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If you ever need to recover access to this account, this recovery code will help. It s a good idea to keep it tucked away in a safe place. Migrating your Outlook. So Chancellor Blocked Them on Twitter. Mizzou Students Complained of COVID-19 Mess on Campus. As Missouri University reportedly approaches nearly 4,000 positive cases of the coronavirus, Chancellor and President Mun Choi has blocked students from viewing his Twitter account after they voiced concerns about the school s handling of the outbreak.

Provided by The Daily Beast Michael B. It ultimately took a lawsuit threat from one student for Choi to unblock them. For instance, Mizzou s administration in a matter of days switched from only enforcing mask mandates inside on-campus buildings to now requiring them everywhere in what students said was an abrupt switch. The public university, which is conducting half of its fall classes online and the other half remotely, has come under fire from students for what they believe to be unclear guidelines and lackluster protections against further outbreaks at the school.

Students also mentioned concerns about testing availability from the university. Only those presenting symptoms of the virus or those who ve been contacted by a contact tracer iq option zig zag eligible to receive a test. It s been a mess, Eli Hoff, the managing editor of MU s student newspaper The Maneatertold The Daily Beast, adding that lack of enforcement of existing rules had been a key problem. One student, Cannon Summers, noticed that despite placards in the school s bathrooms urging students to wash their hands, none of the automatic faucets worked.

We just want transparency. Summers posted a video of the issue and tagged Choi, along with Vice Chancellor Bill Stackman. Definitely a professional approach to addressing covid concerns. Real class act Mizzou UofMisery pic. Minutes later, Summers wrote that Choi had blocked him. Definitely a professional approach to addressing covid concerns, the student wrote.

Real class act. Y all post saying how you re doing everything you can for covid and telling us to wash our hands, but then how come this happens in like half the bathrooms I walk into on campus. Madeline Carter, another student journalist at Mizzou, also criticized the school s uneven enforcement of its COVID-19 guidelines, telling The Daily Beast that her concerns were heightened because her father suffers from an aggressive form of cancer and is thus immunocompromised.

Students at this university already feel so silenced, she said. We feel like we re not getting a lot of answers here with COVID and there s a lot of anger. On Wednesday, Carter discovered that she, too, had been blocked by the university s president. My heart dropped, Carter said. I thought I was going to get in trouble with the university. She believed that a tweet in which she joked about Choi s moped scooter in early August might have set him off to block her.

At the suggestion of a Mizzou alumni, Carter sought advice from attorney Christopher Bennett who told The Daily Beast that the president s actions were a failure of leadership, and infringed on the First Amendment rights of students. On Wednesday evening, Bennett sent a statement to Choi s office threatening a lawsuit if he refused to unblock Mizzou students.

On Thursday morning, MU spokesperson Christian Basi confirmed to The Daily Beast that no students were blocked on Choi s personal Twitter account anymore because the university no longer needed the distraction. Not only is it immoral and repugnant for President Choi to block students and other persons on social media who are trying to raise awareness of campus safety issues in the middle of a global pandemic, it is also unlawful, Bennett wrote in the statement.

He personally responds to students and other stakeholders to address their concerns on a regular basis. President Choi has always been open to having conversations with students on any issue and receiving feedback to help Mizzou move forward, Basi wrote in the statement. He said that the chancellor received abusive and expletive-filled posts on Twitter which led him to block accounts. It isn t the first time Choi has been in hot water as president of the university.

A professor, who asked not to be named due to fears of professional reprisal, said that, following the controversies at MU, Choi should resign. In July, he reportedly told faculty members to either leave or agree with his personal stance of keeping a Thomas Jefferson statue that had been at the center of Mizzou protests, according to the Columbia Tribune.

I do not get the sense, as a part of the university, that we are working together to achieve anything, the professor told The Daily Beast. I get the sense that the administration is fudging numbers, not being clear, and trying to avoid problems for as long as possible until bad news comes. Coronavirus cases are still increasing in Missouri. There are more than 97,591 positive cases and 1,691 deaths, according to the state Department of Health. Missouri has the fifth highest rate of cases in the country, according to the New York Times database.

