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Tip If you think messages are being wrongly seen as spam or not spam, use the Spam and Not Spam buttons in Webmail. These buttons help us get better at spotting spam for you. Can I make spam easy to spot. If you ve got spam filtering switched on see aboveyou can choose to tag the subject line of spam emails so they re easier to spot. This works best when you have junk emails sent to your inbox instead of the Spam folder. Find Would you like messages identified as spam to be tagged.

Select Add -SPAM- to the subject line. How do I approve or block certain addresses. If emails from one of your contacts are being marked as spam or going missing, then you can whitelist allow their email address. You just need to add them to your Approved Addresses list. Emails from whitelisted addresses will never be seen as spam. Find White Black List Filtering. Add any approved senders to the Approved Addresses list, and any you don t want to hear from to Blocked Addresses.

These do exactly what they say and will treat incoming emails from these addresses like you ve asked them to. If you re getting a lot of unwanted email from a particular address, then you can blacklist block them. You just need to add them to your Blocked Addresses list. Emails from blacklisted addresses are automatically rejected by our mail servers. I ve added an email address to my Approved Blocked Addresses list - why isn t it working. Blacklisting and whitelisting uses the return-path address of an email when choosing to let it through or not.

Sometimes, this return path address may be different to the email address being shown by your email program. If you ve blacklisted or whitelisted an email address and it s not doing what it should be doing, check you ve used the return-path address rather than the from address. To find the return-path of an email in Webmail, select the message, click the More actions. menu button it looks like a cog and then click Show source. How do I switch off Catch All. Catch All should be switched off anyway, but if you ve turned it on before you might want to switch it back off to avoid junk mail.

Spammers often target lots of random email addresses at once, so you ll be more likely to get spam with Catch All on. Go to Catch All Find the Catch All Status dropdown and switch it to Off. If you switch Catch All to off, you ll only get emails sent to addresses shown under Summary in Manage My Mail. For more info on Catch All mailboxes, take a look at How to use your Plusnet email. Why am I getting bombarded with failed delivery notices for messages I haven t sent.

Spammers are clever at sending out junk and will often use stolen from addresses to send large volumes of spam to their targets. This means spammers look like they re sending messages from your email. If you re unlucky enough to have this happen, you might start getting failed delivery report messages out of nowhere. It can be very annoying but unfortunately all that can be done is to wait for it to stop. Your best bet for fighting it off in the future is to stay as safe as possible with your email account.

Have a look at our Staying safe online guide for more info. Can I change my email address. It s a great way of dealing with spam if your address has been around for a while and has started getting a lot of it. If the email address you want to change is an additional mailbox, redirect or alias then you can just delete it and set up a new one. Click the trash can icon next to the mailbox, redirect or alias you want to delete. Click Summary. Click Yes to confirm.

When you delete a mailbox. Email stored on our servers for the mailbox you re removing will be deleted with it. Aliases that ve been created to go to the mailbox being removed will also be deleted. If the email address you want to change is your main default address, then you can t delete it. You can rename everything before thewhich ll prevent emails getting through to the old address. Click Mailboxes.

This will show you all the mailboxes you have on your account at the moment. The first one listed will be your main account. Click on renamenext to your default email address. Type in your new email address and click Save Changes. This will also change your email address, so make sure you ve updated the from address in your email program and your contact details. Your feedback is really appreciated and helps us to improve our help and support. Online chat is currently unavailableplease choose another option.

Please enable functional cookies to use this feature. You can change your cookie settings at anytime. Your browser s blocking online chat. To chat to us, please switch off any ad blocking software. Our support phone lines are open 7 days a week. 0800 432 0200 from within in the UK 44 345 140 0200 from abroad. 30am - 10pm, every day Please have your username and password handy.

Business Customer support. Open all day, every day. Please have your username and password handy. 0800 028 0282 from within in the UK 44 330 123 9123 from abroad. Stop bullying us into having a bank account. Post Office card holders fury. Storm Francis recap A55 stretch flooded and roads blocked as amber warning issued. Updated 22 40, 25 AUG 2020.

Trees have fallen across roads and several communities have been left without power due to the storm. Storm Francis has caused power cuts and road closures across North Wales. The Atlantic weather system has caused outages in communities across Gwynedd, as well as bringing down trees and blocking roads due to debris. The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning for the region, which came into place at 2pm and remains in force until 10pm.

