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Liam Tsimhoni said he apologized, if he had broken any rules, but said he would not apologize for not talking to Omer his father because I have a reason for that and that s because he is violent and I saw him hit my mom and I m not going to talk to him. These poor children are not only caught in the middle of a tragic divorce, but they have been ordered confined for not speaking to their allegedly abusive father by this ignorant judge. The child said he saw his father hit his mother, so he doesn t want to talk to him.

It sounds to me like this young man is very intelligent and opposed to violence. Gorcyca said Liam was a defiant, contemptuous young man. She said the boy s father was a great man who has gone through hoops for you, to have a relationship with you. She is absolutely certain that the children s father hasn t physically abused their mother and she knows first hand what a great guy this man is.

Sure, Judge Gorcyca has actually lived in the same house with this family and she knows everything about them. Wow, she is either omnipresent, or an idiot. I suspect the latter. Gorcyca went on to say to the boy, You re supposed to have a high IQ, which I am doubting right now because of the way you act; you re very defiant; you have no manners. She also told him he was mentally messed up.

Whose IQ is botched and who is mentally messed up here. She continued to taunt the children by saying, Do you like going to the bathroom in front of people. She asked Nathalie, Is your bed soft and comfortable. Gorcyca ordered that the three children be kept apart. Not only were they separated from their mother, but the three children, one as young as 9, were ordered separated from each other.

She further ordered that family members could not see them. How cruel and inhumane. Beast on the Bench. Judge Lisa Gorcyca on the left appearing as though she has claws. Apparently, the father had no problem with the judge s cruelty against his children. Traumatized for weeks. She needs to have the Gor e and cyca sued out of her.

Her cruel remarks to these children, however, can never be reversed. It will only be through God s divine protection if these children weren t psychologically damaged by this beast on the bench. Rabbi Jason Miller from the local Jewish community told the Jewish Daily Forward it was bizarre that the children were being punished for their parents feud.

He added that the community was in shock over the children s treatment, reported The Times of Israel. Hypothetical If you are a Jew-hating judge, striking out at three children and their mother, among a family of five, isn t a bad strike 4 5. Albeit, if you can actually torment and taunt the three children to the point that they have even more disdain for their father than they had previously bulls-eye, that s 5 5, not to even mention the psychological attack waged against these children.

You haven t seen anything yet, rabbi, if you continue living in Muslamibad Michigan. You need to get out of there, while you can. Christians witnessing in Michigan have even been stoned by Muslims, then arrested by police for witnessing, while their attackers were ignored. Muslims hate Jews just a little more than they hate Christians, and with the expansion of the Muslim community in Michigan, quite frankly, I wouldn t live there.

Has anyone seen the Middle East lately except for Israel. Talk about tobacco road. The wicked shall be cast into hell, and all the nations that forget God Psalms 9 17. According to Bible prophecy, Jews and Christians will be hated of all nations in the latter days. He made no objection to all of this in the courtroom. The Prophet Zechariah told Israel of their fate during the last days, but he also said the Lord would defend them.

Behold, the Day of the Lord comes and your spoil shall be divided in the midst of you, for I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city shall be taken and the houses rifled and the women ravished, and half of the city Jerusalem shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city. Notice the prophet said all nations will gather against Jerusalem, meaning they will all hate Jews.

Jesus also said to His disciples concerning the time of His return. Then shall they deliver you Jewish Christians up to be afflicted, and shall kill you, and you shall be hated of all nations for My name s sake Matthew 24 9. There, you have it. According to Bible prophecy, all nations will hate Jews and Christians. The Bible also tells us that when the Jews are gathered back into Zion rebirth of Israel in 1948 and they prosper in their land, the Lord will appear.

Then shall the Lord go forth and fight against those nations, as when He fought in the day of battle Zechariah 14 1-3. When the Lord shall build up Zion, He shall appear in His glory Psalms 102 16. We are living in that generation, friends. Hundreds of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled and those remaining will surely come to pass. Are you prepared to stand before God and give an account of the life you have lived on this earth. If not, salvation is only a prayer away.

Please visit the How Can I Be Saved page your eternal destiny depends on it. Twitter Facebook Email Skype Print Pinterest. WordPress allows the option of including your Email, Name and Website when posting comments, but that information is NOT required in order to leave comments. You can write anonymously, if you prefer, and leave out all the other information. Thanks be to God, there has been such public outcry and protesting that this judge had no choice but to reverse her decision after the children were already weeks in detention.

