Faysal Mobile Banking to date Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 9 18 AM subject Your Faysal Mobile Banking Account Is Blocked. mailed-by kit. Your MOBIT - Faysal Mobile Banking Access Has Been Blocked.

Thank You For Banking With Us. Faysal Mobile Banking - Faysal Bank. HTML4 Ads 468x60. HTML1 Flag Count. Related Link. Account Password Phishing Armymen Names ATM Card Fraud Award-Lottery-Promo-Prize Business Proposals Donation-Grant-Relief Funds Fake Diploma-Degree Fake Passport-Identity Fake Services Offers Fake Sites References Illegal Software Investigation Department Job-Recruitment Opportunity Loan-Investment Medical Problem Miscellaneous Mobile SMS Fraud Postal-Consignment Delivery PTC Scams Refugee Girls Social Media Scam Unclaimed Wealth Fund Transfer Work at home.

HTML2 Footer Note. SAYPOINT by GentleMan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3. ALL POSTS ARE PERSONAL OPINION AND NOT TO BE TAKEN AS PUBLIC Best view 1440 x 900 screen resolution - Design by GentleMan Webs. Safe online shopping. We want you to be safe when you use your Yorkshire Bank debit card for online shopping.

Shop safely with Mastercard Identity Check. Mastercard debit cards use the latest chip and PIN technology to combat fraudsters. For online purchases, Mastercard Identity Check improves your security even more without the need to register or remember a password. Using either our Mobile Banking App or a one-time passcode sent to your registered phone number, Identity Check lets you identify yourself as the owner of the card and stops anyone else using your card online.

Making changes to your account Using your debit card Overdrafts Making payments FAQs FAQs. If you re an existing customer and wish to discuss your account. Or if you re abroad Outside UK. We re here Mon-Fri 8am-9pm Sat 8am-9pm Sun 10am-5pm. Find your nearest Yorkshire Bank branch, Business and Private Banking centre or ATM. Prefer to talk to us. Call us to speak to an advisor.

About Yorkshire Bank About us Virgin Money UK PLC Media relations Careers. We care about here We care about here Strong foundations Community Real world banking. Help and support Help and support Complaints Fraud prevention Security centre Payment Protection Insurance PPI. Connect Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on LinkedIn Follow us on YouTube Contact us Find a branch. Sitemap Legal and privacy Accessibility and Disability support Cookie policy.

The way you verify your payments has changed Strong Customer Authentication. To give you more protection against fraud we re working to make online shopping safer. Under new regulations for boosting online security, we might use our mobile app to confirm you re the one making an online card payment or if we can t do that, we ll send you a one-time passcode to your phone. If we can t confirm it s you when you make an online card payment, your transaction will be declined.

What we need from you. We re making some changes to give you an extra layer of security and double-check that it s you whenever you re shopping online. All you need to do is download the latest version of our mobile banking app. You ll then be able to authenticate online card payments using the app you can use your passcode or fingerprint ID to do this. That s why your Yorkshire Bank card is protected by Mastercard Identity Check. Make sure we have your latest contact details, get in touch on 0800 028 1712 to tell us your mobile or landline number.

Or you can head to your nearest store. If we don t have your phone number we won t be able to send you a passcode and your transaction will be declined. Having your phone number will also help us to contact you quickly if we spot anything suspicious on your account. Strong Customer Authentication Changes Securing your digital payments. You may see a difference to when you re asked to authenticate a payment via Business Internet Banking and the Mobile App, how you do this will remain the same by using.

Mobile phone or security token online Your internet banking password via the app. For more information visit our online help. Forgot your business internet banking password, we can help. Just give us a call on 0800 121 4209 Monday Friday 8am - 6pm and select Option 2. You can find impartial information and guidance on money matters on the Money advice service website.