They have warned that flooding could take place and debris could cause a risk to life as 70mph winds and torrential downpours arrive. We will bring you all the latest on the impacts of the storm. Storm Francis Misery for drivers as roads hit with flooding, fallen trees and landslides. Falling trees, landslides and flooding plagued the roads of North Wales on Tuesday as Storm Francis battered North Wales. 70mph gusts and torrential rain were forecast as an amber weather warning was put in place between 2pm and 10pm.

During this time, homes were left without power in certain parts of Gwynedd and severe disruption was caused to the region s road network. More scenes from earlier. 12 flood alerts now in place in North Wales. There are now 12 flood alerts across the following catchment areas. Vyrnwy Dyfi Glaslyn and Dwyryd Dolgellau. Mawddach and Wnion Lower Dee Valley from Llangollen to Trevalyn Meadows North Gwynedd Conwy River Conwy at Gwydir Road.

Road closed due to flooding. A road closure is in place due to flooding. Please turn around. Police have told drivers to turn around if on the A5. Further road closure. There has been a further road closure in Gwynedd. Huge 15 mile stretch of A5 shut due to landslide and major flooding. A huge stretch of the A5 has been closed in both directions as Storm Francis wreaks havoc on the region.

Traffic Wales said the major road has been shut between Bethesda to Betws y Coed on Tuesday evening due to a landslide and further severe flooding. Heavy floods. North Wales Police said there were heavy floods on the A5. A big closure is now in place on the A5. Severe flooding - A5. Police have warned that flooding on the A5 is severe, and the area should be avoided. Foryd Road closed. The fire service has warned that Foryd Road is closed and people should not try to drive through it.

Flood alerts in place. There are currently 10 flood alerts in place across North Wales. The most recently added were in Anglesey and the River Conwy at Gwydir Road. A4085 closed. A4085 closed due to flooding from Groeslon turn off Waunfawr to Cwellyn Arms Rhyd Ddu. Debris on the A55. Scenes from the A4244. Tree removed from the A483 Rhiwabon.

A5 Ogwen to Capel Curig closed. Landslide on the A5. A55 lane closed due to debris. A55 lane closed due to flooding. More flooding on the A55. Flooding on A55 North Wales Expressway at J19 A470 Conway Road Black Cat Glan Conwy Llandudno Junction. Road still accessible though drivers urged to approach with care. Flooding on other parts of the A5.

A5 Llandegai Road cleared. Road cleared after earlier flooding around Penrhyn Avenue. A4080 blocked in both directions. A4080 in both directions blocked due to fallen tree near Hermon. Not far from the Pump House. Affecting traffic between Aberffraw and Bodorgan. Vehicles stuck in the water on the A4086. A4086 closed due to flooding from Nant Ffynnon Nant Peris to A4244 Brynrefail. Vehicles are currently stuck in the water.

New flood alert. A flood alert has been issued in the Anglesey catchment, bringing the total of alerts across North Wales to 10 - more than any other region in the country at this moment. Fallen tree - A494. Nine flood alerts across north Wales. There are now two flood alerts in the Conwy catchment. The others are. Vyrnwy catchment. Dyfi catchment. Glaslyn and Dwyryd catchment. Mawddach and Wnion catchment. Lower Dee Valley from Llangollen to Trevalyn Meadows North Gwynedd catchment.

Many engineers choose to study in Germany because it has some of the best universities which offer a huge variety of courses, especially for engineering majors. One very important financial requirement which all students need to fulfill in order to study in Germany is opening a blocked account. This article lists the process of opening a blocked account with the prominent banks as well as online blocked account providers.

Study in Germany How to Open a Blocked Account Other Details WeMakeScholars. Before we delve into the entire process, here is a small snippet which will explain the importance of opening a blocked account in the process to study in Germany. What is Blocked Account. Is it Necessary to Study in Germany. You may think of the blocked account as a savings deposit which will provide all international students studying in Germany with the living expenses they need.

For students to obtain a German student visa to study in Germany, purchasing a blocked account is a compulsory requirement. What is the Germany Blocked Account Amount For International Students. As of September 2019, the German embassy has recommended 10,236 Euros as the yearly expenses for all international students studying in Germany. Once they deposit this Germany blocked account amount, students will be able to withdraw a monthly sum of 853 Euros from their blocked accounts to support their living expenses in order to study in Germany without any financial problems.