Cryptocurrencies unlocked the complete potentials that a decentralized payment ecosystem brings. MonaCoin MONA. MonaCoin MONA Review Crypto Coin Judge. With such a system comes the capability to seamlessly transfer the funds to any other person without the assistance of a third-party portal such as a bank or any other financial institution for that matter. The rise of digital currencies has brought up a fresh stream of cryptos.

Among the new, evolving cryptocurrenices, there is MonaCoin the first Japanese crypto coin. The success and popularity of MonaCoin are clear from the fact that this digital currency is being accepted in many Japanese shops. Only a few non-bitcoin cryptos have achieved such a stupendous popularity despite the geographic concentration of its existing users. Now it is time to analyze MonaCoin, which is represented by the MONA symbol.

MonaCoin Analysis. Overviewing MonaCoin the crypto of Japan is right here. Launched on January 1, 2014, MonaCoin was the crypto born in Japan. 73 in August 2014 when it was still a new thing. Being the first Japanese digital currency, its prices went up to USD 0. This digital currency is forked from Litecoin unlike its parent coin, MonaCoin s total supply is four times higher than that of the Litecoin; MonaCoin s supply is set to 105,120,000.

The consensus mechanism used by MonaCoin is none other than the always-trusted Proof-of-Work the one that is implemented in the ever-popular bitcoin mining. To begin with, the proof-of-work commonly known as PoW gives a highly secured way of generating MonaCoin or any altcoin for that matter. The algorithm implemented by PoW, as its rock-solid foundation, provides the absolute decentralization of control and power over the implementation or distribution of mission-critical economic and technical changes across the network.

Another thing or algorithm, to be precise that contributes to MonaCoin s security is Scrypt. This algorithm is intentionally designed to make executions computationally intensive. With Scrypt as the underlying algorithm, MonaCoin miners need to put a lot of memory for executing transactions. And the need for high computational energy is what makes hacking and other brute-force attacks of this coin very expensive to perform.

Getting interested in the Scrypt algorithm. Well, here is the real deal. The mining done through Scrypt can surely be performed using a personal computer s CPU but it can be more effectively performed on a GPU or a graphics processing unit. Because of this, much of the mining done using Scrypt back in the day was performed leveraging the graphics cards that were meant for gaming computers.

Nowadays, however, the ASICs are present for executing Scrypt mining. Since 2011, there have been many altcoins that have adopted the power of the Scrypt algorithm in both Proof of Stake and Proof of Work systems. Coming back to MonaCoin, now. The block time taken by MonaCoin is close to 1. Plus, when the miners create a block successfully on this blockchain using proof-of-work, they easily receive 25 MonaCoin coins. MonaCoin s spark of innovation lies in its ingenuity. The success of MonaCoin was driven by Japan s desire to create its own version of nearly everything even if it had to be a full-fledged, tradable cryptocurrency.

This native digital currency needed to have all the information in its own language. For years, Japanese abstained from using Facebook; instead, they trusted a home-grown network known as Mixi to satisfy all their needs to socially network with others. Likewise, Apple products found very hard to gain a foothold in the Japanese smartphone market as the country s people were content with using their own internet-connected handsets. Let us digress a bit, now.

And this Galapagos effect is not confined to entertainment and technology but is visible in the digital financial landscape as well. When it came to understanding, using, and trading cryptocurrencies, the Japanese were overwhelmed by bitcoin developer materials, documentation, forums, and other critical sources of online information; each of these materials is written in English a language that is not so widely spoken in Japan.

A leading lobbyist and digital currency enthusiast, Keiichi Hida told a prominent blockchain news site that the Japanese needed a crypto with which they could relate easily and quickly. The lobbyist-cum-cryptocurrency aficionado further said, A few early adopters of cryptocurrencies recognized it at an early time. But almost all MonaCoin information is on Japanese websites and in Japanese. So MonaCoin was more accepted by other Japanese. So it is safe to say that MonaCoin s biggest innovation has been its ingenuity its Japanese heritage that has made it not only acceptable but also popular in the island nation.