Yorkshire Bank is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme FSCSFind out more. Just make sure you remember your login details and keep them safe. Secure your Facebook account in six easy steps. If you re looking to completely customize your Facebook privacy, you re expected to work your way through 40 entries, many of which list multistep instructions for changing a single setting. View your Facebook profile as the public and your friends see it, and then use Facebook s global settings to restrict access to and use of your posts, photos, and other information.

Wouldn t you rather spend your time on Facebook sharing pictures of your fast-food lunch or watching videos of grumpy cats. If so, you can skip scrolling through screen after screen of shag-carpet text and instead zip through this six-step Facebook privacy refresher. Seven tips for securing your Facebook account.

Step one See your profile as others see it Once you know how forthcoming your current Facebook setup is, you can decide what changes you need to make to your share settings. To view your account as others view it, sign into your account, choose the gear icon in the top-right corner, click Privacy Settings, and select Timeline and Tagging in the left pane. Next, click View As to the right of Review what other people see on your timeline in the Who can see things on my timeline.

Click Okay to close the pop-up window, if necessary. Your timeline will then appear as the public sees it. Screenshot by Dennis O Reilly CNET. To view your profile as a particular person sees it, click View as Specific Person at the top of the window and enter the person s name. If you ve limited access to your timeline to friends only, the public will see only your profile and cover photos, a link for contacting you which you can limit to friends of friendsthe people you re following, and the groups you belong to.

At the strictest privacy setting, the public sees only your Facebook profile and cover photos, and a link to contact you, which you can restrict to friends of friends. To change who can view your timeline, return to Facebook s Timeline and Tagging settings and click Edit to the right of Who can see posts you ve been tagged in on your timeline.

and Who can see what others post on your timeline. Make your selections for each setting on their drop-down menus and then click Close. Change who can view and post to your timeline via the drop-down menu in Facebook s Timeline and Tagging settings. Step two Make sure you re browsing securely Last month Facebook made secure browsing the default for all users. To ensure you re using a secure connection whenever one is available, click Security in the left pane of Facebook s Account Settings and make sure Secure Browsing is enabled.

The security settings also let you enable log-in notifications and approvals, and view and edit your recognized devices and active sessions. To remove a device, click Edit to the right and then Remove next to the device s entry. Likewise, to end one or all active Facebook sessions, click Edit to the right of Active Sessions and choose End Activity or End All Activity, respectively.

End some or all active Facebook sessions by clicking Edit to the right of Active Sessions in the Security Settings and select either End Activity or End All Activity. Screenshot by Eric Franklin CNET. Step three Limit access to you and your Facebook stuff To restrict access to your past and future Facebook posts, click Privacy in the left pane of the Account Settings.

Then choose Limit Past Posts under Who can see my posts. and Edit to the right of Who can see your future posts. in the same section. A warning appears when you attempt to limit access to all your past posts at once rather than changing the setting post-by-post. Facebook warns you that changing access to all your iq option hack posts at once rather than individually can t be undone. The options under Who can contact me.

let you limit friend requests and filter the messages you receive. You can also restrict who can look you up by e-mail address and phone number, who can look up your timeline by name, and whether your timeline will link to search engines. Step four Tame your timeline and tags You ve already determined who can view your timeline see step onebut you can also block friends from adding to your timeline and review photos someone attempts to tag you in via the Timeline and Tagging Settings.

The only two options for Who can post to my timeline. under Who can add things to my timeline. are Friends and Only Me. To enable review of posts your tagged in before they appear on your timeline, click Edit to the right of the entry and select Enable in the drop-down menu. Under How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions. you can enable the feature that allows you to review tags people add to your own posts before they appear, set who besides the normal audience sees the posts you re tagged in, and decide whether tag suggestions appear when photos that look like you are uploaded.

To prevent Facebook from suggesting tags when photos that look like you are uploaded, set this option to No One. Step five Don t let your apps run amok Some Facebook apps grab all the permissions they can, including access to your information and the ability to post photos and status updates on your behalf. For example, the IFTTT app lays claim to your complete profile and all your activities, as well as some of the profile and activities of your friends. Facebook apps such as IFTTT require access to your entire account and some of your friends information.