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The separate list of James Bond films details the actors who have played the role of agent 007. This is a list of actors who were considered for the role of James Bond, both officially auditioned by the film producers and unofficially supported by fans and celebrities but did not play the role of agent 007. Actor Film Year Reason Trevor Howard Dr. No 1961 Sean Connery was chosen. Stanley Baker Would not commit to a three-picture contract. 1 Rex Harrison 1962 Turned down in favour of Connery.

2 David Niven Turned down in favour of Connery later played Bond in the 1967 parody Casino Royale Fleming s personal choice. 2 Richard Todd Ian Fleming s first choice for the role, but scheduling conflicts prevented him from getting it. 3 Jeremy Brett On Her Majesty s Secret Service 1967 Feared the role would harm his career. 4 Peter Purves Prior to becoming a Blue Peter presenter, Purves auditioned for the role of 007 but was unsuccessful and later dumped by his agent.

citation needed Michael Caine Didn t want typecasting in spy films, having previously starred in the three Harry Palmer spy films. Robert Campbell George Lazenby won the role based on a screen-test fight scene. 5 Dick Van Dyke His poor English accent failed to appeal to producer Albert R. 6 Patrick Mower Reason unknown. 7 Daniel Pilon Harry Saltzman felt he was too young, 27 years at time.

8 John Richardson George Lazenby won the role based on a screen-test fight scene. 5 Anthony Rogers George Lazenby won the role based on a screen-test fight scene. List of actors considered for the James Bond character. 5 Terence Stamp His ideas for the future films felt too radical for producer Harry Saltzman. 9 Hans De Vries George Lazenby won the role based on a screen-test fight scene.

5 Eric Braeden 1968 Albert R. Broccoli at first thought he was British and so considered him. clarification needed However Broccoli, who believed that no one from outside the Commonwealth would be suitable as James Bond, decided against him after finding he was German American. 10 Peter Snow 1968 Auditioned for On Her Majesty s Secret Service but was rejected by Broccoli and Saltzman for being too tall 6 ft 5in.

11 Oliver Reed 1969 Producers did not want to spend the time or money needed to reshape Reed s poor public image. 12 Cüneyt Arkın 13 14 Timothy Dalton 1969 1972 He thought himself too young and did not wish to follow Connery. Would decline the role again in 1979, before finally being cast in 1986. Roger Green Diamonds Are Forever 1970 Turned down in favour of Connery auditioned and filmed for Diamonds Are Forever Filmed audition with Imogen Hassall.

2 Simon Dee Live and Let Die 1971 Put forward to follow Sean Connery, despite being thought of by most people as a chat show host, rather than an actor. citation needed William Gaunt Auditioned for the role as Bond for Live and Let Die but lost the role to Roger Moore. John Gavin Diamonds Are Forever. Actors who have come under consideration for the role of James Bond but were not chosen. Live and Let Die. 1971, 1973 Was offered the role as the first American Bond after George Lazenby quit, but lost out when Sean Connery decided to return to the role instead.

Gavin was considered again for Live and Let Diebut was denied as producers felt Bond should remain English. Simon Oates Was strongly considered but turned down when Sean Connery returned; was working on other projects when Roger Moore was selected. 15 Ranulph Fiennes Live and Let Die 1972 For having hands too big and a face like a farmer. 16 Peter Laughton Broccoli remarked that he would have been chosen had he auditioned for On Her Majesty s Secret Service.

However, following the casting of Lazenby, the producers were wary of choosing actors with limited or no acting experience and decided to settle with Moore. 18 Timothy Dalton For Your Eyes Only 1979 Turned the role down for a second time as he did not like the direction the series was taking. 17 Guy Peters The producers wanted to cast an actor with a known face. David Warbeck Acting considered too wooden.

19 Michael Jayston 1980 Role up for grabs when Roger Moore was considering quitting but Moore returned. 21 Patrick Mower Auditioned when Roger Moore was considering quitting, but Moore returned 20 Lewis Collins Octopussy 1982 Collins claims the producers thought he was too aggressive. 20 Jayston eventually portrayed the character in 1990 for a two-part BBC radio drama. 22 Ian Ogilvy 1983 Roger Moore agreed to return. James Brolin Screen-tested for Octopussywas lined up for the part, even going so far as buying a house in London for the production, before Roger Moore once again agreed to return.

Pierce Brosnan The Living Daylights 1986 Became front runner for The Living Daylights after Timothy Dalton could not take the part due to his commitment to Brenda Starr. However, Brosnan s option to star in a further season of Remington Steele was taken up by NBC, and EON refused to have him do both Steele and Bond at the same time. Fortuitously, Dalton became freed up at just that time, and so reaccepted the role, which he played until 1989. Brosnan would later play Bond from GoldenEye through to Die Another Day.

