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The Driver Tuning feature on the COBRA CONNECT app leverages advanced data to recommend optimal loft and weight settings for you. TOUR ANALYTICS. Learn your strengths and weaknesses by analyzing distance, dispersion and percentage of fairways hit so you can practice more efficiently and improve faster. Club Loft Settings Lie Angle Length with COBRA CONNECT Length with Standard Grip Swing Weight Head Volume Stock Flex RH LH 9 Driver 7.

25 D3 460cc X, S, R RH LH 10. 25 D3 460cc S, R, Lite RH LH 12 Driver 10. 25 D3 460cc S, R, Lite RH LH. Model Flex Shaft Weight Kick Point Torque Trajectory Spin Tip Diameter UST Helium 5 5F3 Regular 59g Low 6. 3 High High 0. 335 UST Helium 4 4F2 Lite 49g Low 6. 335 Model Flex Shaft Weight Kick Point Torque Trajectory Spin Tip Diameter Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Blue 6 Stiff 66g Mid 3. 335 Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Blue 6 Regular 64.

335 Model Flex Shaft Weight Kick Point Torque Trajectory Spin Tip Diameter Project X HZRDUS Smoke 60 Extra Stiff 6. 335 Project X HZRDUS Smoke 60 Stiff 6. 335 Model Flex Shaft Weight Kick Point Torque Trajectory Spin Tip Diameter Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Black 7 Extra Stiff 76g High 3. 335 Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Black 7 Stiff 74g High 3.

COBRA Lamkin Crossline 58 Connect - Black. Customer Reviews 91 item s. My Review Rating. Review by Juan - 8 30 2020. Very nice club. Good feeling, great sound. Great Buy Rating. Review by Adam - 8 26 2020. My distance and speed improved immediately. Very well made and strikes ball very well. King F9 Rating. Review by vic - 8 24 2020. Just started hitting this Driver. The second day was better than the first, hit a couple of beautiful straight drives. I think performance will increase with use.

Club was delivered exactly as ordered. love the club Rating. Review by mike - 8 18 2020. I really like this club. its very forgiving. my drives have definitely improved. Great strokes. hitting them longer and straighter. New and nice club Rating. Review by Frank - 8 18 2020. Like the club a lot. Getting a bit more distance, maybe 7 to 10 yds. Looks great, feels great, but I m not crazy about the sound on the hit. Review by PJ - 8 17 2020. I ordered the Artic White with a PX Even Flow White 6.

0 with a tour velvet grip to a 45 length. The grip build up was perfect and they adjusted the weights to make it come out to spec. The driver is hot and gets it out there on a piercing trajectory. I went to a place with trackman and dialed it in within 20 minutes with the stock settings being optimal at 9 degrees and heavy weight in front. Truly a great closeout deal with no charge for upgraded shaft, custom length, and grip.

I am so impressed, I ordered the tour 3 wood. 1st time buying a brand new driver Rating. Review by Drew - 8 14 2020. I love the look and feel of the club. The fact that I was able to customize it completely was a huge plus. The shipping and Corona delays were the only reason I gave it 4 stars. Review by BP - 8 14 2020. Went with a 9 head and Ventus blue 6s shaft. Awesome combination. Low spin bombs and a fairway finder.

Very Nice Driver Rating. Review by Turf1024 - 8 11 2020. Upgraded from a Cobra X Speed driver from 2006 which had an aftermarket Epic shaft which replaced the stock shaft, it was a great shaft head combo for me. I am very pleased to saythis F9 with the Atmos Tour Spec Black shaft is pretty dog gone good. Perfect for my swing speed and desired launch angle. My really solid drives are nearly the same in distance as my old driver but the biggest difference is when I don t hit it perfectly on the sweet spot, then I notice a significant amount of iq option jusbrasil and accuracy gain vs.

my old driver. Overall, very happy with the club. Cobra rocks. Best Driver I ve Ever Hit Rating. Review by Tim - 8 10 2020. Easily the best feeling, sound, and performance from any driver I ve ever hit. The balls fly straight and far 30 yards further than my old Taylormade Burner. Coupled this club with the F-Max irons and took 10 strokes off my game over the summer.