That is when and how Japan felt the need to develop its very own cryptocurrency and that is exactly how MonaCoin was developed. Now, there has been one significant development that has pushed the popularity levels of MonaCoin to the next level. That radical development took place when Japan legalized all the cryptocurrency payments. So, that is, accepting the digital currency today is completely legal; this means MonaCoin and other cryptos can be used as a medium of payment in businesses, stores, or restaurants.

Because of its legality, MonaCoin and other cryptos have attracted the interest of businesses belonging to different industrial backdrops. What does MonaCoin solve in the evolving financial landscape. Breaking the barriers between virtual and physical worlds. Japan s culture is adopting MonaCoin and this adoption is accelerated with the implementation of Zaif s ATM that is allowing the payments to be made in cryptocurrenies.

Because of the wide implementation of these specialized ATMs, MonaCoin has been used for buying offline and online products across the country. Yes, that is absolutely true as more and more websites, stores, and service providers are accepting MonaCoin; that is, in turn, increasing the use of the MonaCoin currency with each passing day. There are more and more Japanese message boards, web wallets, and internet sites that streamline MonaCoin owners shopping experience.

One of the leading Japanese electronics stores, Ark Akihabara, even accepts Monacoin along with bitcoins. Faster transactions are made possible in real time. MonaCoin has even implemented the Lightning Network and leveraged its power to the fullest; this implementation even enables the currency to make instant payments, faster transactions, and cross-blockchain transactions now, that is what an ideal digital coin should do. The MonaCoin development team is further fine-tuning this network so that it becomes more sophisticated and is able to carry out the most complex transactions in real time.

MonaCoin mining The details that you should know. MonaCoin began as a full-fledged scrypt-enabled P2P payment network along with the digital currency MonaCoin. This Japanese crypto was built upon an open-source protocol, but, now, it has shifted to the Lyra2REv2 mining algorithm. Now, it is time to view the specifications of MonaCoin mining. Lyra2REv2 is originally a Scrypt-based algorithm that is used until block number 45, 0000.

The premine value is set to none. The total block time taken is up to 1. The subsidy is halved in 1051k blocks up to three years. That is not all as MonaCoin has even activated Segwit that is giving the currency the capabilities of three leading cryptocurrencies XMR, Dash, and Ethereum. The retarget value is one single block that is achieved using a Dark Gravity Wave algorithm. The mining software of MonaCoin is compatible with a range of leading operating systems that include Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

If miners do not want to invest in a dedicated mining system because it will cost an arm and a leg, then they should mine MonaCoin coins in mining pools. Here is everything you should know about MonaCoin wallets. Much before mining starts and way much before miners pick the GPUs and the operating systems of their choice, they should create a wallet. Although MonaCoin is a fresh digital asset, the miners still require a specific place for storing these crypto coins.

And this storage is done inside a safe digital wallet. Now, there are different methods for obtaining these wallets; the selection, however, varies by the security and the ease of use a wallet will provide. Overviewing the official wallets. There are official first-party wallets that a coin owner can pick; these wallets are released and maintained by the experienced team of MonaCoin.

For more details in this regard, the investors should visit the MonaCoin website. Apart from the first-party wallets, there are different third-party solutions that are trustable and beneficial. Registering with a specific exchange. There are a range of exchanges that deal in digital currencies where investors can successfully register. Registering with all the exchanges allows the investors to develop a complete wallet. So the real task is finding the best exchanges that support the trade of MonaCoin.

All the popular exchanges that support MonaCoin include HitBTC, Bittrex, Kraken, and Poloniex. So for all those investors who want to find the easiest way of getting a wallet, they should connect with a reliable exchange; unfortunately, the exchange-based wallet is not a secure one and is susceptible to getting hacked. The process of buying MonaCoin. Buying MonaCoin should never be complicated. And that is exactly why here are the top steps that will let investors buy MonaCoin without any hassles.

Step 1 Buying bitcoins will help in the long run. First things first, the investors need to exchange their fiat currencies for bitcoins at the top exchanges. The investors will need to find reliable platforms from where they can buy bitcoins. After signing up on the portal, bitcoins can be purchased by trading different fiat currencies such as GBP, EUR, and USD. The purchase can take place with the help of a credit debit card or the online bank transfer.