Would eventually be cast in 1986 for The Living Daylights. 23 Sam Neill Although he impressed producers as Reilly, Ace of Spies, Neill lost out to Timothy Dalton for this iteration of Bond. Daniel Pilon Timothy Dalton was chosen for the role. Antony Hamilton Was in negotiations with the producers before Timothy Dalton was chosen. Broccoli for not being British. Christopher Lambert French accent prevented him from being chosen.

Mel Gibson 1987 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer wanted him for the role, but was rejected by Albert. 24 Neil Dickson Timothy Dalton was chosen. Finlay Light The little-known Australian model was one of the main contenders for the role in The Living Daylightseven signing a ten-year contract. Mark Greenstreet Told Terry Wogan in an interview that he was given a screen test for Bond but lost out to Timothy Dalton. Timothy Dalton was chosen anyway. Andrew Clarke One of the most popular Australian actors of the 1980s, Clarke was considered but lost out to Dalton.

Simon MacCorkindale Timothy Dalton was chosen. Sean Bean GoldenEye 1994 Was the second choice for EON if Timothy Dalton did not return; however, MGM overruled on both counts, and Pierce Brosnan was given the part. The producers were still impressed, and gave him the part of the villain Alec Trevelyan, rewritten from the mentor part it originally was, to become a direct parallel of Bond as Agent 006.

25 Paul McGann Was given an audition and did impress producers; however, MGM still insisted on Pierce Brosnan for the role, but it was believed that McGann would have stepped in if Brosnan turned down the role. Lambert Wilson Pierce Brosnan was chosen for the role. 26 Henry Cavill Casino Royale 2005 The preferred choice of director Martin Campbell; however, was deemed too young to portray Bond. Mark Frankel Pierce Brosnan was chosen for the role.

27 Rupert Friend Daniel Craig was chosen for the role. 28 Julian McMahon Daniel Craig was chosen for the role. 29 Alex O Loughlin Daniel Craig was chosen for the role. References to Bond were featured in the reboot of Hawaii Five-0 during the first season. The seventh and eighth seasons of the rebooted Hawaii Five-0 feature a recurring MI6 agent portrayed by Chris Vance as MI6 agent Harry Langford in 3 episodes.

30 Clive Owen The producers were unwilling to provide gross profit points. 31 Dougray Scott Reason unknown. 32 Goran Višnjić Reason unknown. Actors who have come under consideration for the role of James Bond but have declined the offer for various reasons. Actor Year considered Reason Richard Burton Dr. On Her Majesty s Secret Service. 1959, 1961, 1968 Felt the role was a new untested concept, 33 and wanted more than the producers would pay.

34 Cary Grant Dr. No 1961 Felt he was too old at time being 58; also just wanted to do one film. 35 Richard Johnson Terence Young s choice but did not want a contract, because he was under contract to MGM. 36 James Mason Offered a three-picture contract but only agreed to do two; turned down the role. Mason was later selected to play the villain Hugo Drax in Moonrakerbut the part eventually went to Michael Lonsdale in order to satisfy the requirements of an Anglo-French co-production under the 1965 79 film treaty.

Patrick McGoohan Felt the role was too promiscuous. Rod Taylor Felt the role was beneath him. 37 Steve Reeves 38 1962 Wanted more money than the producers would offer. 27 Sam Worthington Daniel Craig was chosen for the role. John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan On Her Majesty s Secret Service 1967 Declined an offer from Albert R. Broccoli to screen test him for the role after he decided not to pursue acting.

Would later become infamous when he vanished after his children s nanny was murdered. Clint Eastwood Diamonds Are Forever 1970 Felt Bond must be British. 42 Adam West 1970 Felt Bond must be British. 39 40 Michael Gambon Felt he did not have good enough looks to play Bond. 41 Burt Reynolds Felt Bond must be British. citation needed Jon Finch Live and Let Die 1972 43 Did not want to play the part.

43 44 Liam Neeson GoldenEye 1994 Not interested in starring in action films at that time. 46 Dominic West Casino Royale 2005 Heard a rumour that Pierce Brosnan would return and ruled himself out. 45 However, in reality, his girlfriend later wife Natasha Richardson wouldn t have married him if he took the role. 47 Christian Bale Considered the franchise very British as well as having the opinion that the character represented every despicable stereotype about England and British actors and that he had already played a serial killer in American Psycho.