What is the Procedure To Open a Blocked Account To Study in Germany. There are three main sources of creating a blocked account to study in Germany. In India, many of you may be familiar with the blocked account services provided by the Kotak Mahindra Bank. However, this entire process of getting a blocked account to study in Germany can be really time-consuming as the Kotak Mahindra bank takes a really long time to process blocked account applications.

With the advent of online blocked account providers like Fintiba and Expatrio, a lot of students have chosen to go for them due to the really short time taken by these establishments to process a blocked account. The entire process of opening a blocked account with each of these lenders will be discussed in the following paragraphs, beginning with the process followed by Deutsche Bank which is one of the most prominent German banks.

Read more about How does CIBIL score affect your education loan. How To Open a Blocked Account For Germany With the Deutsche Bank. The Deutsche Bank is one of the primary choices opted by most students to open a blocked account to study in Germany. The entire process of opening a blocked account with the Deutsche Bank can be a little more time-consuming as compared to its digital counterparts. Here is how you can open a blocked account with the Deutsche Bank.

Candidates who wish to open a blocked account through the Deutsche bank to study in Germany will have to begin with filling the application form for the same. Guidelines on how they can fill the form are clearly explained on the Deutsche bank s official website. Once the above step of filling the blocked account form has been completed, students are recommended to make two physical copies of the same. One of them is for the candidate s reference.

Post this, candidates will be required to make an appointment with the German consulate embassy, attend that appointment in person and get all the relevant documents verified and certified at the embassy by the concerned authorities. The following documents are to be verified by candidates at the German consulate in order to help move their blocked account application further The duly filled blocked account application form Valid passport A copy of the course admission letter from the candidate s respective university language school.

A prepaid envelope from private courier services such as FedEx, DHL or UPS Evidence of source of funds Bank statement, etc. Once the form has been oque é iq option and the documents verified at the German consulate, candidates are required to send the duly filled form along with certain relevant documents to the following address in Germany. DB Privat- und Firmenkundenbank. AG Alter Wall 53. 20457 Hamburg Germany.

The documents which are to be sent with the duly-filled form are. Certified passport copies A copy of the admission letter from the candidate s university language school. Documents providing evidence of proof of funds. Once these are successfully received by Deutsche Bank s headquarters in Germany, the blocked account will be opened by the bank.

After the account has been successfully created by the bank, the IBAN BIC numbers will be sent to the candidate s registered e-mail address or phone number, whichever is the mode of communication preferred by students at the time of applying for a blocked account to study in Germany. Students will be required to deposit a minimum balance amount into the account as soon as they receive an update.

As soon as they transfer money to blocked account, candidates will be intimated of its reception by Deutsche Bank via the phone number or email address registered by candidates at the time of registering. On arriving in Germany, candidates are required to fill a service application order which is available on the official Deutsche Bank website. Once this formality is carried out, the blocked account can be used by candidates to dispense the recommended Germany blocked account amount for international students.

If the candidate does not qualify for a student visa to study in Germany, they will be required to submit the following documents in order to retrieve the money which was transferred to the blocked account. The original letter stating that the student visa was not processed successfully. These documents are to be sent to the same address belonging to the Deutsche Bank headquarters in Germany.

How to Open a Blocked Account Online Through Fintiba. Fintiba is one of the most prominent online blocked account services available to students who wish to study in Germany. Here is the full process of oque é iq option a blocked account with Fintibaan online financial solutions company offering blocked account services. The very first and obvious step of opening a blocked account through Fintiba is to register on their website or on the Fintiba mobile application.

Candidates will be required to fill the application form as well as the personal application data. Once all the candidate s personal details have been verified successfully and the blocked account of candidates who wish to study in Germany will be created. Post this, candidates may transfer money to blocked account.

A Confirmation of the reception of the money will be sent to the candidate s email address. The only document which has to be uploaded on Fintiba is a scanned copy of the candidate s passport. A signed application letter requesting Deutsche Bank to close the account. Candidates may take a print out of this email confirmation and submit it as proof of funds while applying a visa to study in Germany.