Couldn t be happier with my purchase. Excellent distance Rating. Review by Smooth - 8 9 2020. Incredible distance when I make solid contact and still decent distance on is hits. Couldn t ask for better results for the investment. F9 driver is a weapon Rating. Review by jmb - 8 6 2020. Atmos tour spec black shaft. This thing launches out there. Best and longest driver ever hit. Review by JODY - 8 5 2020. Great custom driver. Cobra Driver Rating. Still trying to get adjusted. Review by JB - 7 28 2020.

Doesn t seem to be as long as my last Titliest. Looks good at address, love the look. Love the distance and control. Just need to be able to dial it in. Review by Charles - 7 22 2020. Love the look of this driver, got the arctic white and I love it. Review by P Dash - 7 21 2020. Thumper Rating. The driver looks and feels great with a distinguishing thump of power at contact.

The 14gr weight is a tad too heavy at the head; using the aftermarket 12g weight makes a huge difference with swing speed and consistency pounding the ball where you want it. Mine was set up with x stiff tensi ck blue. Use Winn grips instead you will thank me. Review by Alan - 7 14 2020. Best driver I ve ever played. King F9 Driver Rating.

Review by Jeff - 7 14 2020. Awesome Club. Highly recommend this club to any golfer of any level. Great craftsmen ship and workability with this driver. Performs great and feels good when you can send IT. F9 driver Rating. Review by Carl Spackler - 7 13 2020. Love the shaft and midsize gripfells really nicesuits my game. Only got on the course once but it was much better than iq option jusbrasil m3 driver.

Hitting the fairways more consistentlyvery pleased with the way the ball comes off the face. Wish i could back out soonreinjured back ,cant wait to back out and really see what this driver can do Think it is the final piece to my game Was inprocess of getting down to single handicap. Driver Rating. Review by RAPO - 7 13 2020. I am amazed how easy it is to swing and hit the sweet spot 95 of the time. I received the drive a week ago and played a couple of rounds with it. Review by Wild horse 17 - 7 13 2020.

Performance is better than anticipated. Wonderful I can t Rating. Review by Viking15 - 7 8 2020. I have played 4 rounds with the new driver. I can t wait to play some more. Unbeatable for the price Rating. I m still getting used to it, but every round I hit it better. 9 hzrdous xstiff, 2 handicap. So much adjustability and forgiveness. Fantastic feel and sound. No other 2019 driver compares. Cobra f9 Rating. Review by Calub - 6 29 2020. Greatest driver ever.

F9 Speedback Rating. Review by Mid skill golfer - 6 26 2020. Already getting 20 yards more on my drive. Easy transition, forgiving and gotten many compliments. Review by Hunt - 7 8 2020. Best golf purchase I ve ever made Rating. Review by Dereck - 6 25 2020. Finally upgraded from a 2010 TaylorMade Burner. Ordered the driver 1 shorter and was best decision Golf decision I ve ever made.

Literally can not hit this thing badly and I m no pro. Paired it with a 7w and already shooting lower scores. First round I went off Rating. Review by Christian - 6 23 2020. First round with the driver, hit 12 14 fairways, averaging over 300 with nearly perfect control and accuracy. Club head feels forgiving and very hot. I m probably about a 4 or 5 handicap and went under par in my first round with the club.

This one is a winner. Great Driver Rating. Review by AM - 6 19 2020. Took a long time to receive my club, but well worth the wait. The F9 is awesome. Forgiving Rating. Review by Behndthmask - 6 19 2020. I decided to give this a shot after hitting it at a pro shop. I have been extremely happy with the results. I now have confidence that even if I miss hit the club it is going to be a playable second shot.

I purchased the 9 degree because of my swing speed and high I used to hit my old driver. After playing around with the different lofts I settled on the 1. 5 because it is much more forgiving and with the weight near the face it helps keep the shot much lower. I would rather be in the fairway than 10-20 yards longer and in the rough or 1 hole over. It also has a very satisfying sound, I have had several people comment after a drive on how good it sounds. It is a nice dull crack.

I was a player that always left the driver in the bag and tee d up an iron. I have already told several of my friends to get this club and everyone that I have let hit it wants one. You simply can t beat the price for performance of this club. Don t make the same mistake I did, if you are not positive what loft you want don t get an Align grip. I had to take it to a pro shop and have them rotate the grip for me from the purchased 9 degree location to the 1.

I m on a budget, price drop finally. my very 1st on course drive went through the fairway on a par 5170 yards to pinI was so shocked I dubbed my next shotI am really happy. F9 driver came just as custom ordered, timely manner. Review by zub - 6 11 2020. Review by GParr - 6 10 2020. This driver is hot off the face and super forgiving. Hadn t played in months and went straight to the first tee. Hit every fairway. Even on off-center hits, which were often.