Both Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan were linked to the role at least a decade before taking it but declined for various reasons. Dalton was offered the role in 1967 at the age of 21 and finally took the role 20 years later. Dalton denied the offer again in 1979 because he felt the plot directions of the Bond films were becoming less realistic and more dependent on gadgetry and repeated plot formulas.

Both Roger Moore and Dalton also did not accept the role for On Her Majesty s Secret Servicefeeling that they did not want to be viewed as the man who replaced Sean Connery. Pierce Brosnan was chosen as Bond for The Living Daylightsbut had to leave the role because the show Remington Steele had been renewed, as Brosnan played the lead role. The role then went to Dalton. Brosnan made his debut as Bond in GoldenEye.

The following actors were considered for the role of James Bond, but were cast as supporting or opposing characters; in the case of Colin Salmon, consideration as Bond came after his appearances in the films. Actor Years auditioned considered Film Character Affiliation George Baker Dr. No 1962 On Her Majesty s Secret Service 1969 The Spy Who Loved Me 1977 Sir Hillary Bray Captain Benson College of Arms Royal Navy Michael Billington On Her Majesty s Secret Service.

1968, 1973, 1979, 1981, 1983 The Spy Who Loved Me 1977 Sergei Barsov KGB agent Anya Amasova s lover KGB Julian Glover 49 For Your Eyes Only 1979 For Your Eyes Only 1981 Aristotle Kristatos MI6 KGB double agent Sean Bean The Living Daylights. Casino Royale. 1987, 1994 GoldenEye 1995 Alec Trevelyan Former MI6 agent 006 turned villain Ralph Fiennes GoldenEye.

1994, 2004 Skyfall 2012 Spectre 2015 No Time to Die 2020 Gareth Mallory M MI6 Colin Salmon 50 Casino Royale 2004 Tomorrow Never Dies 1997 The World Is Not Enough 1999 Die Another Day 2002 Charles Robinson MI6. Colin Salmon was also rumoured to be one of many actors to replace Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, a role that would go to Daniel Craig.

Had he been chosen for the role, Salmon would have been the first black Bond. Brosnan has backed Salmon as a possible successor to Craig. Miley Cyrus confirms marriage to Liam Hemsworth. She shared images from the ceremony, reported to have been held on Sunday, on social media. The couple met nearly a decade ago on the set of the film The Last Song. In November, they lost their home in California in the state s devastating wildfires. The wedding is reported to have taken place at another property owned by Cyrus, in Franklin, Tennessee.

It was a small ceremony attended by family and close friends, reports said. Pictures shared on Cyrus s Twitter account showed the couple embracing. They were seen together in 2015 and it was later announced that they were again engaged. In November, Cyrus tweeted that she and Hemsworth had made it out safely as fire ravaged properties in Malibu.

But she also revealed iq option é seguro her house no longer stands. The singer recently overhauled the lyrics to Santa Baby, turning the Christmas classic into a feminist anthem. She sang her version on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon after pointing out that the lyrics ask Santa for a car, a yacht and cheques in exchange for a hook up with Santa. In her version, she said she doesn t need Santa s presents because she can buy her own damn stuff. She and musician Mark Ronson also released a version of John Lennon and Yoko Ono s Happy Christmas War is Over, recorded with the couple s son Sean Ono Lennon.

US pop star Miley Cyrus has confirmed her marriage to Australian actor and long-standing partner Liam Hemsworth. Thousands of migrants sleep rough on the island of Lesbos after fire engulfs their squalid camp. The couple became engaged in 2012 but then broke it off the following year and separated. The restrictions announced on Sunday will last at least three weeks, PM Benjamin Netanyahu says. Nutri Ninja Duo Auto-iQ BL642 Blender 1500W - Black Silver.

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Pink Floyd A Fleeting Glimpse. By The Fans - For The Fans - Est. Home News Archives Forum Tour Rooms Tour Books Interviews Memories Orphans Gallery Sight Sound Books Fantasy Other Exhibits Links. Pink Floydz A Fleeting Glimpse Established 1998. WELCOME TO PINK FLOYDZ A FLEETING GLIMPSE. Established in June 1998 this site has taken 23 years to build and has seen MULTI MILLIONS of visitors.

If you haven t been here before, get set to discover one of the most comprehensive Pink Floyd sites on the internet. Originally founded by Col Turner Who ran this site for 19 years. In 2017 it was handed over to Liam Creedonwho was later joined by Sean Pincombe in 2019 and who is now Editor-In-Chief. If you have anything Floyd related that you think may be of interest, drop a line to sean pinkfloydz. com OR liam pinkfloydz. Iq option é seguro do not receive any funding at all, so donations are most welcome.