Once candidates reach Germany, they will be required to create a German bank account for international students with any Germany based banks like the Deutsche bank and the monthly living expenses will be dispensed into this German bank account for international students by Fintiba. Fintiba Blocked Account Charges A set-up fee of 89 Euros is charged by Fintiba for the creation of the blocked accounts for international students.

Post that, candidates are expected to pay a monthly fee of 4. 90 Euros to continue the blocked account services by Fintiba. Germany Blocked Account Opening a Blocked Account Through Expatrio. Expatrio is another online financial services provider which offers the service of opening a blocked account for international students. The procedure of opening a blocked account through Expatrio is more or less similar to the process of applying with Fintiba. The entire process of opening a blocked account to study in Germany is conducted online by Expatrio.

The value package offered by Expatrio is specially designed for the benefit of international students who wish to study in Germany. Do visit their official website to know more about this offer. Expatrio charges an initial set-up fee of 49 Euros for blocked accounts. Post this, students will be charged a monthly sum of 5 Euros to continue receiving their services. Different types of funding Acceptable By the German Embassy For German Student Visa. There are three different ways of funding your higher education in Germany.

The first involves winning fully or partially funded scholarships to study in Germany in reputed institutions. The second method is self-funding. Very few students who wish to study in Germany can afford to self-fund their entire expenses in Germany. Although a lot of public universities offer courses at zero tuition fees, the living expenses can be quite high for candidates who wish to study in Germany.

Hence, a majority of these students opt for the third source which is borrowing an abroad education loan. Now, one of the major problems of borrowing a Germany education loan from any of the prominent government banks is that many students are not able to secure a pre-visa disbursement so that they can transfer the Germany blocked account amount in time. This is where the assistance of the WeMakeScholars team comes in handy.

The financial team of WeMakeScholars is well-versed with the financial requirements that are to be fulfilled by students who wish to study in Germany. the core team of WeMakeScholars has been responsible for a lot of significant policy changes adopted by most prominent government banks. One such change is getting these banks to approve pre-visa disbursements as and when the students require it.

So, when students apply for a Germany education loan through WeMakeScholars, they seldom face any difficulty in getting the same. If you are looking to fund your higher studies in Germany with the help of an education loan, do get in touch with our team today and get to experience an easy education loan process with the lender recommended to you by our team of experts.

Read more about Best Study Abroad Scholarships For Indian Students. How to Open a Blocked Account Through The Kotak Mahindra Bank. Coming back to the topic, another option which a lot of candidates in India go for is opening a blocked account through the Kotak Mahindra Bank. This process, however, can be very hectic and time-consuming. All candidates who wish to open a blocked account through the Kotak Mahindra Bank in India need to follow the below-mentioned process.

Since this service is a recent addition in the Kotak Mahindra bank, it may so happen that officials in the local branches may not be aware about this provision. Hence, it is recommended that candidates approach Kotak Mahindra Bank branches located in bigger cities for the same. Candidates will be required to personally visit the Kotak Mahindra Bank in order to open a blocked account to study in Germany.

The following documents are to be submitted for the same. Savings Account Opening Form and Know Your Customer KYC documents as per Bank s KYC grid. A copy of the Passport. A copy of admission letter issued by a German University. Email Indemnity in Bank s format. Request to convert customer status from Resident to Non-Resident and change Resident Account to NRO. Outward Remittance form the section for the beneficiary account and bank details will be left blank IP Cheque for INR value equivalent to EURO 8700 prevailing TT Selling rate on the day of account opening This amount is collected as required by the German Embassy for the issuance of Student Visa.

It is expected that bank will collect more amount than the prescribed amount in order to cover the rate differences at the time of depositing the amount in Student account and on the day of outward remittance. IP Cheque from an immediate family member Father Mother Siblings can be accepted for these student accounts. Student Request Letter A declaration cum undertaking from student allowing KMBL to mark a Debit Freeze in the account till the time an instruction to remit funds overseas is submitted by the student and sharing account information with German Embassy for the issuance of Student Visa.

The entire process of opening a blocked account through the Kotak Mahindra Bank could be time-consuming. Hence, students may consider opening the blocked account through the Deutsche Bank or online sources like Fintiba, Expatrio, etc. A Detailed Comparison of Organizations Offering Blocked Account Services. Processing time. 18 20 Days 10 minutes. Monthly Service Fee. Initial Service Fee.