Very satisfied with this driver. Happy, very happy Rating. Review by Tim - 6 9 2020. Love the sound. Gained 30 yards without trying. Review by Hesson - 5 29 2020. The ball just launches. Amazing driver. Hit them straight Rating. Light and powerful. Review by Cbrats - 5 28 2020. So far everything is great. The ball comes off the face like a bullet. I haven t had a chance to fine tune it but most of the time goes where I want it to go. I would rate it a 5 star but can t get the Arccos Driver app to work.

Cobra f9 Speedback driver Rating. Had it before and same thing happened does not work. Review by Tyler - 5 26 2020. WOW, I ve been playing golf for a short period of time. I had gotten a good hang of my old driver, but this club is incredible, very forgiving on miss hits, however when swung properly, it FLIES. Im averaging 40 more yards than my old club.

I really like that it has the capability to adjust spin through the CG, as well as loft. A club I can definitely grow into. Review by Mr. Great club, iq option jusbrasil to adjust and great distance. Limited Use but Very Good So Far Rating. Review by Jeff - 5 23 2020. I bought the F9 right before quarantine and was able to use once before shutdown. Only used once since but so far, loving the results. Feels faster than my old M1, even with the heavier HZRDUS Smoke 70 6.

With both head and shaft change, hard to attribute where the improvement should be credited. But just like better. Better sound. Review by Ed - 5 21 2020. Looks and performs even better than I expected. Team handled transaction perfectly and was very responsive. Great products. Review by Dangles - 5 19 2020. Great driver. The driver is great and the sound chuck that came with it is just as good.

Cobra F9 driver Rating. Review by Rich - 5 19 2020. Looks awesome with the black and yellow head and the hzrdus yellow shaft. The carbon fiber on top of the head looks great behind the ball. With about 50 drives with it so far it performs better than I had expected. Very happy overall with my purchase. White Avalanche Rating. Review by Tots - 5 19 2020.

Very forgiving driver when not stuck well. Bombing the ball 300 on good contact. Lots of power and easy to shape ball definitely the best driver out there on the market. Stoked Rating. Review by JJ - 5 15 2020. I love my new driver. Review by Joe - 5 13 2020. Love it love the way it feels loved the way it hits love the way it looks.

Review by Kels - 5 13 2020. Only 3 rounds in golf buddy refers to my new F9 as Magic. Have gained a bit more distance though biggest benefit has been forgiveness, meaning my fairway percentage is up. Overall very pleased. Review by Matt Ellis - 5 13 2020. Overall this driver is sweet. Feels great and everything came delivered exactly as ordered.

Can t wait to get out on the course this Saturday and try it out. Great Stick Rating. Review by Petro33 - 5 13 2020. I ve been playing Cobra drivers and woods for the last 20 years. In my opinion this is the best driver by Cobra yet. I ve played four rounds with my F9, it s easy to swing and very consistent. I m picking up between 15 20 yards off the tee.

I order it with a shorter shaft which has helped with my control off the tee box, which probably added some yardage. Great driver, I highly recommend this driver to my fellow golfers. Great Driver - Excellent Value Rating. Review by Paul - 5 4 2020. Replaced my Callaway Epic. Good sound and feel. It s more forgiving than my Callaway and able to keep the ball in play.

Definitely get the right shaft for you as there is a lot of choices through their custom shop. I like how I can move the heavier weight forward to reduce spin and lower launch. Review by Dirk - 4 14 2020. This club is absolutely fantastic. Great feel on impact and has a unique sound that gives you the satisfaction of a solid hit.

Apart from this club dropping bombs down course it gives me way better accuracy. Awesome Driver Rating. Review by Craig - 4 10 2020. I have played several different drivers and the F9 Cobra is the best driver I have played. I play quite a bit so I have several rounds with each driver. I have used the Titleist 917, Callaway Epic, Callaway XHot, and other Cobra drivers LTDCobra Amp. I love the feedback I receive from the F9. The feeling is so solid and the ball jumps off the face.

And great value compared to the Taylormade and Callaway drivers. I highly recommend the F9 with the Atmos shaft. Review by Golfer09 - 3 31 2020. Purchased this club 1 inch shorter shaft and senior graphite. I am very happy with my purchase. Great club Rating. Review by coryfly - 3 30 2020. I ve been a Callaway woods guy for years but this club is the first in years that has replaced those in my bag.