It does cost money to keep this site going, so even if you donate just 5 it can make a difference. Please use the Donation button in the left hand column. As a convenience to you we are providing these Amazon Links USA UK CANADA and now AUSTRALIA We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

Gary Kemp And Guy Pratt Launch New Podcast Rockonteurs With Opening Episode Featuring Nick Mason. Rockonteurs is a podcast all about the real stories behind real music. Presented by Spandau Ballet s Gary Kemp, who wrote and performed megahits like Gold and Trueand Guy Pratt, a bass player who shaped songs for the likes of Madonna and Pink Floyd, you ll hear exclusive stories of life on the road, in the studio and what really happened behind the scenes from artists who wrote, performed and produced the some of the biggest classic rock and pop tracks of all time.

In episode 1 Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt speak to Nick Mason from Pink Floyd. Happy Birthday Roger Waters. Today marks Roger Waters 77th birthday. The legendary songwriter and bassist co-founded Pink Floyd in 1965 along with guitarist Syd Barrett, keyboardist Richard Wright and drummer Nick Mason, with guitarist David Gilmour joining in 1967.

When Barrett left the band in 1968, Waters stepped up as Floyd s creative leader. Guy Pratt The Vinyl Guide Speaks With Guy Pratt On His Journey With Pink Floyd. THE VINYL GUIDE SPEAKS WITH GUY PRATT PINK FLOYD, TOY MATINEE MORE. GUY PRATT SHARES STORIES OF HIS PINK FLOYD JOURNEY WITH DAVID GILMOUR, NICK MASON RICK WRIGHT, WORKING W PATRICK LEONARD AND OTHER CAREER HIGHLIGHTS. The Vinyl Guidethe leading podcast for the vinyl and music collecting communities, has released a ground-breaking interview with Guy Pratt, bass player for Pink Floyd projects for nearly 35 years.

In the interview, Pratt details landing the famously coveted Pink Floyd gig after a departed Roger Waters, provides behind the scenes insight into the world of Pink Floyd, the touring, the recordings, the reunions and more. Pink Floyd fans and music historians will be particularly enthralled with the insight in this interview. Additionally Pratt provides a detailed insight to the highly regarded Toy Matinee project with Patrick Leonard and Kevin Gilbert, his history in comedy and much more.

Pink Floyd and Nick Mason s Saucerful of Secrets feature in Record Store Day Drops 2020 on August 29th. The worldwide Corona virus pandemic has forced Record Store Day to change it s format, with this year s releases now being spread over 3 dates in August, September and October. The first Record Store Day Drop will be August 29and features Pink Floyd and Nick Mason s Saucerful of Secretsdetails below. To celebrate Record Store Day 2020, Pink Floyd will release a live recording of the band s first single, and original singer and songwriter Syd Barrett s best-known song, Arnold Layne.

The limited-edition, one-sided Record Store Day 7 vinyl represents the last live performance of Pink Floydwith David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright all together in 2007. This special performance of Arnold Laynetook place at the Syd Barrett Tribute Concert at The Barbican on 10 May 2007, with Pink Floyd members augmented by Jon Carin Keyboards, vocals and Andy Bell from Oasis on bass guitar. After a star-studded line-up throughout the evening, Pink Floyd took to the stage for an incredibly emotional finale.

The B-side of the single, features an exclusive etching of handcuffs to echo the sleeve and the song s lyrics, more details at the link. The last release is a special one indeed featuring Nick Mason s Saucerful Of Secrets on a 12 Single featuring a live rendition of See Emily Play with Vegetable Man as the B side. Nick Mason has been on the road reinterpreting a couple of early Pink Floyd songs.

The Record Store Day single will be released to coincide with the Nick Mason s Saucerful Of Secrets Live at The Roundhouse album which is released 17th April. From the dynamic drummer heard on every Pink Floyd album, Nick Mason s Saucerful Of Secrets offers the opportunity to experience the group s early body of work in concert, including songs from The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn and A Saucerful Of Secrets. Alongside guitarists Gary Kemp of Spandau Balletkeyboardists Dom Beken and Lee Harris of Ian Dury and The Blockheadsand longtime Pink Floyd touring bassist Guy Pratt, Mason drew rapturous crowds throughout North America and Europe in 2018 and 2019 -including dates at The Roundhouse in London, the historic venue that counted Pink Floyd as its first performance in 1966.