The investors need to find a reliable exchange from where they can buy these digital coins. Step 2 Opening a new account with exchanges that trade in MonaCoin. Now since the investors will have some bitcoins, they need iq option zig zag sign up on an exchange or a platform that is trading MonaCoin. The exchange must be picked or finalized with regard to its trade volumes.

Once the account is created with one of the leading exchanges, it is time to get the BTC wallet address. Step 3 Getting the bitcoin address. The details for securing a wallet address may differ from one exchange to the other. However, the process is generally straightforward. Nevertheless, the investor needs to ensure that she he gets the respective receiver or deposit address. The address will be just a very long string of some random characters.

Step 4 Sending bitcoin to the new wallet. This will be the receiver address, which will be the secondary exchange account. Now, it is about time to send the BTCs to other wallet or account that is funded with BTC. Step 5 Trade bitcoin for MonaCoin. Once the investors will receive the BTCs in their secondary exchange account, they will usually trade them with MonaCoin coins in the exchange. However, the details for every trading currency will finally depend on the chosen exchange.

In general, it is beneficial to look for a BTC MONA trading pair for buying the MonaCoin coins by exchanging them with bitcoins. MonaCoin versus bitcoin It is all about region-specific reach. This process usually takes just a few minutes. Covering the entire length and breadth of Japan. The bitcoin has shown a powerful rise in the recent past, but this popular crypto still falls short when it comes to gaining acceptance in Japan. Doubtlessly, bitcoins have entered the Japanese soil but they cannot possibly have the same reach, in Japan, as enjoyed by the home-grown MonaCoin.

Everything related to MonaCoin, ranging from its complete documentation to its mining procedures, is available in Japanese for the natives to understand. When microtransactions matter the most. So that clearly gives this native cryptocurrency an upper hand. Bitcoins are never a great choice when it comes to executing microtransactions. In all those cases, MonaCoin is very helpful.

MonaCoin news that makes the difference. MonaCoin price jump Going from USD 0. 50 to a whopping USD 17. This Japanese cryptocurrency and its respective wallets are integrated within a number of game-streaming sites for simplifying the entire transaction system. MonaCoin price and the road ahead. The MonaCoin price jump that was chronicled in the last two months is pointing toward a positive future of the cryptocurrency. Talking about the current price of this dominant Japanese altcoin, it is valued at the time of writing this at USD 15.

Again, at the time of writing this, the total market cap of the MonaCoin is at USD 851,183,575 which is robust. The first and foremost reason is that Iq option zig zag s existing legal system is becoming more and more crypto friendly. Because of such a powerful Japanese legal framework, the growth of this digital currency is promising. Since April 2017, the use of cryptocurrencies has become completely legalized. MonaCoin Stats How things have shaped with time.

This is the list of different figures about MonaCoin pointing out where this crypto has climbed in the last six months. As it is evident from the table, every single value ranging from the opening price to the market cap related to MonaCoin has shot up. MonaCoin The final verdict. So MonaCoin is one of the most promising cryptos that have what it takes to change the way the global financial landscape operates today.

Because of its capabilities, this digital currency will possibly rise to new levels in the coming time. So if investors want to invest in an altcoin, then MonaCoin has the potential to deliver decent ROIs. If you put the wrong PIN in too many times when making a transfer or changing your account settings, we ll block it to keep your account safe. Unblocking your account. Tap the Home icon in the menu bar Tap the PIN card number button under your Monzo card if you can t find this button, swipe down on your list of payments Tap Get a PIN reminder.

You ll need to show some ID and take a photo of your face. Getting a PIN reminder Changing your PIN Recovering your PIN. Follow these steps to unblock your account. I Got Hacked. How To Get Your Account Unlocked. 164 comments. They Said Bad Stuff That Got Me Locked Out FOREVER. Im in the exact situation. well i got hacked and they swore on my accoutn got me locked and also got my computer locked they besically scammed me with 200. i am not on it i was going to hake but i said no then a girl reported and now i can not get on.

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