Love everything about it. Easy to find the center of the face and the ballflight is perfect. F9 Custom Driver Rating. Review by Ferg - 3 27 2020. Great diver, quick custom build and shipment. Ordered and recived within 5 days. New F9 Rating. Review by Al - 3 4 2020. I know two things about this driver vs. my old one, the shots go straighter and as far as they used to. Review by Mike - 2 25 2020.

I did a lot of research on drivers and wanted to get something new that didnt break the bank. I was happy that I could order last year s model straight from Cobra with my specifications. It came quickly and exactly as I ordered it. I took it to the range once and love hitting it. Cant wait to get it out on the course. Review by Don - 2 17 2020. Review by Zach - 1 14 2020. I love this driver. Have only played a few rounds and the results are already showing. It s forgiving off-center and the look from above is excellent.

The impact and sound are also extremely favorable, making that great crunch noise when you know you ve caught one. Review by Salle - 1 7 2020. Custom shaft and grip - amazingly forgiving technology. Recommend it to scratch golfers and weekend warriors alike. Cobra F9 driver experience Rating. Review by Bill - 1 5 2020. It is pleasing to my eye. It felt real good and every shot felt really good. The first thing I noticed was how good the club looks.

Review by DBL - 12 31 2019. I ve had an earlier model Cobra driver for 3 years, but had read iq option jusbrasil good reviews of the F9 so I decided to upgrade. It was a great decision. I have gained 20-30 yards off the tee with little loss of accuracy and for an old guy of 74 that s an unbelievable improvement. One of the best decisions I made in 2019.

stronger then Ping 410 Rating. Review by BC - 12 30 2019. Still working on adjustment. Setting up with club face a little open. Review by Andrew - 11 22 2019. Love the look, feel off of face, and the sound. Very happy with choosing this driver over Epic Flash. Hot face Rating. Review by Whale - 11 6 2019. I hit this in places I ve never been against the wind on a cold day. Custom driver for the average player Rating. Review by Florida Cobra Chuck - 10 31 2019. Extremely easy to hit driver.

For best results, custom fit with a good ball and receive the rewards of your efforts. F9 Speedback Driver Rating. Review by TJ - 10 2 2019. Purchased this without even testing it first. After tweaking the weights and loft a bit, I can now say that I absolutely LOVE this club. Review by Silky1 - 9 24 2019. First driver in 3 years that I ve felt comfortable swinging. Feels great to swing. Review by Hh - 9 12 2019. I use to play taylormade but now it s a f9 I ll never go back.

WOW COBRA WOW Rating. Review by Canada Steve - 9 7 2019. I play Cobra clubs, I love them, the look, the feel, the performance. I currently play the King F6 Driver but gave the F9 Speedback a go at Golftown. All I could say was WOW. Right from the look at address to the amazing accuracy and extra 25 yards of distance.

Can t wait to put this in my bag. Please make a special addition in Rickie s ORANGE. Review by El Abogado Tomas - 8 16 2019. This is a great club. I try not to buy a driver every year. I have a feeling this one will be long term. Living up to the Hype Rating. Review by Drel - 8 2 2019. All the hype from this driver is legit. Got the driver on the 10. 5 degree loft, set to 9. Avalanche head color. Hzrdous Smoke 70g shaft.

Had it for almost a month now. The feel is great, it sounds powerful, it looks fast, super hot off the face and the performance is exceptional. I m surprised on how many fairways I found. The miss hits are forgiving. Gained atleast 15-20 yards off the tee. Really happy about this driver, it s going to sit in my bag for a long time. Just keeps getting better.

Review by David - 7 13 2019. This club is the best Cobra driver yet. We ve had the Fly-Z, the F8, and now the F9, this driver is an improvement over the previous clubs. Long Straight Rating. Review by Golflover - 6 21 2019. Haven t previously used a Cobra driver before but the F9 is very impressive. Played the GBB Epic Taylormade M2, the F9 is equally good if not better. Getting a consistent medium piercing trajectory with a lot of tumble on landing.

Both length accuracy is the best of all previous drivers I ve played. In terms of performance price, you can t go wrong with the the F9. Hitting Bombs Rating. Review by Hoo-Day - 6 14 2019. Love this driver, 198 club head speedjust hitting absolute BOMBS. Review by Wolvverine - 6 14 2019. Beautiful looking club. Has a more muted sound of the face compared to other drivers which I like. Long and straight with the hzrdus smoke.