150 Euros 89 Euros. Online Application. Monthly Withdrawal Amount from Blocked Account. 853 Euros 853 Euros 853 Euros Attestation of documents at the embassy required Yes No. Can underage students apply for a blocked account ID. Student has to be above 18 years of age to apply. Chance of Rejection. Possible No. Health Travel insurance availability. You may have observed in the previous paragraphs that the procedure which students need to follow to receive their Germany blocked account amount is more or less similar in case of different lenders.

In order to know about the various documents that can be submitted as proof of funds while applying for a blocked account to study in Germany, do refer to the 20th episode of Loanflix. Note WeMakeScholars is an organization funded and supported by the Government of India that focuses on International Education finance. We are associated with 10 public Pvt banks NBFCs in India and help you get the best abroad education loan matching your profile.

As this initiative is under the Digital India campaign, it is free of cost. The organization has vast experience dealing with students going to various abroad education destinations like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, China, France among others. How to Manage Multiple Companies at Once And Still Feel On Top of It LinkedIn s Talent Strategy Top 4 Trends for 2020.

Kid at School KAS Scholarships in USA, 2020. VinUniversity Science and Technology funding for Vietnamies Students to Study Abroad. Fully Funded EPSRC CDT PhD Positionsin Enhancing Human Interactions at Swansea University. 2 thoughts on Study in Germany How to Open a Blocked Account Other Details WeMakeScholars. Hi there, my name is Peace, a graduate of botany.

I intend to study pharmacy in any of the universities in Germany How do I go about it. How to Ask Great Questions at Work. Asking the right questions at work is essential to learning information, building bonds with managers and colleagues, and getting noticed. Cardiff University Vice-Chancellor s China Scholarship Scheme in the UK. Pfizer-ISID AFME Grant Challenge in Africa the Middle East, 2020.

School of Divinity Postgraduate masters programmes at University of Edinburgh, 2020. What math do you see. This What Math Do You See. activity will help your students explore math in the world around them. suddenly being blocked from certain websites. My 3 PCs are suddenly being blocked from several websites I frequent, and I have no idea why.

We run Spybot weekly and have McAfee VirusScan. My 2 desktops are networked for Internet access and printing, and my laptop has Internet access via WiFi. None of the 3 of these can access these sites which include forbes. com, expedia. com, dictionary. System info The u0022main u0022 PC which controls the Internet access is a Dell Dimension 4550 running WindowsXP. Internet access is a cable modem running through a Linksys Router. Please be gentle -- I u0027m not very tech-savvy.

com forums discussions suddenly-being-blocked-from-certain-websites-270192popupWidth 780, popupHeight 510, datascrollToComments true. System info The main PC which controls the Internet access is a Dell Dimension 4550 running WindowsXP. Please be gentle -- I m not very tech-savvy. those sites you mentioned. Example The page cannot be displayed Cannot find server or DNS error. Also, have you try to use another browser to test if the new browser e.

Firefox, Opera can access those sites. I see both of the error messages you mentioned, depending on the site. I did indeed try Firefox to see if the problem was IE, but I still could not reach those pages from within Firefox on my PC. The Microsoft solution instructed me to clear selections in my security settings that were already cleared. So, are there other things you would suggest.

Try to review the content of your HOSTS file. The HOSTS file is located in C Windows System32 Drivers etc Right-click then view it using notepad Look for any the URL you mentioned in the list. Are they listed or none is listed. Also, see if the solution by MS on the following will help. kbid 303807 - The page cannot be displayed error message when you try to view a Web page on a secure Web site. Try using the instructions links below to download and install the latest version of Java and the Windows Script Engine.

Sun Java Click on the link to Sun s Java below, then click on the Java Runtime Environment JRE 6u3 download button. Follow the prompts, accept the license agreement, then download the full Windows Offline Installation file to your desktop, about 15 MBscan it with your antivirus just to be sure it s clean. Once that s done, if you ve already got a Sun Java version on the computer, open the Control Panel, double click on the Add Remove Programs section, then uninstall all previous versions of the J2SE Java listed there.