To review your Facebook app permissions, click Apps in the left pane of the Account Settings window, choose Edit to the right of the app s entry, and either change the app s visibility via the drop-down menu, or click Remove app at the bottom of the entry. You can also click Report app to let Facebook know the app is spam, inappropriate, or requesting too much information, or to contact the developer to report a bug or abusive content, or for another reason.

Report an app to Facebook as spam or otherwise inappropriate, or contact the app s developer via the Report app option in the app s settings. To prevent other Facebook users from volunteering your information to the Facebook apps they use, click Edit to the right of Apps others use, uncheck the categories of information listed, and click Save Changes. Step six Opt out of Facebook ads Facebook currently doesn t let third-party apps or ad networks use your image or name in ads, but that may change in the future.

To opt out ahead of time, click Ads in the left pane of the Account Settings window and choose Edit in the Third Party Sites section. Select No one in the drop-down menu under If we allow this in the future, show my information to and then click Save Changes. To exclude yourself from Facebook s social ads, click Edit in the Ads Friends section, choose No one on the drop-down menu next to Pair my social actions with ads for, and select Save Changes.

Discuss Secure your Facebook account in six easy steps. If you re unable to log in due to a third party accessing your account, first please follow these steps to recover it. How to secure your account. There are a number of things you can do to help keep your account secure. This is even more important if you have reason to believe that any of your personal information has been compromised. If someone gets control of your email account, they will be able to access your game account by requesting a password change or disabling your game account s Authenticator.

Using the Authenticator will add an extra layer of security, making it that much harder for unauthorised users to access your account. Make sure your email account is protected with a unique password and add an additional layer of security with 2-Factor Authentication. You should use a unique password for every online account and never share your password with anyone.

Setting a Bank PIN protects your hard-earned wealth by allowing you to place all your important items in your bank and locking them behind a Bank PIN. Make sure any linked accounts are secure. Created your account through a third party Linked your account to a third party. Please utilise the third party s account security features such as Google s 2-step verification or Apple s two-factor authentication.

RayID 5d1a45681dba96bc IP 54. RayID 5d26346b4939dfe7 IP 54. Not only does your Samsung account give you access to exclusive apps, like SmartThings and Samsung Pay, it lets you back up, restore, and sync your data between multiple devices, and more. This will also help if you forget your ID or password. Some features may vary by device and country so remember to keep your information up to date.

Note Available settings and screens may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and device. Set up a Samsung account. Set up an account on your phone or tablet. Galaxy phones and tablets have Samsung account software built right into their settings. Note If your phone is already logged in to a Samsung account, you will need to log out of that account. See the section titled Log out or remove your account.

Navigate to Settingsand then tap Accounts and backup. Tap Accountstap Add accountand then tap Samsung account. You can sign in if you already have an account, or tap Create account to make one. Review the legal information, and then tap Agree. Set up an account on a computer. To make or sign into a Samsung account from a computer, you ll need to use an internet browser.

Enter your information, and then tap Create account. Note Only one Samsung account is supported per email address. You can log in here, or click Sign up here to make a new account. Enter your information, and then click NEXT to complete setup. Set up an account on a Samsung TV. You can also create or sign into a Samsung account using a Samsung TV.

Note If your TV is already logged in to a Samsung account, you will need to log out of that account. Select System Managerand then select Samsung Account. On your TV, navigate to and select Settingsand then select General. You can log in here, or create a new account. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your account.

Manage your Samsung account. You can update your information any time from your phone, tablet, or computer. Manage your account on a phone or tablet. From Settingstap Accounts and backupand then tap Accounts. If it s been awhile since you set up your Samsung account, some of your info might be out of date. Select your Samsung account from the list, and then tap Personal info. Tap the information you want to update, and then enter the correct details.

If you want to change your password, tap Password and security on the Samsung Account Home page. Tap Change password and follow the on-screen prompts to finish. Manage your account on a computer.

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