Sweet Driver. Review by MarkyMark - 6 10 2019. Love the new Cobra f9 driver. Best new driver of the year. Maybe the sleeper of all the 2019 drivers. The best driver Cobra has ever made. Review by Jeff - 5 31 2019. Increased distance and accuracy. love my new Cobra driver, 3wd, and 5wd. Tour Length TL F9 Speedback Driver Rating. Review by Kyle - 5 31 2019.

Easy on the eyes, and a real joy iq option jusbrasil swing and play with. Coming off a TM M6 Driver I felt comfortable with, I thought I would not be impressed when getting my fitting by Brandon out at Encinitas Ranch Golf Course in San Diego. I just have to say that the experience of the fitting and then the results are dramatic. Went into a shorter length which allows me to hit the sweet spot consistently and the sound and feel is unlike any driver I have ever owned.

M6 averaged 261 off the tee on trackman before switching to the TL F9 which was then averaging 288 on trackman. I can go after the ball with confidence and straight SEND IT. And with cobra Connect to analyze all my shots, I have reduced my handicap with driver down to a single digit. Absolutely love this club and my Forged Tec irons.

Thanks Cobra for a great product and your amazing fitter, Brandon Dickinson. Love this club Rating. Review by Nate - 5 24 2019. I got this club after lots of research and because a tour pro helped me out. It comes of the face beautifully and feels great in the swing. You get good feedback on off center shots but the shot usually fly well unless I really do something wrong. First nice course I played I hit 11 14 fairways and the next course I hit 7 14, really poor boxes, But wasn t the clubs fault.

Super happy with this purchase. Review by Greg S. The custom fitting really feels good, Cobra increased the size of my grips and I like the feel and it has helped me with a lighter grip pressure. I don t feel like I have to grip so hard to keep the club in my hands. Weather has not let me fully appreciate the driver, however with limited work it looks like a keeper. Review by The Vog - 5 3 2019. Cobra F9 is amazing. When I first saw this driver I liked the look.

After some research on shafts I decided on an upgraded Oban Kiyoshi shaft to improve launch and bring down my spin rate. The F9 is the finest driver I have tried. Bombs Rating. Review by JR - 4 29 2019. Got the 9 degree F9 and put a Project X Red Stiff 75 shaft in it. Had to switch up the weights and moved setting to 10 degrees to achieve desired trajectory and maneuverability was too flat and a baby draw was popping up here and there.

once I got it set up right also put 3g lead tape on toe I added about 7mph and 10-15 yards from my TM M4, and more importantly was able to hit consistent hi launch baby fade I was after. Been dropping bombs since. Best Driver Ever. Review by Mad Golfer - 4 7 2019. Just played my first round with this driver, and all I have to say is WOW. I was dropping 290 yard bombs with zero carry.

Early in the season balls were plugging I highly recommend the HZRDUS Smoke 60 shaft as well. This created a much lighter feeling driver, with a lot less whip in your hands than the other shafts offered. I had purchased the 9 degree, and had it set to 9 with the red weight in the front. I was able to hit a few balls at the range with the weight in the back and it seemed to pull the heel on the club down.

Having it in the front had a smoother follow through. Each hit was consistently straight with the occasional draw but I had much more control and feel as to what I was doing from my old drivers. The cost compared to the other big name brands out there, this club wins in all categories hands down having tried each of them before buying I got lots of compliments on the look yellow and the sound of each hit. It gives off a nice ping sound no pun intended. I m a 60 yr old golfer and love my new F9 driver Rating.

Review by ACX - 3 29 2019. There are two reasons why I love my new driver. First this driver is extremely forgiving and I mean if you don t catch the ball on the sweet spot the ball still flies down the middle. The second reason is when you catch it on the sweet spot the ball flies off the face and I ve added at least 15 yds. Overall one of the best golf purchase I ve made in a long time. Impressed Rating. Review by ABCJ - 3 16 2019. The service provided by Cobra Puma Golf was excellent.

The F9 head is as advertised. I fully appreciated the choice of custom shafts. I am quite impressed and absolutely satisfied with this custom purchase. Review by FowlPlay - 3 11 2019. All around solid driver. upgraded the shaft to the Tour AD Di 7 and love it.

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