Once that s done, then install Java JRE 6u3 from the downloaded installer. Once Java is installed, if you re using IE7, then access the Internet Explorer Internet Options settings, Security tab, Internet icon, Custom Settings and change the security level to Mediuminstead of Medium-High. If you re not using IE7, then set the same settings in IE6 to Medium. get rid of linksys. they are garbage, had one and couldnt get it to work with zyxel router. go to a zyxel as linksys only seems to work well other linksys products.

Yeah, have experience such thing with my 2 computers. Since u ve 3 computers oque é iq option is not quite possibility that all got the same problem within, so, it s more likely to be a conectivity issue. Perhaps your isp got some filter, content limitation, or transfer amount-bandwith limitation. In my case i m still not sure wot cause it, but usually got it fixed by restarting the computers and the modem generating fresh connection data.

Did you check the internet security options. Check the restricted sites tab and see if the sites your trying to reach are on the list. If so just remove them or put the in the safe zone. Had this happen once before but never figured out why. by clicking the following links. If you can connect via those links it would appear to be either a HOSTS file problem or possibly a DNS cache problem with a negative entry.

To check your HOSTS file browse to WinDir system32 drivers etc hosts it has no file extension then simply open it in a text editor such as NotePad and look for the domains you are having problems with. Once found either comment out the entry by prefixing it with or simply delete the entry. To flush your DNS cache either re-boot or open a command prompt and type ipconfig flushdns. If you wish to stop XP from placing negative entries into cache, you can make this change in your registry.

Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services Dnscache Parameters 2. Build a new DWORD value called NegativeCacheTime the value is case sensitive and give it a value of 0 that is a ZERO. Since all three computers are affected and I assume they are all connected to the same modem and router, I think your problem lies with one of them. Something simple you can try is to power down both your modem and router for one minute. Turn them off, or unplug them from AC if there is no power switch.

After a minute, restart them by powering them back up. This should reset them. Does this have any effect on your problem. Also, have you tried connecting your ethernet cable directly from the modem to one of the PCs, bypassing the router. If everything works fine when you ve done that, then you know the problem is with the router and not the modem. Which model of Linksys router do you have. Have you upgraded the firmware for it recently. On the main router setup page, what is the MTU set to.

I had the battery on the motherboard die, so the clock did not work. this kept me from getting on the web and gave security warnings. Until I replaced the battey I would boot up then right click the clock to manually set clock to current date this allowed me to log on web. He can get on the web. Just certain sites don t load for him. I have a D-Link Router that uses a air-card to connect with. Last night it had the same problems you are describing here. I only had success by removing the software program from the computer and reinstall the software.

I was able to get to the site in question by installing the air-card into the computer but with the router I couldn t get to two different sites. After reinstalling the software I was able to go everywhere I wanted to. I have two different computers, Both have Vista Home Premium and both had the same problem till I reinstalled the software.

I dumped all the bookmarks, cookies and all the settings back to default. Maybe this will help but I think there is a trojan or worm that pinged my router last night. I have had One other person have the same problem on my forum site but the tech hasn t been able to get them on-line yet. I sent this to the forum tech, maybe it will help them to get on-line. Thank you all so much for the excellent suggestions. Here s an update I got out an older laptop with Windows98 on it and tried to go to these sites, using the same wireless connection as my other computers.

Well -- I was able to reach the sites just fine. Doesn t that seem weird. Also, I tried reaching the sites using the IP addresses shown in Edward s post, and I could reach them but they did not load correctly no graphics. I did notice another weird thing that may or may not be related. When I m looking at some of the style and formatting options within Outlook, it shows me the font in english, and also in something that looks arabic.

Could this in any way be related. Other updates My HOSTS file has nothing in it. I have rebooted my router, my modem and of course the PCs numerous times. My clock is running fine. So that s the latest. Your help is much appreciated. I checked with my ISP and they have no filtering. And what about the stuff I suggested or asked you in my post. One thing that seems to help is the setting in Firefox or IE7, and thats checking the amount of storage in your browser cache.

Should be around 50mb lower is better. Dump the catch and see if you can connect. While emptying the browser cache or deleting temporary internet files is always a good idea, as is setting the size of the cache to. 80 MB or less, I can t see that being the problem here since it s affecting all three computers and not just one. I took out a firewall, Vista firewall I had it about a week. I don t think it did it but something had to change the software settings in th router.