Ahead of a dazzling audiovisual release of material from the Roundhouse sets last May, this collectable 12 single features two performances from those sets including Pink Floyd outtake Vegetable Man, played for the first time ever on this tour backed by a custom etching, more details at the link. There are only a few thousand copies per release, so hopefully you can snag a copy later this week. Roger Waters and Guy Pratt have their own releases slated for the second Record Store Day Drop, on September 26.

Jon Carin Sends Thanks To A Fleeting Glimpse In Social Media Facebook Post. I d like to thank A Fleeting Glimpse for their kindness generosity in mentioning my music. I suppose A Fleeting Glimpse is now the Official Pink Floyd website in light of the other sites not mentioning long time contributors 35 years for me, no small featand more importantly, Roger, the leader of the band primary songwriter conceptualist through their most creative legacy establishing period.

It took a lot of deep breaths to get up the nerve to put any of my music out there, and there s a lot, so I m very appreciative to anyone who has been supportive. I just wanted to do my bit to help people pass the time in this strange space we are all going through collectively. I thought these few songs were the most appropriate to the times.

I ll keep putting out more if you d like. Jon Carin Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Roger Waters. Matt Gilmour son of Pink Floyd s David Gilmour Releases New Album Collages. Matt Gilmour a talented musician in his own right and son of David Gilmour has released a new album entitled Collages. Matt was born and raised in England where he grew up watching his father Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour from the side of the stage as David captivated arena crowds.

Eventually, Matt began to solidify his musical chops and forge his own path discovering his identity through traversing a myriad of musical influences. When Matt Gilmour returned to Austin, Texas from an exhausting chemo treatment stint back home in England, he felt exhausted and lonely. To buoy his spirits, his friends would pick him up and take him to an informal jam they called Music Mondays.

These were fateful moments where a spirit of community pervaded that transformed Matt and led to his forming a band. That time brought me back to life, saved me from depression, and made feel able to deal with things, Matt shares. Before that, I was a spoiled rich kid. Today, Matt is on the precipice of releasing some of the music he s wanted to make his whole life, an interstellar mélange of psychedelic rock with touches of prog, blues, indie, folk, and funk.

Through embracing the power of community, Matt s life and music has soared. You can hear this spirit in the music with its harmony vocal overlay, and in the melting pot of influences frothing over. Even getting a plug from his dad This is my son Matt Gilmour s recent album, Collages. Why don t you give it a listen. David Gilmour. Due to the current outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-19 some of our services have been affected.

For further advice and guidance please read our Information Guide for Service Users. Planning and Building. I d like info on. We thank you for your patience during this time. Planning Applications and Guidance Building Standards and Public Safety Development Plans Conservation and Listed Buildings Planning Regeneration Areas. Buildings at Risk Dangerous and Derelict Buildings Design Guide for Repair and Replacement of Windows Planning Enforcement Trees. Find out if I Need Planning Permission View Applications, Appeals and Decisions Apply for a Building Warrant Apply for Planning Permission Report Unauthorised Works.

West of Scotland Archaeology Service Regeneration Factsheets and Statistics Open Space Strategy More under Planning and Building Services. I d like guidance on. This is a psychological condition in which people of low ability have a tendency to over estimate themselves, and people of high ability have an equal tendency to under estimate themselves. Pondering on my own IQ, or the lack thereof, and the it-ness of life. What you do when you have far too much time on your hands.

What this means In layman terms is basically that there are people who are as thick as pig poo, but think they are the new Albert Einstein, and those who really are the next Einstein who think they are as thick as pig poo. I have just been studying something called the Dunning Kruger effect. And as I was reading about the condition, I was thinking to myself, oh yes I ve met quite a few of those type of people, on both sides.

And I inevitably wondered into which camp I fell. And the thought occurred to me that I can be a bit of both at times. This led me to becoming really quite confused not so much about who I am, but as to what I am. Many has been the time I have been called, and treated like, truth be told, that I am indeed as thick as two short planks.

On the other hand, seldom, no, make that never, has anybody ever told me that I am a genius whose time will come in the not too distant future. It has even deeply effected me at home. Now as you can imagine, this has had quite a devastating effect on my career prospects and on my actual life performance. My wife has constantly told me I am useless at just about every domestic chore I can think of. Indeed, she has even started to criticise my basic ability to clean myself let alone a sink full of dirty dishes.

F or the first time since I was a toddler I am having to re-do basic toilet training. I am a long long way from being incontinent, but I m half expecting a potty to be introduced to the en-suite bathroom any time this month. It has got so, so bad that I have now stopped doing anything at all really. Now this has been been something which has bridled with me since I had an entirely different view, a contrary self perception if you will. My confidence to clean even a coffee stained teaspoon has gone.

At least that is my excuse for not bothering to give it a wash. However, if I am constantly told I am crap at something, do not be too surprised if I stop doing it. And if I am told I am crap at everything, then I will end up not doing anything at all. I am now trying to figure out if that makes me too thick to save myself from my own stupidity, or smarter than your average bear, boo boo. A nd then I got to wondering about Cunning and Druger and found myself wondering, well what if they actually both belong to the former group of dullards who think they are the bees knees.

Of course, my wife now constantly complains that I do nothing around the house, that I always leave it to her. How can we know if they have or haven t rigged the tests in their own favour. And I came to the conclusion that it s got bugger all to do with me. I am long well past caring what others think about how intelligent or stupid I am. And quite frankly I couldn t give a tinkers cuss about how stupid or not anybody else is.

In fact, I have become quite apathetic about every body and everything. I mean how can we trust the ones who are doing the testing. Having seen the dregs of what passes for intelligence rise to the top of society, no names no pack drill, and budding Einsteins packing cardboard boxes on a factory floor, I have lost all hope not just for myself, but for all of humanity.

Personally, I have concluded that I am not quite stupid nor shameless enough to delude myself that I can effectively run a country the size of a continent and be a leader of the free world. Nor am I smart enough to operate the cardboard box crusher at the local widget and grommet factory. So I shall just occupy myself with some basic potty training whereupon I can, in my own sweet way, simply squat down on the little blue, plastic moulded potty and indulge in some intellectual gymnastics, pondering on the it-ness of life, mumbling to myself ga ga, ga ga goo.

Bushthe 43rd President of the United States, has elicited a variety of public perceptions regarding his policies, personality, and performance as a head of state. Public image of George W. and elsewhere, journalists, polling organizations, and others have documented the expression of an evolving array of opinions of President Bush. Time magazine named George W.

The approval ratings of George W. Bush as its Person of the Year for 2000 1 and 2004, 2 citing him as the most influential person during these two years. Bush ranged from a record high to a record low. Bush began his presidency with ratings near 60. 3 In the time of national crisis following the September 11 attacks, polls showed approval ratings greater than 85peaking in at 924 and a steady 80 90 approval for about four months after the attacks. 5 Afterward, his ratings steadily declined as the economy suffered and the Iraq War initiated by his administration continued.

By early 2006, his average rating was near 40and in July 2008, a poll indicated a low of 22. In an August 2008 Rasmussen poll, likely voters were asked the question Will history rate George W. Bush as the worst President ever. 50 responded no41 said yes and 9 were unsure. 1 Background 2 Support among conservatives 3 Personal image 3.

1 Country image 3. 3 Intellectual capacity 4 Domestic perception of Bush 4. 1 Domestic policy 4. 1 Response to Hurricane Katrina 4. 2 Environment 4. 3 Economic policies 4. 2 Foreign policy and national security 4. 1 War on Terror 4. 3 Enhanced interrogation techniques controversy 4. 4 Foreign aid 5 Bush Derangement Syndrome neologism 6 Foreign perception of Bush 7 Surveys of historians 8 Notable critical works about Bush 8.

1 Fahrenheit 9 11 8. 9 Post-presidential image 9. 1 Miss Me Yet. billboard 9. 2 Effect of Decision Points memoir 9. 3 Ranking of George W. Bush as US President 10 See also 11 References 12 External links. At the beginning of his first term, Bush s reputation suffered due to his narrow victory in Florida and the attendant controversy surrounding his electoral college victory, which included accusations of vote suppression and tampering. While routinely criticized by Democrats, Bush was also sometimes criticized by Republicans.

A number of American celebrities and sports and media personalities engaged in heated criticism of Bush. Bush was also subject to criticism in the international community for his foreign policy. He was, at times, targeted by the global anti-war and anti-globalization campaigns not specific enough to verify. Street protests sometimes occurred during Bush s diplomatic visits to other countries. His policies were the subject of heated criticism in the 2002 elections in Germany 9 and the 2006 elections in Canada.

Bush has enjoyed strong support among Republicans and Americans holding conservative views, and for the 2004 election, 95 98 of the Republican electorate approved of and voted for Bush, a figure exceeding the approval of Ronald Reagan. This support waned, however, due mostly to Republicans growing frustration with Bush on the issues of spending and illegal immigration.

Some Republicans even began criticizing Bush on his policies in Iraq, Iran, and the Palestinian territories. Country image Edit. Raised in West Texas, Bush s accent, vacations on his Texas ranch, and penchant for country metaphors contribute to his folksy, American cowboy image. 12 13 I think people look at him and think John Wayne, says Piers Morgan, editor of the British Daily Mirror.