A friend on another site has been trying for two weeks to get to the forum when his computer died and he bought a new one with vista and his router wouldn t handle the vista and they are saying this is a incompatibility issue with oque é iq option routers and vista. They say a service pack is coming out soon that will help with this issue. Now, as to what we are suppose to do until then, I don t know.

Sorry that firewall should be Vista Firewall control 1. my 3 pcs and 1 laptop being blocked by a website. i also use linksys modem router wireless. i can t get certain website even by using cable or wireless. if somebody use to solve this prob can i know how. In other words, does that point to an XP problem somehow. But, to answer your questions -- Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router 2.

Have not upgraded firmware, didn t know I needed to. Forgive my ignorance, but I don t know how to find the main router set up page. BTW -- I am using IE6. Have you tried bypassing the router altogether like I suggested. Simply take the Ethernet cable that goes from your modem to your router and plug it directly into the PC which is closest. I cut back to 50mb and dumped the cache. It s important to try this because it will tell you definitively if your router is part of the problem.

If pages load fine when bypassing the router, then you know your PCs are fine. There are some known issues with your router depending on the version and firmware being used. It s possible that you need to upgrade the oque é iq option on your router, but more on that later. The following info is for when your PC is still connected to your router.

You ll have to free up the jack on your PC of course by unplugging the cable that is currently going from your router to PC. I m a little surprised you would have never been to your router setup page. 1 if you prefer. In your web browser, type the following into your address bar 192. If you ve never configured it before, I believe the default is to leave the username blank and type in admin for the password. If that doesn t work, try typing admin into both fields. Once you are on the Basic Setup page, near the top you should see the setting for MTU.

It most likely will be set to Auto. Select Manual from the drop-down menu and change the value in the field below it to 1450. Save your settings with the button at the bottom of the page. Does this have any effect on your web browsing. What about 1460, 1400 or even 1300. If none of these have any effect, you can change the value to 1492 if you re ISP is DSL, or 1500 if it s Cable, but then just set it back to Auto as well.

At the very top right corner of the router setup page, what Firmware Version does it say you are using. silly typo and I can t edit posts here. This list of Linksys WRT54G router versions is more up to date. You will be prompted for a username and password. Actually, I guess I could just post the list here. WRT54G CDF0 WRT54G v1. 0 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 125Mhz CDF1 WRT54G v1. 0 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 125Mhz CDF2 WRT54G v1. 1 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 125Mhz CDF3 WRT54G v1.

1 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 125Mhz CDF5 WRT54G v2. 0 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDF7 WRT54G v2. 2 BCM5325EKQM Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDF8 WRT54G v3. 0 BCM5325EKQM Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDF9 WRT54G v3. 1 BCM5325EKQM Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDFA WRT54G v4. 0 BCM5352E Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDFB WRT54G v5. 0 BCM5352EKPB Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDFC WRT54G v5.

1 BCM5352EKPB Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDFD WRT54G v6. 0 BCM5352EKBG Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDFE WRT54G v7. 0 AR2317 Chipset CDFF WRT54G v8. 0 BCM5354KFBG Chipset CPU 240Mhz CDFG WRT54G v8. 0 BCM5354KFBG Chipset CPU 240Mhz. NOTE The WRT54G v5. 0 has 2Mb 8Mb Ram, it uses VxWorks OS and is incompatible with 3rd Party Firmware. For more info see this thread forum remark,14563605. WRT54GL CL7A WRT54GL v1. 0 BCM5352E Chipset CPU 200Mhz CL7B WRT54GL v1.

1 BCM5352E Chipset CPU 200Mhz CO61 WRT54GL v1. 1 BCM5352EKPBG Chipset CPU 200Mhz. WRT54GS CGN0 WRT54GS v1. 0 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 200Mhz CGN1 WRT54GS v1. 0 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 200Mhz CGN2 WRT54GS v1. 1 BCM5325EKQM Chipset CPU 200Mhz CGN3 WRT54GS v2. 0 BCM5325EKQM Chipset CPU 200Mhz CGN4 WRT54GS v2. 1 BCM5325EKQM Chipset CPU 200Mhz CGN5 WRT54GS v3. 0 BCM5352E Chipset CPU 200Mhz CGN6 WRT54GS v4.

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