14 It has been suggested that Bush s accent was a deliberate and active choice, as a way of distinguishing himself from his family s traditionally wealthy, intellectual, Northeastern image, and anchoring himself to his Texas roots. 15 Both supporters and detractors have pointed to his country persona as reasons for their support or criticism. In contrast to his father, George H.

Bush, who was perceived as having troubles with an overarching unifying theme, Bush embraced larger visions and was seen as a man of larger ideas and associated huge risks. Intellectual capacity Edit. Bush s intellectual capacities were questioned by the media 17 which speculated about his IQ. A hoax report claiming Bush had the lowest IQ of any American President of the last 50 years circulated in 2001. Though no official IQ test score for Bush has been found, the score he received on his SAT during his final year of prep school at the exclusive Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts is known.

He scored 1206, which has been correlated to an IQ of 120. The score that Bush received on his qualifying test for the military suggests that his IQ was in the mid-120s, placing him in the 95th percentile of the population for intelligence. 20 An article published in the journal Political Psychology estimated Bush s IQ at 125. 21 The same study estimated the IQ of Bush s predecessor Bill Clinton at 149. 18 The study s director noted that Bush may be much smarter than the findings imply.

A lecturer in American politics at Warwick University said A major part of Bush s public persona, to some extent, I think deliberately, is that he is not an intellectual. But he went to Yale, he has had an exclusive upbringing and he is by no means a dimwit. Bush s detractors tended to focus on various linguistic errors made by him during his public speeches, colloquially known as Bushisms. 24 His mispronunciation of certain words was ridiculed in the media and in popular culture.

Even as early as the 2000 presidential debates, it was the subject of a Saturday Night Live sketch see Strategery. 25 Perhaps his most famous nonstandard pronunciation is that of nu cular instead of nu clearalthough he is not the only American president to have done this. Merriam-Webster lists nu cular as a variant but nonstandard pronunciation of nuclear. Bush began his presidency with approval ratings near 50.

28 Following the September 11 attacks, Bush held approval ratings of greater than 85among the highest for any President. Since then, his approval ratings and approval of his handling of domestic, economic, and foreign policy issues steadily declined, and despite consistent efforts to do so, President Bush and his Administration were unable to rally public support for the last three years, with each year seeing a steady decline in the Administration s support level to the point of Bush eventually dropping to a 19 approval rating and 77 disapproval rating, both records for a sitting president.

In 2002, Bush had the highest approval rating of any president during a midterm congressional election since Dwight D. In an unusual deviation from the historical trend of midterm elections, the Republican Party regained control of the Senate and added to its majority in the House of Representatives. Typically, the President s party loses congressional seats in the midterm elections; 2002 marked only the third midterm election since the Civil War that the party in control of the White House gained seats in both houses of Congress others were 1902 and 1934.

In 2003, Bush s approval spiked upward at the time of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in February. The upward trend continued through the invasion of Iraq in March. By late 2003, when presidential opponents began their campaigns in earnest, his approval numbers were in the low to middle 50s. Most polls tied the decline to growing concern over the U. -led occupation of Iraq and a slow recovery from the 2001 recession. Polls of May 2004 showed anywhere from a 53 30 to a 46 approval rating.

In April 2006, the president s approval continued to decline. Four states continue to maintain a positive approval rating Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Nebraska. His disapproval rating in traditionally red states had risen, with higher than 60 of voters disapproving in Ohio, Florida, Arkansas, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, Missouri, and Iowa. Even in his conservative-spun home state of Texas, disapproval reached 51 percent.

His disapproval rating in several American states had reached an all-time high, with more than 70 disapproving in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware, Vermont, and New York. His highest approval rating stood at 55 in Utah, and his lowest, 24in Rhode Island. In polls conducted between August 7 and 16, 2006, Bush s average approval rating was 37. 0and his average disapproval rating was 57.

A poll taken in mid September 2006 indicated that 48 percent of Americans believed the war with Iraq has made the U. less safe, while 41 percent believed the war has made the U. safer from terrorism.

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2 Aug, 2020 May 18, 2017 As opções binárias são um produto de investimento que consiste iq option é seguro negociar com os preços de ativos subjacentes. Iq option é seguro gente pensa se é é possível Viver de opções binárias, se pode ser um negócio rentável ou não será, podemos ver muitas notícias que o dizem, mas sejamos claros, é possível Viver de opções binárias durante um mês ou uma semana.